You + Your Best Friends + Woodford = Best New Year’s Ever

You’ve finally ditched that 9 to 5 work/study grind – woohoo! Your only job now is to celebrate, shake off the humdrum of everyday life and make lasting memories with your best mates. Get pumped at the Pineapple, be large and in charge at the Grande stage, get your crafternoon cranking and, when you’re feeling a little dusty, try some yoga and align those chakras.

6:00AM –  Blue Lotus

Good Morning, Good Life with Erin Ashley

Waking up under the treetops surrounding your campsite, you feel super fresh and decide to make the most of the morning with a yoga and meditation class. Shanti, shanti! The girl on the mat next to you tells you that there’s yoga on the Hilltop in the mornings. It sounds pretty magical – perhaps you’ll try that tomorrow. #newyearnewme

8:00AM – Bluestown

Poets Breakfast with Jason & Megan Roweth, Peter Swain, Laurie McDonald & Niq Reefman

You head back to camp, round up the rest of your festival friends and mosey on over to the Poet’s Breakfast with a fresh brewed coffee in your reusable cup. One of your mates performs a poem of their own in the hope of winning a season ticket to next year’s festival. Maybe you’ll give it a go later – Megan Roweth is ten years old and she’s killing it!


Common Ground

You’ve heard so much about Common Ground over the years that you decide to go get one of these legendary Green Drinks. You slurp it down and instantly feel the green juice and Amazonian mate hit your system. Yep, there’s a reason why they say the festival runs on this stuff! You turn to see the Woodfordian Elders – giant puppets – passing by. This place is magic.

10:00AM – Coopers Bar

Ukulele Jam

You decide to take your energy to the Coopers Bar to get jiggy with it at the Ukulele Jam. There’s a big round of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ going on and you slot right in. After a quick perusal of the glistening taps behind the bar, you decide that beer o’clock has arrived and shout yourself a refreshing Coopers Ale. A non-alcoholic beer has your teetotaling mates are covered too.

12:30AM – Grande

Charlie Collins

You feel accomplished having learnt a new tune or two on the ukulele, but now it’s time for someone else to make the music. You’ve heard the sweet sounds of Charlie Collins on Triple j and Double J, and you’re keen to see her in action. Charlie’s expert storytelling and subtle indie sound translates well on to the Grande stage and you’re mesmerised right until the very end.


2:00PM – Grande

Kyle Lionhart

You stick around the Grande after Charlie Collins’ set to see Kyle Lionhart. You saw him once busking on the streets of Byron Bay and holy moly he’s come a long way since then! He’s been selling out shows all over the place, but he still seems so down to earth, and that surf-folk-soul-roots music of his is exactly what you were hoping for.


Lunch at Brazzo Boys Brazilian BBQ

It’s time to treat those tastebuds with a nutritious and delicious trip to Brazil – a juicy slooooow cooked carne roll from Brazzo Boys Brazilian BBQ. It’s the perfect lunch on the go – you’ve got much more to see!

3:20PM – Grande


It’s already been a full day of music and after a quick look in a few stalls and a promise to come back later for some ‘festival wear’ to complement your new earrings, you’re ready to catch some more live music with Ngaiire. There is a huge crowd and the energy is electric. You sing along with your fellow fan girls and boys, allowing Ngaiire’s powerful lyrics to flow through you. She’s a genius.


4:00PM – Village Green

The Game

Still on a high from an afternoon with Ngaiire, you and your friends decide to try something new by getting into The Game. This is an immersive performance created by artists, game designers and theatre makers, bringing all your computer game fantasies to life. It’s utterly ridic and seriously giggle-inducing.


Hanging at Chai’n’ Vibes

You came to Woodford to hang with your friends and make new ones, and it’s festival lore that this happens over chai. You settle in for a few hours of relaxing and talking about everything and nothing as the crowd ebbs and flows, and new friends encourage you to go see a band you’ve kind of heard of, The East Pointers. They are amazing – the whole tent is dancing and you are overcome with a feeling of togetherness. United in play and swapping smiles with everyone around you, you suddenly realise that there are no strangers here. You are home and these are your neighbours.

6:30PM – Grande


You drag your new friends to the Grande to check out Handsome. Tomboy pop and brooding electronica, all wrapped up in fierce self-expression and pride in being exactly who you are. Honestly, it’s more than a bit inspiring. You sway along with your mates, bumping shoulders and mouthing, “How good is this?!”


Vegan snacks on the go from Chocolate and Coffee Heaven

You and your ever-growing pack make your way to the Amphitheatre for the official Welcoming Ceremony by the Jinibara Custodians and the Woodfordian Elders. You take a moment to reflect on the land in which Woodford takes place and you feel a real sense of connectedness from the performance.

7:30PM – Amphitheatre

Welcome Ceremony

You and your ever-growing pack make your way to the Amphitheatre for the official Welcoming Ceremony by the Jinibara Custodians and the Woodfordian Elders. You take a moment to appreciate the land on which Woodford Folk Festival takes place and a feeling of true connectedness washes over you.

8:50PM – Amphitheater

Kate Miller-Heidke

As the night well and truly sets in, you dust off the dancing shoes and head for the front row to see Kate Miller-Heidke. She belts out brutally honest ballads and quirky pop tunes that have you and your mates throwing your arms into the cool evening air. The love and admiration is palpable.

10:30PM – Amphitheater

Electric Fields

You didn’t think it could get any better, but then Electric Fields grace the stage with beats, sass and helicopter-whipping locks. You learn a few new traditional Indigenous words from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara people, thanks to singer Zaachariaha, and you dance until you think your feet might drop off. Best. Night. Ever. And there’s still four more to go!

11:10PM – Grande


People are still coming out of the Amphitheatre, so you quickly snag a coveted spot to see dub/reggae band Kingfisha. You bop along, enjoying the more chilled out vibes from these Aussie dub masters.

1.20AM – Parlour

Fat Picnic

You’re a dance floor warrior and you’re ready to get your feet stompin’ again with Fat Picnic. Their zesty tunes have you dancing all the way back to your campsite – but not without stopping for another bite of legendary festival food. You smell your way to the Byron Bay Organic Doughnut stall, pick up a couple of chocolate filled units to take back to camp. You pass drum circles, people dancing in the streets and one of the strangest streets performers you’ve ever seen. Huddled beneath your tarp, fairy lights bouncing off your mates smiling faces, you tuck into your sweet treats and chatter excitedly, reliving the day and planning tomorrow’s activities.

The real world feels a million miles away – you can’t believe it’s possible to swap one reality for another over the course of just one day. You look up at the stars and whisper a quick thank you to the universe. ‘Til tomorrow, Woodfordia.

The real world feels a million miles away – you can’t believe it’s possible to swap one reality for another over the course of just one day.

10.30AM – Bluestown

Blues Breakfast BBQ hosted by The Kevin Borich Express ft. Opelousas

10.50AM – Grande

Sahara Beck

12.30PM – Pineapple Lounge



Chill out at Chai ‘N’ Vibes

3.50PM –  Pineapple Lounge

Oh Harlow

5.30PM –  Grande

Dyson Stringer Cloher


Dinner at Yaman

6.30PM – Bluestown

Karen Lee Andrews

8.00PM – Pineapple Lounge

Sunshine Brothers

9.20PM – Amphitheatre

The East Pointers

11.30PM – Parlour

Love and Anger with Betty Grumble

12.50AM – Pineapple Lounge

Late Night Piney Prance with DJ DNO

6.30AM – Hilltop

Yoga Unplugged with Elements Embodied


Caffeine kick at Shed 41 Mobile Café


Chill out at Clarke’s Pond

11.00AM – Talking Circle

Ancient Culture, New Conversation with Rhoda Roberts Ao and Archie Roach

12.30PM – Pineapple


1.30PM  – Bluestown

This Way North


Lunch at German Sausage Hut

4.45PM – Cirque

Yuck Circus

6:30PM – Grande

Mike Love and the Full Circle


Dinner at East Coast Paella Co.

8.00PM – Amphitheatre

Emma Louise

9.20PM – Amphitheatre

Lime Cordiale

10.00PM – Pineapple Lounge

10 Years Pine Time!

12.40AM – The Grande

Elephant Sessions

9.00AM – Blue Lotus

Yoga and Live Music with New Earth Metta

11.00AM – Halcyon

Jack Carty

12.20PM Grande

Tia Gostelow


Acai Bowl at Knox and Aya

2.00PM – Grande

Boban Markovic Orkestar

3.20PM – Halcyon

Blair Dunlop

4.45PM – GREENhouse

The Greater Good Movement

6.30PM – Grande

Amanda Palmer


Dinner at Southern Fried Grillhouse

8.00PM – Amphitheatre

Elefant Traks 21st Birthday Bash with The Herd, Jimblah X Homeward Bound, Okenyo, L-Fresh The Lion & Horrorshow

12.30AM – Luna

The More Please Orchestra

9.00AM – GREENhouse

Deep Ecology Forest Walk


Morning coffee at Woodfordia Café

11.00AM – Blue Lotus

The Magic in Mushrooms


Lunch at Muang Thai

1.00PM – Circadia

Juggle Jam

2.30PM – Halcyon

Lucy Farrell

3.50PM – Pineapple Lounge

Eumundi School Of Rock

5.10PM – Grande



Dinner at campsite


Club Briefs with Briefs Factory

10.00PM – Grande

Amanda Palmer

11.00PM – Amphitheatre


11.30PM  – Sitewide

Three Minutes Silence

2.40AM – Parlour



COFFEEEEE at Wild Spark Trike

11.30AM – Grande

L-Fresh The Lion

12.30PM – Pineapple Lounge



Lunch at Bun Bun Kitchen

4.30PM – Luna

Mario Queen of the Circus

6.30PM – Parlour

Teatro Matita

7.30PM – Amphitheatre

Lantern Parade

8.00PM – Amphitheatre

Fire Event

9.30PM – Luna

Comedy Club hosted by Betty Grumble

11.00PM – Parlour

Amanda Palmer’s Weep Fest

12.30AM – Pineapple Lounge

Late Night Piney Prance with DJ DNO