The Musician’s Festival

Not all the musicians at Woodford Folk Festival are on stage. From the cracking sessions in the Coopers Bar to those who are resting their callouses for a few days – engaging with hundreds of concerts and workshops will inspire and refresh your musical mind.

Music, Sweet Music


Breakfast at camp

9:00AM – Grande

Festival Orchestra

10:00AM – Luna

Lindsay Lou

11:30AM – Workshop

Body Percussion Workshop with The Rhythm Hunters


Lunch at Langos Hut

1:40PM – Grande

William Barton and Veronique Serret

2:30PM – Workshop

Lip to Lung, Larynx and Tongue Workshop with Mal Webb

3:10PM – Luna


4:10PM – Halcyon

Tim MacMillan and Rachel Snow

4:40PM – Grande

The Teskey Brothers

6:00PM – Folklorica

Balkanski Song, Dance and Gypsy Romance with Sveti Sava Serbian Folkloric Ensemble and the Royal Gypsies

7:30PM – Amphitheatre

Welcome Ceremony


Dinner at La Pizzeria Degli Elfi

9:30PM – Greenhouse

Rob Knaggs

10:30PM – Bill’s Bar

Gleny Rae Virus and Her Playboys

12MIDNIGHT – Halcyon

K Mak


Breakfast at Knox & Aya

9:10AM – Luna

Stiff Gins

10:30AM – Luna

Lucy Wise

11:30AM – Coopers

Slow Irish Tune Session


Lunch at Kin Cen

1:30PM – Talking Circle

Digeridoo Workshop with William Barton

2:20PM – Grande

O Canada featuring: Irish Mythen, x`Les Poules a Colin, Old Man Luedecke, The Fretless

3:40PM – Halcyon

The Fergies

30PM – Workshop

Guitar Masterclass with The Moussa Diakite Trio


Dinner at Game Enough?

6:00PM – Talking Circle

The Spirit of Churaki

7:45PM – Folklorica

Master Musicians of Varanasi featuring Pandit Sukhdev Mishra and Vinod Prasanna

9:30PM – Luna

Old Man Luedecke

10:30PM – Bluestown

Chris Tamwoy

11:30PM – Grande

The Northern Folk

12:30AM – Luna

Spooky Men’s Chorale

7:00AM – Folklorica

Light Breakfast at Kaleidescope Coffee Bar

Ground Control, Gold Coast coffee and almond milk? Yes please! Top it off with a sweet treat before yoga and the day is off to a great start.


Yoga and Sounds of India with Yogi Kunga and Vinod Prasanna

You were up until after midnight last night dancing like a loon and enjoying the intense and recognisable rhythms of the Balkans in master musician Linsey Pollak’s outfit The Balkanics, so it’s a slow start for a stretch this morning. Still, when yoga is accompanied by bansuri from award-winning Vinod Prasanna, who was born into a notable Indian family of flautists, how can you resist?

9:10AM – Luna

Les Poules a Colin

You caught a little – not nearly enough – of Les Poules (Colin’s Chickens) yesterday in the O Canada showcase, which was packed, as usual, and the rhythms of Quebec immediately caught your attention. They’ve already started, and guitar, keys, fiddle and multi-layered harmonies are in full flight. There are dancers up the back, but you’re up close, entranced by the seated guitarist’s foot percussion (podorhythmie).

10:00AM – Workshop

Sevdah Songs of Eastern Europe with Cardak

Your interest in the complexities of European folk music are getting a workout this year – next up is a workshop that explores the folk songs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s amazing that the untrained ears and voices of your fellow festivilians are carried along by the instruction to create something so beautiful, and sitting out under the trees near Chill Hill is the perfect spot to remind you of why these songs were created – to float out amongst the hills.

10:50AM – Grande

Irish Mythen

Yes, it’s a tight schedule this morning, but there’s no way you’re missing Irish Mythen. You heard about her shows at the festival two years ago and no one was understating the power of her voice – you can hear this one-woman powerhouse sustaining a note over the roar of the packed crowd as you skip the few steps from the Workshop to The Luna, enjoying the extra shade of the new sculptures.

11:30AM – Halcyon

Django Braveheart

These guys only have a few shows so you can’t miss them. Keir Nuttall usually plays guitar with Kate Miller-Heidke, though that downplays his role in the band, and Liam Gerner is one of Australia’s best folk troubadours. They’re giving manouche/gypsy swing a metal treatment, and the way these guys play in the outside world, you’re keen to see what happens when they let loose!

12:30PM –

Lunch at Claude’s Food

You need to eat, though you’re sorry to be missing the chance to get a string workshop in with ridiculous genius Andrew Clermont, you’re not sorry when your amazing Banh Mi appears – it’s so tasty and nourishing that you think about having another… but you know you need to leave room for a Byron Bay Doughnut. Sugar rush required for what’s to come!

1:40PM – Bluestown

The Moussa Diakite Trio

You’ve got tonnes highlighted in your programme, and it’s a hard choice, but Mali guitarist Moussa is only doing three shows so you’re going to make sure you see one. He’s had a huge career – he was part of Mali’s generation of pioneering musicians in the 1970s and 80s, touring with the legendary Toumani Diabate’s Yanga Orchestra before becoming lead guitarist for international star and the voice of Africa, Salif Keita. It’s been a long day already, so you drop into Jack’s Bar for something cold and settle in for a show of absolute virtuosity. The ice melts in your drink before you remember you have it.

3:10PM – Small Hall

Brekky Boy

You were just heading up toward the Coopers Bar to try to recover what you missed, but noticed what looks like a country hall nearby, with totally unexpected sounds coming out – a piano-driven jazz/folk instrumental landscape with double bass and drums. Sticking your head in, you see that Brekky Boy do not look like what you expected from the sound – the pianist looks like he just jumped out of the surf. The beer might have to wait a little.


Small snack with Gyoza House

You have a super heavy schedule planned tonight so you need to sneak in a quick bite, and these perfect little morsels are absolutely delicious.

5:00PM – Luna

Fru Skagerrak

You’re curious to see how this trio blends the fiddle tradition of Denmark, Norway and Sweden together, especially as you know that Maia used to play in a Quebecois style duo and Anna was part of legendary Winnipeg folk outfit The Duhks. They are beautiful, beautiful players, and the intertwining of each player’s melody curls up into the ceiling of the tent as if it’s a cathedral. The audience is spell-bound.

5:40PM – Small Hall


You were delighted when you realised who this was – master violinist Shenzo (Shenton Gregory) and world-renowned percussionist Ben Walsh, together, making intricate soundscapes and absolutely indulging their passion for improvisation and unusual instruments. The smaller venue is perfect for their show, you can hear every thought.

6:10PM – Luna

The Fretless

You had intended to go straight to the Grande, but you can see people three deep around the edge of the Luna and hear something totally unusual – almost chamber-style Celtic trad music. You hear them described from stage as ‘your favorite pub tunes, but transformed with arrangement and intricacy’ but that doesn’t do justice to the joyful musical leaps inside the glorious structure of the quartet’s fiddles, viola and cello.

7:10PM – Grande

Van Morrison’s Masterpieces – Moondance with Vince Jones and the Astral Orchestra

You’re a bit late for this one, being so entranced by The Fretless, but that’s okay because Vince is doing two Van albums tonight, accompanied by an absolutely incredible orchestra led by Matt McMahon. You missed Astral Weeks but Moondance suits you just fine, and you can settle back under the stars on the Grande hilltop and drift off into the music… just like you did the first time around.


Dinner at East Coast Paella

Holy heck, your stomach is grumbling now! Time for a huge feed of paella! You’re planning to see Lindsay Lou in Bill’s Bar soon, so you take your meal and stroll up, only to find you’re in a full house for GrownUps Read Things They Wrote as Kids, where one of your favourite musicians is reading a hilarious passage from their childhood diary that describes how they have been forced to play a stupid thing called a guitar.

9:30PM – Bill’s Bar

Lindsay Lou

There is no doubt about it, this band from Michigan and Tennessee is on fire. You’ve had a bluegrass-free day today and this – guitar, mandolin, drums and double bass and lighting fast picking – hits the spot. These are some of the finest players around, Lindsay can sing, and the relaxed, homey atmosphere of Bill’s Bar is the perfect environment. Guess there’s a reason they’re such a hit at those bluegrass festivals in the US you dream of heading off to…

10:00PM – Halcyon

Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan

Feeling energetic after such a relatively long stop at Bill’s Bar, you do the quick walk down (making a mental note to come back to have your photo taken in Embedding the Peace) to see inventive and always entertaining artist Mal Webb, who is hard at work getting another audience dropping jaws. He’s in the middle of a beatbox/trombone/verbal and vocal gymnastic throw down, with himself, and you enjoy every minute of it.

10:40PM – Luna


You know that if something is getting attention in Scotland’s traditional scene, it must be exceptional – there’s just so much good music pouring out of the place, not to mention the existing tradition. Fiddle, pipes, whistles, flute, bodhran, piano and guitar – this foursome are on the up. It’s not just the music, there’s a sense of place in what they’re doing that transports you. You think about popping over to the bar for a Scotch and dry to make the experience complete.

11:30PM – Halcyon

The Maes

You’re thinking about heading home, and the Halcyon is on the way, delivering a perfect lullaby in an organic, green-filled space. Sisters singing – it’s absolutely otherworldly. This trio grew up steeped in tradition and that’s evident in every song – their musicality, their ease on stage, and the gorgeous contribution they are making to the Australian folk scene. They switch effortlessly, guitar, mandolin, fiddle and banjo, always underpinned by the driving cello and those voices. The audience is seated, laying on the floor, or gathered at small tables – it’s a perfect, cozy, almost loungeroom space and you feel right at home.


Should you push yourself to see The Balkanics one more time? Bringing the day full circle? You decide against it, you’re only halfway through the festival and these ears have had a workout – and besides, seeing a full day of master musicians has made you itch to get your own instruments out tomorrow.

7:30PM –

Breakfast at Chocolate and Coffee Heaven

8:00AM – Workshop

How to Read Music with K Mak

9:30AM – Workshop

Right Hand Flamenco and Classical Technique for Ukelele with The Montgomery Brothers

12:00PM – Folklorica

Scottish/Slavic Love Songs and Laments with the Ceilidh Clan and Cardak

1:00PM –

Lunch at Cleaver’s Organic Hotdogs

1.50PM – Bluestown

Leanne Tennant

3:00PM – Workshop

Contemporary Scottish Folk with RURA


Dinner at Come On Mate! Gourmet Japanese Food

6:30PM – Folklorica Outdoor Stage

African Moonlit Harmonies Workshop with Samoko

7:00PM – Coopers Bar

Bluegrass Session

8:20PM – Small Hall

Sun Collective

9:30PM – Folklorica

The View From Madeleine’s Couch

10:30PM – Coopers Bar

Irish Tunes Session


Breakfast at camp and a second coffee from Mrs Bean Mobile Coffee

9:30AM – Workshop

Arranging Traditional Music for A String Quartet Workshop with The Fretless

10:30AM – Bluestown

Blues Breakfast BBQ hosted by Hat Fitz and Cara featuring Tullara

11:45AM – Folklorica

Paraguayan Guitar of Agustin Barrios with Paul Bulanyi and Mircha Mangiacotti

12:20PM – Bill’s Bar

K Mak


Lunch at Brazzo Boys Brazilian BBQ

2:30PM – Halcyon

Chris Tamwoy

3:10PM – Grande

Band of Frequencies

5:00PM – Hilltop

Indian Sunset Concert with Pandit Sukhdev Mishra and Vinod Prasanna

6:00PM – Workshop

Hungarian Fiddle Workshop with Gyimesi Project


Dinner at Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian

8:00PM – Blue Lotus

Vesica Pisces

10:30PM – Grande

Formidable Vegetables

11:30PM – Sitewide

3 Minutes of Silence

11:50PM – Grande


4:15AM – Hilltop

Sunrise Ceremony with Kopan Tibetan Nuns of Nepal and Tenzin Choegyal

5:00AM – Your Camping Home


8:30AM – Cirque

Sing Like a Bloke with the Spooky Men’s Chorale


Breakfast at Common Ground

11:50AM – Bill’s Bar

Ruby Gill

1:00PM – Halcyon



Lunch at German Sausage Hut

2:50PM – Small Hall

The Anecdote

4:30PM – Luna

Brendan MacLean

6:30PM – Parlour

Junkyard Beats


Dinner at Chili Sisters

7:30PM – Amphitheatre

PM Lantern Parade and Fire Event

9:45PM – Cirque

Start as You Mean to Go On featuring The Maes and special guests