Woodford’s jam-packed and playful programme is carefully curated for parents and their little folk, including hip-hop dance classes, wacky workshops, awesome music and everything in-between. If this is your kind of family fun, here’s what your experience could look like.

9:00AM – Mish Mash

Monkey Mischief with Jandra Faranda

You’re up early, you’ve packed the car and the kids are full of excitement as you follow the winding roads through picturesque pastures to the far-off wonderland of Woodfordia. Once your home away from home is set up, it’s time to get out and explore the festival! As you pass through the welcome gate, the kids light up when they see the Children’s Festival sign, and you make it just in time to join Jandra the grandma for her Monkey Mischief story time. While your mini-monkeys play, get your caffeine kick from Yum@Heart Café.


Scope out the Streets

On the move again, you zig-zag your way through the festival streets, discovering new surprises along the way. You pass the Pineapple Lounge and find a beautifully shaded spot on the grass by the pond to watch some of the roving entertainment wandering the walkways of Woodfordia. Catch acts like the enchanting Empress on stilts, the mysterious Men in Black and the colourful Cocoloco that will have your kids going silly for street theatre.

10:30AM – Bluestown

Hat Fitz and Cara’s Blues Breakfast BBQ with The Barry Charles Band

By now you are probably starting to feel those mid-morning munchies, so you make your way to Bluestown to fill up with a good old breakfast BBQ.  Settle in for an intimate session of stories and soulful songs with Hat Fitz and Cara and their guests that will have you and the kids bopping around for the rest of the day.

11:45AM – Mish Mash

Squeeze Me with Festival Friends

Now that you’ve had some time to peruse the programme and made sense of the streets, you head back to the Children’s Festival for some family fun. You make your way to the Mish Mash tent where you can squish, squelch and play with colourful playdough to your heart’s content. It’s a perfect time to connect with other parents and share the stories of your festival experience so far.

1:30PM – The Luna

Take a moment with Tullara

Wow, it’s been a busy morning! Time to take a moment to rest and relax as you make your way to the new Luna stage, a place where rhythm calls you in from the streets. You find the perfect spot for your picnic rug and listen to Tullara while the weary little ones drift off for their afternoon nap.

3:00PM – Far Out

Humarimba Harmony

The children have stirred from their sleep and you’re off once again to the Children’s Festival where you’ll be jamming away to the noisy notes of Humarimba Harmony. If the xylophone doesn’t tickle your pickle, bounce on over to Beats for Kids, where you’ll find yourself immersed in a funky bucket drumming class with Nicola Ossher. Time with the kids has you rediscovering your inner child and smiling from ear to ear.

4:30PM – Dance Hall

Arabic Drum Bellydance Workshop with Narissa

From drumming to bellydancing, take a trip to the Middle East and immerse yourself in a cultural experience with Narissa as she teaches you the beautiful art form of bellydancing. You move your body with a sense of freedom and appreciate this moment with your children to learn about other cultures and their traditions.

7:30PM – Amphi

Welcome Ceremony

It’s been a full day but it’s not over yet! As the sun begins to slowly sink, revealing fairy floss skies, you make your way up the winding pathway to the Amphitheater and find a cozy spot on the hill. The ceremony begins and your children are captivated by the powerful performance of the Jinibara Custodians and the Woodfordian Elders as they welcome you to the land. It’s an experience you are unlikely to forget!

6:30AM – Blue Lotus

Awaken The Water Flow with Indra Namaha Yoga

8:30AM – Meet at the Greenhouse

Woodfordia’s Bioquest Walk with Sandra Tuszynska

10:30AM – Circus Lair

Important Circus Stuff with Kids Are Great


Lunch at Pizza Loca

1:50PM – Bluestown

Jo Jo Smith

2:00PM – Out There & Mind Games

Tie Dye Magic with Tie Dye Magic Rainbow Makers

5:30PM – Small Hall

Sun Collective


Dinner back at your camp – still some fresh veggies left and you can top up at the General Store!

8:00AM – Far Out

Teddy Bears Breakfast with your favourite furry friend

10:00AM – Meet at General Store

Small Creatures Wander, Butterfly Walk


Cool down with Ice Blocks at Frozen Sunshine

11:40AM – Puppet Joint

Trinket The Robot with Little Wing Puppets


Lunch at Yum@Heart Children’s Festival Café

1:30PM – Small Hall

Lucy Wise

2:30PM – The Luna

Gardening for a Good Earth with Costa Georgiadis & Dr Karl

4:30PM – Workshop

Simple Percussion for Beginners with Zaia Kendall

5:50pm – Halcyon

Ziggy McNeil


Quick bite from Pipi Cucu Empanadas

7:30PM – Streets

LightnUp Lantern Parade

8:00PM – Bluestown

Paddy McHugh

8:00AM – Bluestown

Poet’s Breakfast

10:15AM – Big Paint

Woodfordia Calendar

11:30AM – Halcyon

The Fergies


Lunch at Kin Cen! Let’s eat noodles together!

1:15PM – Big Ideas

Life’s Little Life Jacket, A Parent’s Time with Wahoo Business

3:15PM – Blue Lotus

Chickpea Flatbread Three Ways with Tania Hubbard

5:00PM – Bluestown


7PM – Far Out

Under the Stars, Magic Before Midnight with Mumma SoulShine

8:30AM – Big Ideas

Family Connect Yoga with Blue Lotus Kids Yoga

9:30AM  – Stardust Theatre

Families and Music with Kelly Family Band

11:00AM – Grande



Lunch at The Pham Sisters

2:30PM – Halcyon

Chris Tamwoy

3:15PM – Circus Lair

Rumble ‘N Tumble with Kids are Great

4:30PM – Children’s Festival

Drop the kids with The Land of Nod (Bookings essential)

4:40PM – Grande

Rhythm Hunters

7:30PM – The Luna

Comedy Club

9:00PM – Grande

Dan Sultan

11:30PM – Amphi

3 Minute Silence

4:15AM – Hilltop

Sunrise Ceremony


Back to Camp for a Snooze!

8:00AM – Bluestown

Poet’s Breakfast – Who Won the Reciter of the Year this year?

9:00AM – Big Ideas

Earth Kids Yoga

10:00AM – Out There & Mind Games

Nature Garlands and Crowns with Wildlings Forest School


Treats from Byron Bay Organic Doughnut

1:30PM – Grande

The Northern Folk

2:30PM – Labyrinth

Plant Seeds of Abundance for the New Year with Sacred Union Labyrinth

6:00PM – The Luna


7:30PM – Amphi

Lantern Parade

8:00PM – Amphi

Fire Event


One last cup of tea from the Loose Leaf Tea House for the road as you carry the kids back to camp.