You + Your Best Friends + Woodford = Best New Year’s Ever

You’ve finally ditched that 9 to 5 work/study grind – celebrate then by letting loose! Get pumped at the Pineapple, be large and in charge at the Grande stage, get your crafternoon cranking – and when you’re feeling a little dusty, try some Yoga Flow and align those chakras.

6:30AM –  Blue Lotus

Creative Embodiment with Anya and Sarah of Brisbane Yoga Space

Waking up under the treetops surrounding your campsite, you’re feeling super fresh on day one and decide to make the most of the morning with a yoga and meditation class. Shanti, shanti! The girl on the mat next to you tells you that there’s yoga on the Hilltop in the mornings – perhaps you’ll try that tomorrow. #newyearnewme

8:00AM – Bluestown

Poet’s Breakfast with Jason and Megan Roweth, Peter Swain & Uncle Herb Wharton

You head back to the camp and round up the rest of your festival friends, then make way for the Poet’s Breakfast barbie with a fresh brewed coffee in your reusable cup. One of your friends performs a poem of their own in the hope of winning a season ticket to next year’s festival. Maybe you’ll give it a go later – Megan Roweth is nine years old and she’s killing it!blackblack


You’ve heard so much about Common Ground over the years that you decide to go get one of these legendary Green Drinks. You slurp it down and instantly feel the green juice and Amazonian mate hit your system. Yep, there’s a reason why they say the festival runs on this stuff! You turn to see the Woodfordian Elders – giant puppets – passing by. This place is magic.

10:00AM – Coopers

Ukulele Jam

You decide to take your energy to the Coopers Bar to get jiggy with it at the Ukulele Jam – there’s a big round of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ going on and you slot right in. By now the summer heat definitely has you thirsty, so you stay hydrated with some refreshing Coopers Ale. Your teetotal mates are covered too – there’s a non-alcoholic beer here.

11:50AM – Luna

Black Rock Band

You’re meandering slowly up to Bill’s Bar to see Triple J unearthed sensation, Emily Wurramara – you’ve been dying to see her live since the debut of her breakout EP ‘Black Smoke’, and on the way you get gobsmacked by a rock powerhouse – Black Rock Band – at the Luna stage. These guys are down from the Territory and they’re just going for it. This is why you’ve come to Woodford – for good music and good times!


Make Your Own Earrings with RABKA

You’d already booked into this crafty workshop and you’re delighted to find that you’re pretty good at making your own silver earrings! Unique, and handmade by you.


Lunch at Brazzo Boys Brazilian BBQ

It’s time to treat those tastebuds with a nutritious and delicious trip to Brazil – a juicy slooooow cooked carne roll from Brazzo Boys Brazilian BBQ. It’s the perfect lunch on the go – you’ve got more to see!

3:10PM – Grande

Alex the Astronaut

It’s already been a full day of music, and after a quick look in a few stalls and a promise to come back later for some ‘festival wear’ to complement your new earrings, you’re ready to shoot for the stars with Alex the Astronaut. You already know all the lyrics to all her acoustic anthems and pop melodies, #fangurl. There is a huge crowd and the energy is electric.

4:00PM – Venue: Village Green

The Game ‘Call of Achoolu’

Still on a high from an afternoon with Alex, you and your friends decide to try something new by getting into The Game. This is an immersive performance created by artists, game designers and theatre makers, bringing all your computer game fantasies to life. It’s utterly rid


Hanging at Chai’n’ Vibes

You came to to festival to hang with your friends and make new ones, and it’s festival lore that this happens over Chai. You settle in for a few hours of relaxing and talking about everything and nothing as the crowd ebbs and flows, and new friends encourage you to go see a band you’ve kind of heard of, Wanderers. They are amazing – the whole tent is chilled out and dancing, and you start to really get a feel for what this festival is.


Vegan snacks on the go from Chocolate and Coffee Heaven – holy moly you’ll be back! Amazing service with huge smiles and incredible food! You stand in the street, grinning ear to ear and feeding your face.

7:30PM – Amphitheatre

Welcome Ceremony

You and your ever-growing pack make your way to the Amphitheatre for the official Welcoming Ceremony by the Jinibara Custodians and the Woodfordian Elders. You take a moment to reflect on the land in which Woodford takes place and you feel a real sense of connectedness from the performance.

8:45PM – Amphitheatre

Stella Donnelly and Xavier Rudd at the Amphi

As the night well and truly sets in, it’s time to dust off the dancing shoes as you head for the front row to see Stella Donnelly. You raise your hands as she belts out brutally honest ballads about what it’s like to be a millennial woman, #relatable. You didn’t think it could get any better, but then Xavier Rudd graces the stage with his crafted layers of guitar, percussion and radiant vocals. BEST NIGHT EVERRR!


People are still coming out of the Amphi, so you luckily snag a coveted spot to see one of the most amazing things you’ve ever seen: the Voodoo Revue with Sideshow Wonderland. You can’t believe these same people will be doing shows for kids the next day…

12:20AM – Grande

Get your freak on with Gold Member

You’re a Woodford warrior and you’re ready to get ya freak on with electro-skank-hop group, Gold Member. Their zesty tunes and disco beats have you dancing all the way back to your campsite – but not without stopping for another bite of legendary festival food. You smell your way to the Byron Bay Organic Doughnut stall, pick up a couple of chocolate filled units, and passing drum circles, people dancing in the streets and one of the strangest streets performers you’ve ever seen, you save the donuts for a campsite treat – reliving the day and planning tomorrow’s activities.

The real world feels a million miles away – you can’t believe it’s possible to swap one reality for another over the course of just one day.

10:30AM – Bluestown

Hat Fitz and Cara’s Blues Breakfast BBQ

11:10AM – Grande

The Teskey Brothers

12NOON – Coopers

Brave Failures ( AKA, Greatests F^&UPS of my Career) with Julie- Ann Lambourne


Chill out at Chai ‘N’ Vibes

2:30PM – Circadia

Chasing Smoke Workshop

4:00PM – Grande


5:00PM – Bluestown



Dinner at Yaman

7:00PM – Grande


8:00PM – Amphitheatre

Nattali Rize followed by The Cat Empire

11:00PM – Pineapple

Burger Joint

11:50PM – The Parlour

The Ironing Maidens

1:10AM – Grande

The Moving Stills

7:30AM – Hilltop

Flow Yoga with Crystal Sound Immersion with New Earth Metta


Caffeine kick at Shed 41 Mobile Café


Chill out at Clarke’s Pond

11:30AM – Talking Circle

Ancient Culture, New Conversation with Rhoda Roberts and Vernon AhKee

12:30PM – Pineapple

The Loveys

2:30PM – Halcyon


3:15PM – Blue Lotus

Festival Kitchen Vegan Italian Cooking with Tamara Skok

5:50PM – Halcyon

Ziggy McNeil


Dinner at East Coast Paella Co.

8:00PM – Amphitheatre

Julia Jacklin

10:10PM – Grande

Woodlock followed by Rhythm Hunters

1:00AM – Pineapple


10:15AM – Blue Lotus

Surf Flow Recovery Yoga with Takkesh & Lee Hardisty Band


Acai Bowl at Knox and Aya

1:30PM – The Luna

2:40PM – The Luna

The Maes


Kombucha Break at the Kombucha Cafe

4:20PM – Grande

The Fretless

6:30PM – Pineapple


8:00PM – Amphitheatre

Electric Fields

9:30PM – Amphitheatre


10:30PM – Pineapple


9:00AM – GREENhouse

Creative Health: The Makeway Lab with John Waldron


Morning coffee at Woodfordia Café

10:30AM – The Luna

Cheap Clean and Reliable Power – Solving the Trilemma with Ian Lowe


Lunch at Muang Thai

12:30PM – Pineapple


2:00PM – Artisan Alley In Stitches

Kokodama Workshop (bookings essential)

5:30PM – Halcyon

The Moonsets

7:30PM – Grande

Gold Member

9:00PM – Grande

Dan Sultan

10:00PM – Amphitheatre

Party Gras

The New Year’s Countdown with Electric Fields, Brendan Maclean and one show only from Hot Potato Band – also featuring Spooky Men’s Chorale, The Balkanics and Emma Dean.

11:30PM – Amphitheatre

3 Minutes Silence

2:40AM – Parlour



COFFEEEEE at Wild Spark Trike

10:30AM – Grande

Oceans Forum Hosted by Ian Lowe

The Northern Folk

1:30PM – Halcyon

3:10PM – Grande


4:30PM – Luna

Brendan Maclean

5:30PM – Pineapple

Hussy Hicks

7:30PM – Amphitheatre

Lantern Parade

8:00PM – Amphitheatre

Fire Event

9:45PM -Cirque

Start as You Mean To Go On with The Maes