Al Zayton Palestinian Dabke Troupe

These passionate dancers uplift your heart with their joyful rhythmic footwork and glorious traditional costumes. Al Zayton celebrate the cultural roots of Palestine through the energetic music, dynamic stomping and expressive spirit of dabke.

Dabke Wedding Dances of Palestine

Learn the basic stomping patterns of Palestinian folkloric and urban-style dabke, the rhythmic line dance from Eastern Arab countries danced at weddings by men and women of all ages.

Sat, Dec 282:30PMDancehall

Orientalia: Persia. Syria. Palestine

Orientalia reveals the delights of Persian, East Arab and Levantine cultures with joyous music, songs and sacred dance, from beautiful exhilarating dances of Persia, Damascus, Aleppo and regional Syria, to celebratory passionate dances of Palestine.

Mon, Dec 303:35PMFolklorica

Triumphant Spirit: Dancing Syria. Palestine

In the disrupted cultures of Palestine and Syria, the cultural spirit continues triumphantly through traditional music and dancing. The popular and dynamic dabke and beautiful variations of other regional and cultural dances within Syria connect people and cultures.

Tue, Dec 315:30PMFolklorica

Dabke: Middle East Stomping Dance

Dance in the new year with a Middle Eastern celebration dance, dabke, popular in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and danced in a line on joyous occasions.

Wed, Jan 0111:30AMDancehall