Aine Tyrrell

Troubadour Aine Tyrrell’s rich songwriting draws deeply on her Irish roots. Her latest offering Return to the Sea was written and recorded in her homeland but mastered and crowdfunded with one boot in the red dirt of her adopted country of Australia.


Fri, Dec 2712:00AMHalcyon
Sat, Dec 286:50PMBob’s Bar
Sun, Dec 295:00PMHalcyon
Mon, Dec 3011:40PMBob’s Bar
Tue, Dec 312:50PMSmall Hall

Children’s Tin Whistle

Tin whistle is a great introductory instrument to learning Irish music. With easy number notation and listening-by- ear approach, children are able to master some tunes in a short session. All that is needed is a smile (and a whistle).

Wed, Jan 013:00PMWorkShop