Aaron Williams

A former senior mental health clinician and trainer with the Department of Health, Aaron has spoken and lectured widely on mental health. His newest initiative is The Man Program: a national movement focused on improving men’s mental health and suicide prevention by connecting with 1 million Australian men – all via the humble mobile phone.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Surfers Australia

Aboriginal surfers have been gracing the waves of the world for many decades. In the early 1990’s an Aboriginal surfing movement began with the inaugural Indigenous Surfing Titles held at Wreck Bay and there have been many surfing programs to develop grass roots surfing talent and engagement in a positive and healthy lifestyle which closely aligns with traditional coastal lifestyles. It has long been recognised that these programs have long and lasting benefits for Aboriginal people. A steering group has been created to increase the profile and activities of professional Aboriginal surfing in Australia.

Alison Bird

Alison is a founding member of Australia's most successful community exchange, and an administrator for Community Exchange Systems Australia. She speaks enthusiastically about building a new economy.

Amelie Vanderstock

Amelie is a PhD student at the University of Sydney, researching native bees in community gardens and bushland. She is passionate about environmental education through participatory community science.

Anna Phelan

Dr Anna is an ecological economist at University of Queensland (UQ) Business School who specialises in social science research focused on sustainable livelihoods, working with remote communities in Indonesia. Anna is also the Global Change Scholars Program Coordinator at the UQ Graduate School.

Anne Poelina

Dr Anne Poelina Nyikina Warrwa Traditional Custodian, Peter Cullen Fellow, and Chair Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council promotes the need to include First Law, Indigenous Science - traditional ecological knowledge, and the rights of nature to the solutions for planetary health and wellbeing.

Anthony Albanese

Admired and respected from all corners of the political spectrum, Anthony ‘Albo’ Albanese, former Deputy Prime Minister and current Federal Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development, and Shadow Minister for Tourism, recognised early-on the need to fight for social justice and equal opportunity.

Australian Student Environment Network

ASEN is a national network committed to building grassroots movements for change. They actively work for environmental and social justice through transformational and empowering collective action on a range of critical ecological and social issues.


Banaam is a Bundjalung word that means ‘strong, younger brother’. According to local Indigenous culture, Banaam plays a support role to the elder brother (known as ‘Gogaun’) to help them fulfil their responsibilities. In a similar spirit, Banaam was conceived to support businesses to better understand their Indigenous employees but also to apply Indigenous principles of relationship building, communication, mutual responsibility and non-hierarchical management structures to their business.

Barry Traill

A leading Australian environmental advocate, Dr Trail has combined his expertise in wildlife ecology and advocacy to secure large areas of Australia’s land and sea from environmental threats. He is the Australian Director of Pew Charitable Trusts and leads their work in protecting one of the world’s great remaining natural places- the Australian Outback and its adjacent seas.

Brian von Herzen

At the Climate Foundation, Executive Director Dr von Herzen has developed technologies like Marine Permaculture to restore ecosystems in soils and seas, including the Great Barrier Reef.

Cath Manuel

Cath is a horticulturist, consultant and educator specialising in organic gardening and horticultural therapy. She is the founder and director of Soil to Supper which provides services and programs nationally and internationally through its Membership Community and Education Program. She is also host of The Wellbeing Garden Podcast.

Cathy Van Extel

Cathy is a journalist with more than 25 years of experience in radio reporting, presenting and documentary making. In 2001 she was awarded a Walkley Commendation for her ABC coverage of the September 11 terrorist attack. Cathy is a former Canberra Press Gallery journalist and presenter of ABC Canberra Breakfast radio.

Clucking Chooks Productions

Matt Cook has known what he wants to do when he grows up since he was seven and refused to put down the camera. Now 16, Matt has won several awards for his short films and has been a working videographer since 2017. He is tech-manager of the Ambo Media Makers, a social enterprise video recording and live-stream studio in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast.

Costa Georgiadis

Costa is a landscape architect who has an all-consuming passion for plants and people - he knows how to bring out the best in both of them, and takes great pleasure in bringing them together. Costa believes in embracing and celebrating mother nature's cycles and seasons and nurturing her balance, beauty and bounty organically. His holistic approach is all about gardening the soil and the soul.

Darryl Jones

Darryl is a scientist, author, researcher and - some would say - comedian who engages with children of all ages in their discovery of the lives of wildlife.

David Engwicht

Social inventor, sculptor, author, and original thinker, David is creator of the Walking School Busand the 7 Day Makeover that transforms town centres in just seven days. He is a popular presenter and has delivered a TEDx talk in the USA.

Dominic Hyde

Philosopher Dr Dominic works in the area of logic, environmental philosophy and community conservation. Recently retired from the University of Queensland, he seeks to spread the word on Australia's pioneering work in environmental philosophy and practical conservation.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki just loves science to pieces. After all, science is a way to not get fooled. Dr Karl’s media career spans more than 30 years, talking about Science in radio, TV, newspapers, and books – 44 to date with more on the way. His accolades range from the Ig Nobel Prize from Harvard University for his groundbreaking research into belly button fluff and why it is almost always blue, to being one of Australia’s 100 National Living Treasures. A lifetime student, Dr Karl has degrees in physics and mathematics, biomedical engineering, Medicine and Surgery. He has worked as a physicist, labourer, roadie for bands, car mechanic, filmmaker, biomedical engineer, TV weatherman, and medical doctor at The Children’s Hospital in Sydney. Since 1995, he has been the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney, where his ‘mission’ is to spread the good word about science and its benefits.

Elianor Gerrard

A community development researcher and collaborator, Elianor is endlessly curious about ways in which community can be the site and vehicle for positive social and ecological change.

Elliot Leach

Dr Elliot has been interested in the natural world for as long as he can remember. He grew up exploring the creeks and forests of Brisbane and is still doing so.

Emma-Kate Rose

Emma-Kate is Executive Director at the Food Connect Foundation, with three decades of experience in working in business, social justice, environmental sustainability, food system advocacy, and political activism.

Engagement Psychology

For the past 20 years Lisa has been offered health and well being workshops and consultations. She is particularly passionate about preventative and health promoting holistic practices. As a psychologist, Lisa enjoys sharing uplifting, engaging and motivational approaches.

Erica Mealy

Erica joined the Faculty of Arts, Business and Law at the University of the Sunshine Coast in February 2016. She is a lecturer in Information and Communications Technology in the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Business School. As an accomplished software engineer and software manager in industrial experience alongside her university teaching experience, Dr Mealy inspiring the next generation of innovators and professionals. Erica is also an exhibited visual artist.

Fiona McKeague and Sarah Ripper

When all their friends were having babies, Sarah and Fiona, two friends who met at university in Brisbane, decided to fundraise the cost of one midwife’s education. Their journey led them to Ethiopia where they laughed, cried, and met a midwife working in rural township of Yifag. They are now lifelong supporters of the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation.

Flo Gardens

Adam always had an interest in growing food. Growing up he was always passionate about gardening and loved creating ponds and planting fruit trees and digging veggie patches. He later moved into Bush Regeneration and worked in this field for 15 years. Adam believes growing our own food is the future of food, globally and has finally finished developing an aquaponics system that runs itself.

Florin Oprescu and Colleen Johnston

Colleen Johnston is a registered nurse with a special interest and direct experience in living with chronic pain. Dr Florin Oprescu is a health communication and health promotion specialist.

Gail Hewton

Gail is a passionate community dance artist working successfully with older people in a range of contexts and settings leading classes, workshops, performances and projects. With a major focus on health and well being Gail brings the joy and benefits of dance in a fun, safe and supportive environment, ensuring dance is possible for everyone.

Gemma Turner

Gemma has spent the last thirty years exploring many aspects of song - with Blindman's Holiday, The Transylvaniacs, Tokakros and most recently with The Disclaimers. She has a doctorate in voice science from the University of Sydney, her research has been published internationally and she is a lecturer at Australian Institute of Music Sydney. She runs her own community choir Perfect 5th and facilitates mother and baby singing therapy in a programme initiated by St John of God Hospital Burwood, Musica Viva and UNSW.

Glenda Amayo Caldwell

Dr Glenda is collaborating with UAP and RMIT on the IMCRC project Design Robotics for Mass Customisation Manufacturing. Her research has informed policy development, urban master plans and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Glenda leads the Design Lab Design for Communities and Resilient Futures Research Program at Queensland University of Technology.

Goorie Vision

Goorie Vision is an Indigenous multi-media service which specialises in traditional knowledge recording, film production, photography and multi-media training. Goorie Vision provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians the opportunity to tell their stories in a culturally appropriate manner, from an Indigenous perspective. Owner/Director Luke Barrowcliffe is a Butchulla man. Butchulla country extends from the Cooloola Coast to Burrum Heads and westward to Bauple Mountain in South East Queensland, including the iconic Kgari (Fraser Island). Luke was taught Butchulla history, culture and traditions since he was young by the late Aunty Olga Miller, the last Turramun Uwuy (Wise Women) and Caboonya (keeper of records) of their people.

Helen Andrew

Helen started and finished her career in various sales and marketing roles, but it was not until experiencing a seasonal glut of mandarins and struggling to find enough people to share them with, that she found her mission. Helen created Spare Harvest, a social enterprise that gives every single person a simple and easy way to reduce their waste footprint.

Henrietta Marrie

Henrietta Marrie AM (Masters in Environmental and Local Government Law; Dip. T; Grad. Dip. of Arts [Indigenous Studies]) is an Elder of the Gimuy Walubara clan of the Yidinji people and Traditional Owner of the land on which the City of Cairns is now located. Henrietta is listed among the Westpac and Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence for 2014 for her work in public policy and was appointed a member of the Order of Australia in 2018 and presented with a Queensland Greats Award for her contribution in Education and Cultural Heritage.

Ian Dearden

Ian is a former criminal defence lawyer, songwriter, guitarist, performer and long time folkie who has performed and busked throughout Australia, UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA.

Ian Lowe

Professor Ian is an emeritus professor and prominent environmental scientist.

Jack Stone

Agriculturist, urban farmer, beekeeper and pollination advocate, Jack is a local boy who has pioneered the message of pollination in and around our Neighbourhoods. Keeping Bees both Native and European as a primary focus, Jack has developed a niche capability to communicate the important narrative of primary production.

Jacqueline Wilson-Smith

Jacqueline was the Rural Woman of the Year 2017 (Qld AgriFutures), is the co-founder and Chair of the Food and Agribusiness Network, and is the Head of Global Innovation at McCormick.

Jane Lindsay

Jane is a an integrated health professional, supporting individual health, well-being and preventative health protocols through a range of complimentary therapies. Jane is a registered member in Australia of both AROH – Australian Register of Homeopaths and the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA) as well as of the Society of Homeopaths (SOH) UK.

Janet Wiles

Jane is Professor of Complex and Intelligent Systems at the University of Queensland. She received her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sydney, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Psychology. She currently leads a multidisciplinary team studying social robotics and bio-inspired computation, and leads the Future Technologies Thread of the ARC-funded Centre of Excellence in the Dynamics of Language, which is developing new tools for linguists, the Discursis system for analysis of communication and social technologies to support people with dementia and their carers.

From the Rainbow’s Edge

Jaxxon is a local trans man stumbling through this straight world. Shaz almost has 'coming out' as a profession and Rachel is the Queer Femme lesbian trying no tot been seen as the 'straight girl'. Together they get through this life with humour and authenticity.

John Waldron

John has over thirty years experience in the arts sector as an artist, art educator, curator, and manager. For over twenty years he worked as an education officer and gallery director for government and corporation, leading innovative facilities and programs, an in 2013 John established Blue Sky View. Blue Sky View is currently developing the Makeway Lab, a makerspace for hospitals and communities, which will provide digital maker programs to assist patient health and healing and the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Jon Wardle

Jon has clinical backgrounds in nursing and naturopathy and is a public health and health law researcher at the University of Technology Sydney. This unlikely combination has helped Jon become an internationally recognised expert on complementary medicine and conventional health policy. Jon has worked with communities, governments and international bodies like WHO to help integrate the best of both conventional and complementary worlds in health.

Julie-ann Lambourne

Julie-Ann is a Torres Strait Island leader of Mabuiag and Darnley island descent, and founding member and CEO of enVizion, an Indigenous-owned and operated business that has assisted disadvantaged people see beyond limitations to reach their full potential since 2013. She has passions for ensuring equitable access for all to education, employment and economic participation and using technology to devise innovative solutions to social disadvantage.

Keith Armstrong

Keith is an experimental artist profoundly motivated by issues of social and ecological justice. His engaged, participative practices provoke audiences to comprehend, envisage and imagine collective pathways towards sustainable futures.

Kiana Charlton and Mundanara Bayles

Kiana is a Goenpul woman from North Stradbroke Island, currently studying her Masters in Indigenous Education. Kiana has worked in several schools around Brisbane and has enjoyed collaborating with teachers and schools as part of Reconciliation. Mundanara’s cultural heritage is connected to the Wonnarua and Bunjalung people on her mother’s side and the Birri-Gubba and Gungalu on her father’s side. Mundanara grew up in Redfern with her eight sisters and moved to her father’s country in the early 90s. Her family has been active in the Aboriginal movement since the 60s and 70s and she continues to follow their example.

Leard Forest Research Node

The Leard Forest Research Node is a citizen science group on Gamilaraay country, Namoi, North West NSW. With the Maules Creek community, they monitor air quality, noise pollution and biodiversity on the frontlines of coal and CSG.

Leesa Watego

Leesa is a Brisbane Murri educator/trainer, business owner, volunteer, and blogger. She is the founder of Deadly Bloggers, the directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bloggers.

Linda Burney MP

Linda was elected federal member for Barton in 2016, following a 14 year career in the NSW Parliament as Member for Canterbury. During her state political career she served as minister in a number of senior portfolios including as minister for Community Services and later as Deputy Leader of the Opposition. As a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation, Linda was the first Aboriginal person to be elected to the NSW Parliament and the first Aboriginal woman to serve in the Australian House of Representatives. Linda’s commitment to Indigenous issues spans more than 30 years.

Lucy Peach

Lucy is a folk singer with a parallel career in sexual health education from Fremantle. Inspired by Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, her menstrual cycle and her convict ancestors, she lives every day backwards from her imagined best life as an old woman. She is the winner of the West Australian Music Industry (WAMi) award for Best Folk Act of 2016.

Magpie Goose

Co-founders Maggie McGowan and Laura Egan are responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the business and business strategy and financial management, respectively. Magpie Goose exists through partnerships with remote art centres, individual artists, textile designers, graphic designers, photographers, manufacturers and screenprinters in remote and urban Australia. Magpie Goose is an opportunity for the world to connect with and celebrate Aboriginal people, stories and culture through fashion, while also creating economic opportunities for Aboriginal people in remote communities.

Marci Webster-Mannison

An architect, activist, speaker and writer, Marci is known for award-winning ecologically inspired architecture and urban design.

Marcus Foth

Professor Marcus is a passionate wombassador. In his spare time, he is Professor of Urban Informatics in the Queensland University of Technology’s Design Lab. He is also an Honorary Professor in the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University, Denmark. Marcus brings together people, place, and technology with a keen interest in cities, sustainability, and more-than-human futures.

Margaret Sheil

Professor Margaret Sheil AO was appointed as Vice-Chancellor and President of Queensland University of Technology from February 2018.  She was previously Provost at The University of Melbourne, an academic in chemistry, and held senior roles at the University of Wollongong. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) and a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Mass Spectrometry (ANZSM). Professor Sheil is a current Director of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and was previously Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Research Council (2007-2012). Professor Sheil holds a Bachelor of Science and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from The University of New South Wales (UNSW) and was presented with the Science and Technology Alumni Award from UNSW in 2016.

Marianne Wobcke

Marianne is an Indigenous midwife, nurse, artist and story teller. Her connections to Country include Waka Waka and Girramay Mobs. She works with first-time Indigenous mums and community across Brisbane. Her Dreaming Stories inspire her audience to connect with their unique creative potential in the pursuit of collective healing, health and wellbeing.

Matilda Marsh

Matilda is a self-confessed menstrual cup evangelist. She met Sarah and Fiona at University and went on to start a project to make their own. In the process they learned lessons in dealing with the patriarchy, connecting with others, and finally being at peace with their own bodies.

Mette Sorensen

With a suitcase, a massage table and a dream, Mette immigrated from Denmark to Australia in 1994. Integrating mind, body and spirit she teaches with passion and humility. Personal development is an integral part of all Mettes teachings and her unique approach encourages her students to grow, drawing out their full potential. She seamlessly incorporates cultural and spiritual aspects of Danish life into her teaching, inspiring a generation of Ka Huna therapists.

Nell Azuri

Nell is a woman on a mission to raise the social and political will for climate solutions. A Sunshine Coast local, she’s been to Canberra and back again, trying to get some movement happening. She’s a coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby and a volunteer for Climate for Change.

New Vote

Bill Bannear (ThinkPlace), Lyn Carson (newDemocracy) and Dion McCurdy (New Vote) come together for this series. Bill believes in the designer’s creed - that the world ought to be better, and can be. With nearly a decade of public service experience (including in the Australian Senate), he is focused on making governments and international institutions the best they can be. Dion has degrees in political science, psychology and law from the University of Queensland. He is a solicitor of the Queensland Supreme Court and has worked as a solicitor for several years. He attended the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in Spain in November 2016, spoke at Newkind Festival in 2017 and Woodford in 2017. Lyn is a former professor in applied politics at the University of Sydney Business School, currently an honorary professor with the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney; adjunct professor with the University of Western Sydney, and associate of the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra. Carson also currently serves as newDemocracy’s research director.

Pratima Michele Mumford

Pratima has studied astrology for four decades and has done hundreds of readings, including David Bowie's. For twenty years she was the most popular astrologer in Bali. Pratima received her BA (Hons) in philosophy at Nottingham University, UK. She is the Australian emissary of alternative physicist Nassim Haramein's Resonance Project and is currently writing a book on global conspiracies. A world traveller, she started an industry of hand-beaded accessories in Bali that now gives thousands of women financial independence.

Rhoda Roberts AO

With a huge body of work behind her, Rhoda is currently engaged as the Head of Indigenous Programming for Sydney Opera House. She is also the Creative Director of Rhoda Roberts’ Gallery and Events and is the Festival Director of Boomerang Festival, produced with Byron Bay Blues Festival.

Richard Warner

Richard is coordinator of Australia's 2015 best small social enterprise in 2015. He is a social worker and community development practitioner with deep experience in cooperatives and social enterprise formation.

Robyn Cook

Robyn has a kaleidoscopic career. She’s the presenter of the weekly video podcast, Stories from the Red Couch, sharing stories of local - often arts - business people, co-creator of the Ambo Media Makers, a broadcast facility located at the Old Ambulance Station in Nambour. She’s also The Kitchen Garden Teacher, working with schools, councils and organisations interested in sustainable and healthy food education.

Sam Jockel

Sam is the founder of School Mum and ALDI Mum and has worked to develop online communities with purpose for over six years.

Samford Commons Ltd

Howard Nielsen and two Samford community colleagues have been part of the Commons building process. They have diverse experience in sustainability, business building and community development, and they like telling stories.

Sandra Gosling

In 2009 Sandra and her husband created a new food type – yoghurt created from coconut milk – CO YO. From a very small beginning, this product is now shared globally with the challenge of further innovations that embrace their focus on providing new and exciting food experiences that are good for us and good for the planet.

Sandra Phillips

Dr Sandra is an Indigenous thought leader who helps diverse audiences make sense of a messy world. She is the coordinator of the Indigenous Higher Degree Research at The University of Technology, Sydney and has spent her entire career working towards achieving greater outcomes in education for Indigenous people.

Sandra Tuszynska

Dr Sandra is a passionate mycologist who aspires to work with fungi and their wondrous mycelium to restore ecosystems and clean up the Earth.

Sarah George & Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen is a naturopath, registered acupuncturist and academic. Sarah is a registered acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine practitioner and academic. Together they are a dynamic holistic health duo with a passion for supporting women, parents-to-be and families.

Sarah Kanowski

Sarah is a host of ABC Radio’s Conversations, Australia’s most downloaded podcast. Before joining Conversations permanently in 2018, Sarah co-presented ABC RN’s Books and Arts. The last time she danced at Woodford was on New Year’s Eve 1999.

Sean Leahy

Sean has been the political cartoonist for The Courier-Mai since 1986. A career highlight was being sued by Sir Joh during the Fitzgerald Inquiry. (Joh chose not to proceed eventually). He has also cartooned for TIME Magazine and *The West Australian*.

Sheridan Stewart

Sheridan Stewart is the host of ABC Queensland’s Regional Drive program entertaining the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Longreach and Toowoomba. Sheridan is passionate about the arts, food and wine and professes to be part mermaid and part goat…so she's come to the right place.

Steve Williams

Steve is a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, and co-founder of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council, Techfugees and Homelessness Hackathons.

Suncoast Spinners

Dr Florin Oprescu is a health promotion and communication specialist. He works on initiatives including health promotion, health communication and translation of scientific findings into practice. One of the health promotion projects he works on is the Spinners Reverse Inclusion project. James Hill is a Level 2 Wheelchair Basketball coach, university student and the person who generated the idea for reverse inclusions workshops on the Sunshine Coast Sharon Hill is the secretary of Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Inc.

Suzi Derbyshire

Professor Derbyshire has 24 years experience of teaching and leadership in higher education both in the United Kingdom and Australia. Originally from the United Kingdom, she completed her fashion training at Central St Martins School of Art in London, then migrated to Australia in 2002 to become the inaugural Head of Fashion within the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She remained in that role through to 2007 when she became Portfolio Director for Fashion, Journalism, Media. In 2011 Professor Derbyshire was appointed as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) at QUT.

Tamara Skok

After creating two successful naturpathic clinics, Tamara decided to embrace her love of cooking and started working in commercial kitchens before commencing her Chef Apprenticeship. Shortly after being appointed to Head Chef at Italia Pizza and Pasta, the restaurant was voted Best Italian, Sunshine Coast and than Best Takeaway, Queensland in 2015. Tamara continues to split her time between her clinic, Vitality Naturopathic, in Buddina, whilst working in both a hands on-role as Head Chef at Italia and supervisor of Italia’s cooking classes.

Tania Hubbard

Tania Hubbard is the Founding Director of award winning company Whisk and Bowl Pty Ltd. Australian best-selling free-from author and an award winning food manufacturer and food innovator.
International speaker and educator, Tania is passionate about food, is a regular commentator on free-from living, product development, recipe development and food labelling. Unconventional & innovative, Tania’s passion is to use quality, plant based, functional foods to create recipes that work for you. Taking a handful of ingredients and using them lots of different ways. Making free-from living delicious, affordable, nourishing and fun.

The Carers Foundation

Ronnie Benbow is the founding director of the Carers Foundation. As a registered nurse and also a carer herself, Ronnie knows the relentless demands and debilitating stress that family carers endure daily. Ronnie is passionate about younger children that have caring roles, as they have no choice to be carers.

The Falls Farm

Nestled in the hills behind Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast, The Falls Farm produces fruit, vegetables and herbs in the loving hands of a green-thumbed family.

Tim Sharp and Judy Sharp

Artist, writer and professional speaker Tim was diagnosed with autism at age three. After being told he would never be able to speak or live a fulfilling life, he has gone on to become a world famous artist with Laser Beak Man, and his colourful and optimistic art has been turned into a television series on the ABC and made into a theatre production developed on Broadway. Tim and his mother, Judy Sharp share a powerful message of hope, opportunity inclusion and acceptance through Tim’s public speaking engagements.

Tom Kendall

Tom is a permaculture farmer with over 40 years of farming experience and a broad acre agriculture background. He is a passionate speaker about permaculture and holistic farming methods.

Troy Payne

Troy is the authority on the PAYNE relief secrets, which has its foundations in The NIBLETT Technique founded by Allan Niblett. His teachings are fun and interactive and he has helped many people.

Uwe Terton

Uwe is the program leader for the Bachelor of Design at the University of the Sunshine Coast. His main interest is in design and education and how both can complement each other. His research projects are focused on computer supported education that makes use of technology to reach out to diverse types of learners as well as disadvantaged learners. In his spare time, he makes things and is a devoted follower of the makerspace movement.

Vernon Ah Kee

Vernon is a member of the Kuku Yalandji, Waanji, Yidinji, Gugu Yimithirr and Koko Berrin peoples, a conceptual artist and a founding member of the Brisbane-based proppaNOW artists collective. Vernon’s work critiques Australian popular culture, particularly the dichotomy between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal societies and cultures. His art practice consists of video, 3D installation, photography, digital design, painting, printmaking, and drawing. He is an internationally acclaimed artist having exhibited around the world, with artwork held in a number of private and public collections in Australia and overseas.

Veronique Chachay

Dr Chachay is a lecturer and researcher in nutrition science at the University of Queensland. Veronique is passionate about the knowledge of mechanisms by which food and its constituents modulate a plethora of health pathways. Her research interests include nutrition as powerful environmental signal of gene expression, regulator of metabolism and regeneration, and a centre pillar for optimal function.


Our Speakers and Ideas programme features Singers and Songwriters appearing across the broader 2018/19 festival programme and may not appear in the listed presenters. The complete Woodford Folk Festival programme will be announced 13th October at 9PM.