A lover of the skies, the seas and all things furry, two-legged and feathered, you want to save the world. About to embark on a journey of discovery, you are filled with joy and excitement, eager to learn about the practical ways in which you can help Mother Earth. You are determined to come out well-equipped for the challenge ahead and help create an abundant paradise for all creatures great and small.

6:00AM – Meet at General Store

Dawn Chorus Bird Walk with Roy Sonnenburg

You’ve woken to the sounds of Woodfordia’s birds and, with coffee warming your reusable mug, you’re inspired to explore the festival and its wildlife. You meet ornithologist (and Woodfordia’s vice-president), Roy Sonnenberg, and other bird enthusiasts at the General Store. Together you set out and enjoy a guided morning walk through the green grounds, discovering its feathered residents and their habitats.

8:00AM – Meet at the General Store

The Rainforest Wander with Lui Weber and Robert Price

You’re eager to learn more about Woodfordia’s environment, so you join passionate ecologists on a meander into its remnant and regenerated rainforest. You’re in awe of how quickly a rainforest can be regenerated through the dedication of passionate folk.


Conversations at Long Live Woodfordia

After grabbing a breakfast from the adjacent Cowabunga Café, you are lured by the laughter coming from the Long Live Woodfordia venue and curiously wander in. You are greeted by one of Woodfordia’s citizens who feels passionate about its future through nourishing its land and community in line with the 500 year plan. You discover how to become a Treehugger so you can enjoy the monthly engagement in environmental projects at Woodfordia. You learn what it means to become a citizen of Woodfordia and about its constructive and novel approach in creating a brighter future through the perpetual fund, school and lyceum initiatives. You’ve found your tribe! A sense of belonging washes over you, as you feel at home here and know you will be stopping by again for a cuppa, to spend more time with these friendly folk.


Breakfast at Chocolate and Coffee Heaven

Feeling like you’ve already crammed in a full day, you seek out some brekky. You indulge your senses in the raw goodness of a coconut and cashew pudding – all organic and fair-trade and served in a compostable biopack. Tick, tick, tick! Woodfordia is certainly starting to feel like home.

10:45AM – GREENhouse

Talk: Therapeutic Horticulture for Mental Health with Cath Manuel

Your belly is full and now your mind is craving similar sustenance! You are entranced by Cath as she enlightens you about the ways in which horticulture can assist your mental health. You stick around afterwards to chat with Anna and other audience members who are similarly inspired.

11:15AM – Talking Circle

Ancient Culture, New Conversations: Ngaiire

You’re running a little late, but you really want to see Ngaiire in conversation with Rhoda Roberts OAM. Ngaiire speaks about growing up in PNG, and her experiences with a career that crosses genres and artforms. She is terribly charming and her beautiful insights linger with you long after you’ve left.

12:30PM – GREENhouse

Talk: 20 in 2020: A Story of Housing Can-Do with Transformative Change Agents United

A friend told you this talk would be worth a look and they weren’t wrong! You are captivated by the empowering story of an intentional 20-person suburban community, creating change within the context of climate change. You dream of making this a reality in your own life and once again stick around to chat with other inspired folks. You and some of your new friends mosey on to enjoy a drink together, chatting excitedly the whole way to Hierba Santa.

1:45PM – Green House

Talk: The Zero Waste Journey with Mia Swainson

You’ve made a start on making your digs a zero waste home but could do with a few more ideas, so you head back to the GREENhouse for the next talk. Mia is great with practical tips, and makes the whole process seem easy and not as overwhelming as you once thought. Immediately inspired, you decide it’s time to go shopping for some reusable cutlery to use for the remainder of the festival.

3:00PM – Talking Circle

Talk: The Rights of Mother Earth with Mama Mihirangi and The Mreikura

After walking around the colourful streets for a while, you stumble across Maori woman Mihirangi speaking about earth from a cultural perspective. It sounds interesting. You sit down and don’t get up for a good whole hour, completely enthralled with her words and unique perspective.

5:30PM – GREENhouse

Talk: Why People Don’t Act On Climate Change with Nell Azuri

You’re passionate about climate change and can find it frustrating to talk to people who believe it’s a myth, or who don’t seem to be doing anything about it. This talk seems like it might assist you in opening up a dialogue with said people. Nell is also a passionate climate communicator, a team leader for Climate For Change and Citizens’ Climate Lobby. You leave feeling inspired and better equipped for future conversations.


Dinner at Sacred Seed Food Co

Because you love traditional and sacred menus – and know that a vegan diet is the number one way to save the world – you can’t wait to sink your teeth into something from Sacred Seed Food Co. It doesn’t disappoint! You love that they believe organic is best, support local community initiatives and embody fair trade and ethical products. You’ve met up with your tribe and everyone has had such a different experience of the festival so far – but how can you talk about it with your mouth full?

7:30PM – Amphitheater

Welcome Ceremony

Now that you’ve broadened your horizons with solutions for a better world from so many inspiring speakers, you are ready to party. You meet your friends and walk up to the Amphitheatre to watch the spectacular Welcome Ceremony. A wave of love, hope and togetherness washes over you and you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, knowing that this place will be here to return to, year after year. Welcome home.


Breakfast at your camp site

There’s still plenty of fresh tomatoes and avocados in the sky, and you buy a loaf of fresh bread.

8:00AM – Talking Circle

Women’s Healing and Bush Medicine with Traditional Women Healers of North East Arnhem Land

10:00AM – Forest Woodfordia Venue

11:10AM – GREENhouse

Future of Macroeconomics: A New Green Deal with Bill Mitchell


Lunch at Wild Spice Kitchen

3.30PM – Blues Town

This Way North

4:00PM – GREENhouse

Emerging Education Futures with Emerging Future

5:15PM – GREENhouse

Plan To Repower Australia with Jan McNicol


Dinner at Mu’ooz Eritrean

8:20PM – Bob’s Bar

Fred Smith

9.45PM – Blue Lotus

Dub Zoo

10.00PM Parlour

Bush Reflections with Constantina Bush

8:45AM – Workshop

Building A Climate For Change with Nell Azuri


Breakfast at Tatty’s Superfoods

10:00AM – GREENhouse

Wulara Ngulu Historical Landscape Mapping


Coffee buzz from Chai N Vibes

12:00PM – On the Streets

Chat with Butterfly and Caterpillar Host Plant/Woodfordia Environmental Project Representatives

1:45PM – Blue Lotus

Australian Essential Oils For Treatment of Resistant Infections with Andrew Pengelly

5:00PM – Halcyon

Aine Tyrrell


Early Dinner with the family at Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian

7:45PM – GREENhouse

Dangerous Song


Bedtime – but maybe just one Byron Bay Organic Doughnut for the road!

9:00AM – GREENhouse

Building That Doesn’t Cost The Earth with Marci Webster-Mannison

11:15AM- GREENhouse

Listening Underwater with Leah Barclay


Lunch at Common Ground

1:30PM – GREENhouse

Seeding Treaty with Lisa Roberts

3:15PM – Blue Lotus

Q & A: Cannabis with Emily Rigby

4:45PM – GREENhouse

The Greater Good Movement 

6:00PM – Luna

Great Comedy Debate: That Democracy Works

7:30PM – Talking Circle

Bush Foods Feast with Dilly Bag and Three Little Birds

10.30pm – Halcyon

Chloe & Jason Roweth Band

6:00AM – Meet at General Store

Dawn Chorus Bird Walk with Roy Sonnenburg

8:45AM – GREENhouse

Deep Ecology Movement with Stephen Millard

9:30AM – Workshop

Get Your Democracy On with Nell Azuri

11.45AM – GREENhouse

Bird Feeding: You’re Joking?! with Darryl Jones 


Lunch at Muang Thai

2:15PM – GREENhouse

You Can’t Get There From Here with Rod Quantock OAM

3:00PM – Luna

Dr Karl’s Science is Golden with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

6:00PM – GREENhouse

Film Discussion and Screening: 2040


Traditional Italian Dinner at Spaghetti Junction

10:00PM –  Amphitheatre


11:30PM – Sitewide

Three Minutes of Silence

2:40AM – Parlour


8:00AM – GREENhouse

Deep Ecology Forest Walk with Stephen Millard

9:00AM – GREENhouse

Engaging Bee Advocates for the Future with Little Star Bee Sanctuary


Breakfast at Kulcha’d

11.30AM – Talking Circle

The Rights of Mother Earth with Mama Mihirangi & The Mreikura

12.45PM – GREENhouse

Eavesdropping on Ecosystems: The Ecoacoustic Happy Hour


Lunch at Langos Hut

2.30PM – Sacred Union Labyrinth

Set Intentions for the New Year  

4.30PM – GREENhouse

The Woodfordia Effect: An Intergenerational Forum

6:00PM – Luna

Mission Songs Project


Vegan burgers at The Bundy Burger Company

7:30PM – Amphitheatre

Lantern Parade and Fire Event

9:30PM – Halcyon

Bathing For Change: The Lord and Lady of Bath with Martin Pearson