The South Indian performing artists of Aikyam guide you into a world of the sacred by performing original artistic creations built on their sound knowledge of South Indian classical arts. Experience their profoundly captivating repertoire deeply embedded in ancient Indian Vedic philosophies.

Indian Theatre: The Divine Truth

Journey through ancient Indian Vedic philosophies via the medium of Indian classical music and dance. Engage in the sacred through Darshan‚ a presentation by Aikyam, guiding you to experience the beauty of the divine truth.

Sat, Dec 283:40PMParlour
Tue, Dec 313:45PMFolklorica

Divine Indian Temple Dance

Dance like the divine gods. Engage with ancient Indian artistic knowledge by learning Indian temple dances using footwork patterns and hand gestures infused with the wisdom written in the ancient Indian text Natyashastra.

Sun, Dec 296:00PMDancehall