Save the World at Woodford Folk Festival

You want to save the world you hold dear in your heart, and feel blessed to be embarking on a journey of learning practical ways in which you can help. You know you will come out well-equipped for the challenge ahead – creating an abundant paradise for all creatures great and small….

6:00AM – Meet at General Store

Dawn Chorus Bird Walk with Roy Sonnenburg

You’ve woken to the sounds of Woodfordia’s birds, and with a coffee poured into your reusable mug you’re inspired to explore the festival and its wildlife. You meet ornithologist (and Woodfordia’s vice-president) Roy Sonnenberg and other bird enthusiasts at the General Store, and enjoy a guided morning walk through the site discovering its feathered residents and their habitats.

7:00AM – Meet at the General Store

The Rainforest Wander with Lui Weber and Robert Price

You’re eager to enjoy and learn more about Woodfordia’s environment so you join some passionate ecologist on a meander into its remnant and regenerated rainforest. You feel amazed by how fast a rainforest can be regenerated through the dedication of passionate folk.


Conversation at Forest Woodfordia

While walking out of the GREENhouse you are lured by the laughter coming from the Forest Woodfordia venue just next door and curiously wander in. You are greeted by some folk who call themselves Treehuggers and discover that they engage monthly environmental working bees at Woodfordia. You feel a sense of belonging and contemplate joining these social events. You feel at home here and know you will be stopping by again to learn, to chill and spend more time with these friendly folk.


Breakfast at Chocolate and Coffee Heaven

Feeling like you’ve already crammed in a full day, you seek out some brekkie. You indulge your senses in the raw goodness of a coconut and cashew pudding – all organic and fair-trade and served in compostable biopack. You’re really beginning to feel like this is your kind of place.

10:45AM – GREENhouse

Talk: Sustainable Livelihoods and Ocean Plastics Pollution with Anna Phelan

Feeling satisfied in your belly, your mind is craving similar sustenance! You are entranced by Anna as she enlightens you about South Sulawesi’s alternative sustainable livelihoods that protect and enhance coastal ecosystem services, and strengthen coastal management. You stick around afterwards to chat with Anna and other audience members who are similarly inspired!

12NOON – Luna

Black Rock Band

You’re running a little late, but you really want to see the NT’s Black Rock Band. You’ve heard they’ll be doing a talk tomorrow about the art, story and song of Arhnem Land and you know that you need to learn about Indigenous lore if Australia is going to move forward. They’re singing in Kunwinjku and English, high with energy – it’s absolutely thrilling.

1:15PM – GREENhouse

Talk: Tupperware Party for Climate Action with Nell Azuri

The recent report from the UN has you fired up – and you love exploring the ever new and interesting solutions to cool the world. You get a water bottle refill at one of the many Mt Beerwah water dispensers and head back into the GREENhouse to discover how the Tupperware party model can change the world, and how befriending your climate denier MP is more worthwhile (and fun) than you thought possible. Again, you stick around to chat with other inspired folks – you and some of your new friends move out, still talking, to enjoy a drink from Kombucha Cafe.

3:15PM – Blue Lotus

Demonstration: Vegan Cheese Making with Tamara Skok

You’ve heard that going vegan is one of the easiest ways to tread lightly on the earth, but you really think you’ll have a problem giving up cheese. Tamara’s demonstration convinces you otherwise, what she makes from cashews and a host of other ingredients is absolutely delicious. You see that this venue also hosts yoga in the mornings, and make a note to come back for a class.

4:00PM – Hilltop

Demonstration: Boomerang and Spear Throwing with Uncle Noel Blair

You’ve seen Uncle Noel speak before and you know he’s an incredibly friendly and welcoming man who really wants to share Jinibara culture, so you take advantage of this new opportunity to learn skills you never thought you’d have the opportunity to try. Uncle Noel has handmade all the spears and boomerangs, and standing up on the hilltop looking over Mt Beerwah and the hinterland while you engage with the oldest living culture in the world feels utterly surreal.

5:15PM – GREENhouse

Talk: Backyard Ecosystems with Flo Gardens

Yearning sustainably grown, chemical free food and thinking about setting up your own home garden, you are intrigued by Flo Garden systems that essentially run themselves. Like you, Adam believes that growing our own food is the future of sustainable food production in the reality of changing climate. You’re surprised – and happy! – to see one of your neighbours there, someone you wave to but have never really spoken to. Now you’ve got something to talk about!


Dinner at The Funguy’s Mushroom Kitchen

Because you love mushrooms and know that a vegan diet is the number one way to save the world, you can’t wait to sink your teeth into something from The Funguy’s Mushroom Kitchen. It doesn’t disappoint! You’ve met up with your team and everyone has had such a different experience of the festival so far – but how can you talk about it with your mouth full?

6:20PM –

Building Grassroots Movements for Change with Australian Student Environment Network

You know that young people often have great and simple ideas about how we can save the world, so you’re not surprised to hear that the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN) actively works for environmental and social justice. ASEN provide opportunities for people to gain the skills, education and experience to become lifelong change agents. You love hearing these inspired young people talk – It gives you hope!

7:30PM –

Welcome Ceremony

Now that you’ve broadened your horizons with solutions for a better world from so many inspiring speakers, you are ready to party. You meet your friends again and walk up to the Amphitheatre to watch the spectacular Welcome Ceremony and you love knowing that this place will be here to return to, year after year.

9:00PM – GREENhouse

Rob Knaggs

Rob’s story sounded interesting and you’ve always wanted to go to Canada, but wow, hearing firsthand about how this cellist was inspired to create music by and for beluga whales, and how lives in Churchill, Manitoba, creating music for winter landscapes and animals – you’re inspired to visit somewhere entirely new!

Coming back down to earth, you breath in the eucalyptus scent in the air, wandering the pathways back to your campsite in the cool of the evening. You can hear people talking in low voices, the occasional strumming of a guitar, and even more rarely, a snore. You know that’s exactly where you’re headed – you have so much planned for tomorrow – and it’s only the beginning.


Breakfast at your camp site – still plenty of fresh tomatoes and avocados in the esky, and you buy  a loaf of fresh bread from Iggy’s Bakery.

8:30AM GREENhouse

 Woodfordia’s Bioquest Walk with Sandra Tuszynska

9.15AM GREENhouse

New Food Clusters with Jacqueline Wilson-Smith

10.00AM General Store

Small Creatures Wander with Peter Macqueen and Helen Schwencke


Forest Woodfordia Venue


Lunch at The Veggie Galley

1.00PM GREENhouse

New Food Entrepreneurship with Jacqueline Wilson-Smith and Sandra Gosling

2:15PM GREENhouse

Permaculture in Action with Tom Kendall

3:45PM GREENhouse

Digital and Social Innovation for Disadvantaged People with Julie-Ann Lambourne

4:30PM Luna

Soils Ain’t Soils with Costa and Dr Karl


Dinner at Mu’ooz Eritrean

6:45PM GREENhouse

Deep Change: Individual, Community, World with David Engwicht

8:00PM Bills Bar

Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids

9:30PM Amphi

The Cat Empire

11:30PM – 12:20PM Grande

The Northern Folk

8:00AM GREENhouse

Communities and Bees with Amelie Vanderstock


Brekky at Tatty’s Superfoods

10:30AM GREENhouse

Living Lab: Farming, Family, Food with The Falls Farm



Coffee buzz from Black Crest Coffee

12NOON On the Streets

Chat with Butterfly and Caterpillar Host Plant/Woodfordia Environmental Project Representatives

1:30PM GREENhouse

Sustainable Food and Social Enterprise with Cath Manuel, Helen Andrew and Robyn Cook

2:30PM Luna

Gardening for a Good Earth with Costa and Dr Karl

5:00PM Luna

Fru Skagerrak

6:30PM GREENhouse

Redesigning Democracy with New Vote


Early Dinner with the family at Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian

8:10PM GREENhouse

Music for A Warming World


Bedtime – but maybe just one Byron Bay Organic Doughnut for the road!

9:00AM GREENhouse

Community Exchange: The Sharing Economy with Alison Bird

10:00AM GREENhosue

Women Influencers in Higher Education with Suzi Derbyshire, Margaret Sheil and Megan Pozzi

11:30AM Dancehall

Tibetan Gathering Dance Workshop with Tenzin Nyidon

12:45PM GREENhouse

Environmental Sustainability and Community with Amelie Vanderstock, Jack Stone, Tom Kendall and Ian Dearden


Lunch at Common Ground

2:00PM GREENhouse

Citizen Science with Leard Forest Research Node

5:00PM – 5:50PM Talking Circle

BUKAL by Jute Theatre

8:00PM Talking Circle

The Feast: First Foods (purchase tickets)

11:00PM Bill’s Bar

The Strangest Dreamers

6:00AM Meet at General Store

Dawn Chorus Bird Walk with Roy Sonnenburg

8:00AM GREENhouse

Young People, Alternative Educators with Clucking Chooks Productions

10:00AM Meet at General Store

Small Creatures Wander with Peter MacQueen and Helen Schwencke


Lunch at Muang Thai

2:00PM GREENhouse

For The Love of Wombats with Marcus Foth

4:15PM GREENhouse

Saving the Earth with Seaweed with Brian Von Herzen

5:45PM GREENhouse

The Weird World of Brush Turkeys with Darryl Jones

7:00PM GREENhouse

Techno Environmental Art with Keith Armstrong

8:00 PM

Traditional Italian Dinner at Spaghetti Junction

10:30PM Grande

Formidable Vegetable

11:30PM Sitewide

Three Minutes of Silence

11:50PM Grande


8:00AM GREENhouse

Climate Change and Rainforest Birds with Elliot Leach


Breakfast at Little Brazil

10:00AM GREENhouse

Restoring Soils with Life with Sandra Tuszynska

11:15AM GREENhouse

Sylvan and Plumwood – Radical Oz Environmentalists with Dominic Hyde


Lunch at Langos Hut

1:30PM GREENhouse

Grassroots Urbanism: The Right to the City with Marci Webster-Mannison

2:30PM  GREENhouse

‘Just transition’ in Global Change with Elianor Gerrard

3:30PM – 4:15PM GREENhouse

A Thorn in the Side: Maintaining Biodiversity with Helen Schwencke


A quick drink at the Kambucha Cafe

6:00PM GREENhouse

Redesigning  Democracy with NewVote


Vegan burgers at The Bundy Burger Company

7:30PM Amphitheatre

Lantern Parade and Fire Event

9:45PM Cirque

Start as You Mean to Go On with The Maes