After a busy year, you can take your downtime in the Summertime. Woodford Folk Festival is the perfect place for taking it slow and taking it easy, on 500 acres of beautiful parkland nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Escape to this wonderland and welcome the new year feeling refreshed and recharged.

9:00AM –

Sleep in and breakfast at the campground with friends and family

You wake, ready for your first day at Woodford! After a lovely sleep-in, you spend the morning cooking up a delicious breakfast with those that you love, chatting about the week ahead, and circling things you wish to see in the programme book.

10:00AM – Small Hall

Festival of Small Halls Homecoming – Lucy Wise & Old Man Luedecke

Wandering around the festival, you stumble on an adorable hall, and pop your head in for a look. The music sounds interesting, so you stay awhile to listen to the tunes and stories.

11:00AM –

Chai ‘n’ Vibes for chai and meeting new friends

As you continue wandering around the festival, looking at all of the stalls and food vendors, you and your friends decide to hang out in the chai tent. You order a warm drink and a tasty chocolate treat, find some comfy cushions, and spend the next hour or so talking, laughing, and laying around watching the world go by.

12NOON –

Lunch at Chili Sisters

Your stomach begins to grumble, so you suggest popping to Chili Sisters for some authentic Mexican lunch.

2:00PM – Pineapple Lounge

Pine Time Talent Quest

You’ve heard about the infamous ‘champine’ at the Pineapple, so you decide to take a look. As you take your first sip, you are in heaven! It is sweet and refreshing, and just what you felt like. The atmosphere in the Pineapple Lounge is chilled out, and you and your friends decide to spend a while here, sipping champine and watching the talent quest.

3:00PM – Village Green

Sit under trees and watch The Game, with a Byron Bay Donut

Feeling like a change of scenery, you wander around the corner to the Byron Bay Organic Doughnut stand. You’re not usually a huge fan of doughnuts, but these are the exception! You order a chocolate-filled variety and sit under the shade of a gorgeous tree at the Village Green, watching as young people gather for the beginning of The Game.

4:30PM – Bluestown

Sweet Felicia and The Honeytones

It’s time for a little live music, you think, so you wander to Bluestown to check out Sweet Felicia and The Honeytones. You sit on the hill next to the big blue wren, and soak up the atmosphere and the tunes wafting up the hill.

7:00PM Dinner at Common Ground

You meet friends at one of the big tables outside Common Ground, order some delicious food, and compare notes on your day before walking to the Amphitheatre.

8:00PM –

Welcome Ceremony

It’s been a lovely relaxing first day at Woodfordia, but officially you haven’t even been welcomed yet! You walk up the winding pathway to the Amphitheatre, passing through a giant blue heart as you go. Finding a cosy spot on the hill with a perfect view of the show below, you are mesmerised by the welcome from Jinibara Custodians and Woodfordian Elders. The ceremony speaks of celebration and connection, and you already feel that, from the people around you and the land that you’ve been walking on across the day.

9:00PM –

Cirque Presents: Circus Cabaret with Le Coup and Jordan Twartz

You were headed to bed – but the Cirque is the final venue on the way out, and you can see someone high up in the air and hear amazing live music. You can see plenty of seats so your group heads in for one last look at the festival before heading out to the Looseleaf Teahouse for a bedtime cuppa.

You wander out, happily looking up at the stars, and breath in the clean air of the country. It’s so good to be on holiday – to not have to worry about what comes next, and to have such a beautiful village atmosphere to do it in. There are only five days left, but you’ll make them last.


Takeaway breakfast from Spanish Kitchen

9:30AM Lettering House

Please, Mr Postman with Sarah Kanowski

11:00AM Chill Hill

Relax in the hammocks on Chill Hill

12:40PM Grand

Stella Donnelly


Lunch at Catch & Kiss


An afternoon beverage at Sidewood Wine Bar

3:40PM Halcyon

The Fergies

5:10PM Pineapple

Chocolate Strings, while sipping a champine

6:00PM Cirque and Surrounds

Watch Rumpel the Worldly Wild Card, while enjoying a drink from Cirque Bar


Dinner at Pasta Capriccio

8:30PM Grande

Irish Mythen

9:30PM Ampitheatre

The Cat Empire


Sleep in and breakfast at your campsite with friends and family

12:30PM Grande

Steven Gates & Paul McDermott


Lunch at Voodoo Burgers


Drinks with friends at Bill’s Bar

3:00PM Bill’s Bar

Folk Alliance Australia Young Folk Award Winner and Runner Up: Jo Davie and Stav

4:00PM Chocolate and Coffee Heaven

Snack on sweet potato fries


Kahuna Massage

7:00PM Cirque

Chasing Smoke


Dinner at Gala Thai

9:30PM Amphi

The Waifs

11:00PM Sideshow Wonderland

Voodoo Revue


Breakfast at campsite with friends and family

10:15AM Blue Lotus

Surf Flow: Recovery Yoga


Drink from Hierba Santa


Lunch at Sate House

2:40PM The Luna

The Maes


Swing in a bamboo hammock on Chill Hill, and read a book from the Library of the Leaves

6:30PM Bluestown

Lindsay Lou


Dinner at Langos

9:20PM Pineapple

The Brains Trust

11:20PM Parlour

Ironing Maidens


Breakfast at Black Crest Coffee

10:15AM Blue Lotus

Breath Work to Feel More Ecstasy


Relax on grass in shaded area outside Blue Lotus, and chat with friends


Lunch at La Pizzeria Degli Elfi

1:50PM Blues Town

Drinks at Jack’s Bar with friends, and watch Tullara

4:00PM Halcyon

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan


Ice cream from Knox & Aya


Dinner at campsite with friends and family

9:00PM Grand

Dan Sultan

10:30PM Grande

Formidable Vegetable


Three Minutes of Silence

11:50PM Grande


2:00AM Luna



Breakfast at campsite with friends and family


Massage from the Kahuna folks

1:30PM Grande

The Northern Folk


Lunch at Veggie Galley

4:30PM The Luna

Brendan MacLean


Dinner at campsite with friends and family


Lantern Parade and Fire Event

9:30PM Talking Cricle

Corroboree (film)