With over 60 yoga classes, tai chi, astrology talks, instructive classes, dance, workshops and delicious food, you will finish the year on a high and start 2019 in the right headspace. Here’s what your Woodford Folk Festival experience looks like.

6.00AM – Meet at General Store

Dawn Chorus Bird Walk with Roy Sonnenburg

You wake surrounded by nature at Woodfordia, inspired to explore the festival and its wildlife. You meet a small group of like-minded people at the General Store, just outside the bamboo entrance to the festival, and enjoy a guided morning walk through the site discovering its feathered residents and their habitats.

7.45AM – Circadia

Acro Whale Yoga Party with Indra Namaha Yoga

Once back at the festival entrance you collect your yoga mat and head to the circus tent just around the corner from the Pineapple Lounge. You smile as you realise that you’re about to do a class with Indonesia’s Indra Namaha Yoga, without needing to jump on a plane or suffer one second of jet lag. You stretch, exploring the beautiful whale posture, and awaken to Woodford day one.


Breakfast at Tatty’s Superfoods

Oooh, is that your stomach grumbling? You’ve worked up an appetite, so you wander up past the pond to Tatty’s Superfoods for a locally-sourced acai bowl, full of goodness to sustain you throughout the day. You sit, present with your food, nestled under the shade of a tree, watching the other festival lovers wander by, on their way to a myriad of possibilities for the day.


Having perused the programme at breakfast, you head to Artisan Alley to sign up for a workshop. You’ve realised that you need new shoes, and what better than to make your own! Recycled sandal making is the class, and you’re looking forward to learning some new skills with a practical application. You sign up, and can’t wait until the class tomorrow .

10.15AM – Blue Lotus

Breath Work: To Open Your Heart Breath of Bliss with Christabel Zamor and Lee Hardisty Band

It’s time to breathe deep and connect, so you head down to the Blue Lotus, lie on the grass underneath the giant crafted purple and blue water lilies, and prepare for another international teacher – two in one day! This time it’s the creator of the ecstatic breathing practice/ceremonial experience ‘Breath of Bliss’, Christabel Zamor from the USA. You close your eyes, breathe deep, feel your heart open, and can’t help but smile.

12.15PM – Blue Lotus

The Future of Complementary Health Care: Florin Oprescu, Jane Lindsay, Jon Wardle

Coming out of Christabel’s class, there’s no rush to go anywhere, so you take a few steps over to Piano Bar Kombucha, select a drink, and relax under the trees, soaking up the calm. As the next event on the stage starts, you decide to stick around and learn a little about complementary health care from some respected professionals in the field.


Lunch at Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian

As the Woodforum wraps up, you start talking to a couple of people that you’ve seen at some of the classes you’ve been to today. You all decide to enjoy lunch together and stroll to Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian, since it is close by and full of delicious food. You order The Feast, and enjoy the Indian kofta balls, delectable halava dessert and inspired conversation.

3.15PM – Blue Lotus

Vegan Cheese Making with Tamara Skok

Your new friends are keeping the food theme going, with a vegan cheese-making class. Tamara Skok is the head chef at Italia Pizza and Pasta on the Sunshine Coast, and has won numerous awards, so you decide to give the class a whirl. You learn to make a variety of plant-based cheeses, and it’s much easier than you thought. You’re already planning the vegan cheese platter that you’ll serve at your next dinner party!

5.00PM – Village Green

Rune Yoga: Embodying Magic with Daniel Cuming

After all that food, you’re itching to get moving again, so you flick through the programme and find this class. Everyone could do with a little extra magic in their life, right? Plus, it’s right in the middle of the festival, on an outdoor green, next to a gorgeous pond! You’ve never tried rune yoga before, but since you’re here you figure you might as well try it. It is actually quite enjoyable, with just the right amount of sound, breath, movement and yoga postures. You make a mental note to make it to another of Daniel’s classes this week.


Dinner at Spaghetti Junction

After all that talk of Italian food, you decide to stop in at Spaghetti Junction to enjoy dinner. You’ve heard that it’s a ‘must do’ Woodford Folk Festival food stall, so you might as well get in early.

6.20PM – Greenhouse

Building Grassroots Movements for Change with Australian Student Environment Network

Vegetarian puttanesca in hand, you wander next door to the Greenhouse to eat, with a side of entertainment and learning. This inspiring conversation gets you thinking about the bigger picture, and how you might take these learnings out into the world with you after this week.

7.30PM – Amphi

Welcome Ceremony

It’s been a day full of movement, inspiration, meditation and delicious food, but officially you haven’t even been welcomed yet! You walk up the winding pathway to the Amphi, passing through a giant blue heart as you go. Finding a cosy spot on the hill with a perfect view of the show below, you are mesmerised by the welcome from Jinibara Custodians and Woodfordian Elders. The ceremony speaks of celebration and connection, and you already feel that, from the people around you and the land that you’ve been walking on across the day.

9.00PM – The Luna

Comedy Club hosted by Geraldine Hickey: Noughty Girls, Steve Hughes, Tom Walker, Yianni Agisilaou

Yawning, it’s almost time for bed, but you can’t help but be caught up in the laughter as you walk past The Luna. You peek your head in and take a seat at the back, and the Comedy Club has you in fits of giggles in seconds.

Your cup full, you head back to your campsite, put on your comfy pyjamas, and lay your head down into your beautifully prepared camp bed to dream of the wonder the five days ahead may bring.

7.00AM – Dancehall

Morning Yoga with Core Yoga West End

8.30AM – Folklorica

Yoga and Sounds of India


Breakfast at Claude’s Food

10.00AM – Meet at General Store

Small Creatures Wander with Helen Schwencke and Peter MacQueen


Massage at The Massage Hut


Lunch at Little Brazil

1.45PM – Blue Lotus

Your Fertility with Sarah George and Kathleen Murphy


Chai ‘n’ Vibes for snack and cuppa

4.15pm – Greenhouse

How to be Happier, Healthier and More Productive with Aaron Williams

5.00PM – Talking Circle

Corroboree (Film) followed by Q&A with Goorie Vision

7.00PM – Small Hall

Hold Me Closer: Tiny Dance Experience: Rumba with YCV Dance Company

8.00PM – Bill’s Bar

Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote as Kids


Dinner at Muang Thai

7.30AM – Village Green

Hanuman Partner Yoga: Laugh, Sweat, Connect with Indra Namaha Yoga


Breakfast at the campsite

11.30AM – Dancehall

Warrior Dances of the Amazon with Bolivia Marka

12.15PM – Blue Lotus

Yoga Flow with Live Music: Connection Earth with Lisa and Shannon Carroll


Lunch at Gyoza House

3.15PM – Blue Lotus

Food that Loves You Back with New Earth Metta

5.00PM – Hilltop

Indian Sunset Concert with Pandit Sukdev Mishra and Vinod Prasanna

6.00PM – Blue Lotus

Kahuna Massage: The Body is a Gossip with Mette Sorensen


Dinner at The Mango Shack

8.00PM – Folklorica

ABC Radio National Sacred New Year

Ecstatic Arabic Tarab Music and Earth Gods: Ancestral Rhythms Divine

10.00PM – Blue Lotus

Relax, the World is Sound: Kirtan with Lee Hardisty

11.30PM – Everywhere

Three Minutes of Silence

4.15AM – Hilltop

Sunrise Ceremony with Kopan Nuns of Nepal and Tenzin Choegyal


Light breakfast at campsite and nap

7.45AM – Circadia

Partner Yoga Flow with Sherrelle Dolphin and Kate B


Morning Tea at Pedal Power Juice

10.00AM – Dancehall

Purifying Prana: The 8 Movements of Yantra Yoga with Oni Yogini

11.30AM – Burrow

Recycled Sandal Making

1.00PM – Adorn

Handwritten Resolutions workshop


Lunch at Pipi Cucu Empanada

2.30PM – Labyrinth

Plant Seeds of Abundance for the New Year with Sacred Union Labyrinth

4.00PM – Talking Circle

Weaving and Dance Workshop with Nurlu Dance Workshops (purchase tickets)

5.00PM – Village Green

Yoga Letting Go with Erin Ashley


Dinner at Mullum Food Company

7.30PM – Amphi

Lantern Parade and Fire Event