5000 players, 400 game citizens, 30 game characters, six days of play — welcome to The Game.

Collect a playing card from any character to begin. Play casually or challenge yourself with absurd quests to rise through the ranks. A huge, immersive world awaits.

From last year’s Game, “The Second Game World was formed in late 2013, Earth time, when a creature known as The Gloom came to a place known as Woodfordia. The resulting game activity warranted administration, so the immortals of Game Central continued to stay active in the area, despite the recent destruction of the First Game World. The Second Game World was temporarily under partial probationary playfulness permission until the election of The Joker at the end of the Second Age. After this point it became an official Game World.”

The Game is created and hosted by Folly Games, a community of performers, game designers, theatre makers and artists that have been presenting The Game at the Woodford Folk Festival for the last six years. We have created a game world with many years of creative input that has an in-depth history, dozens of characters, lore, absurdity and a plethora of puns. We can’t wait to have you play with us.

For more details and to keep up with all the latest, visit The Game Facebook page.