Performers from Canada, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, USA, New Zealand, England, Spain, Netherlands, Estonia, Nepal, India and Indonesia join those who maintain cultural connections to their homelands, on the bill.

8:00AM –

Breakfast at the campsite

9:00AM – Folklorica

Tibetan Gathering Dance with Tenzin Nyidon (TIBET/AUS)

10:00AM – The Luna

Lindsay Lou (USA)

11:15AM – Folklorica

Gypsy Swing and Wild Violins featuring Paul Bulanyi and Mircha Mangiacotti and the Royal Gypsies (SLOVAKIA/CZECH REP/AUS)

12:30PM –

Lunch at Wild Spice Kitchen

1:45PM – Blue Lotus

Midwives Save Lives All Over The World with Fiona McKeague and Sarah Ripper (AUS/ETH)

3:10PM – The Luna

Estere (NZ)

4:40PM – The Luna

Les Poules a Colin (CAN)

5:30PM – Coopers Bar

Irish Tunes Session

6:30PM –

Dinner at Yaman

7:30PM – Amphi

Welcome Ceremony

8:45PM- Folklorica

Afro Brazilian Ritual Percussion and Dance with Meninas du Lua (BRAZ/AUS)

9:30PM – Greenhouse

Rob Knaggs (AUS/CAN)

11:50PM – Parlour

Midnight Tea Party (AUS)

6:30AM – Blue Lotus

Awaken the Water Flow with Indra Namaha Yoga (INDO)

8:00AM –

Breakfast at camp – still enjoying fresh food from the deli in your esky

9:30AM – Folkorica

Tibetan Sacred and Secular Songs with Tenzin Choegyal (TIBET/AUS)

10:15AM – Blue Lotus

Breath Work to Call in Your Higher Self with Breath of Bliss with Christabel Zamor and Lee Hardisty Band (USA/AUS)

11:30AM – Dancehall

Brazilian Samba Dance (BRA)


Lunch at Spaghetti Junction

2:20PM – Grande

O Canada with Irish Mythen, Les Poules a Colin, Old Man Luedecke, The Fretless (CAN)

5:00PM – Parlour

La Cossas Nostra (SPA)

5:30PM – Grande

Estere (NZ)


Dinner at Mu’Ooz Restaurant and Catering

8:00PM – Bill’s Bar

Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids (CAN)

9:15PM – Folklorica

Balkan Express Big Dance Disco featuring Balkanski Bus and Sveti Sava Serbian Folkloric Ensemble (SERB/AUS)

11:20PM – Bill’s Bar

River Matthews (ENG)


Breakfast at Wild Spark Trike

9:00AM – Halcyon

Angus Gill

10:30AM – Small Hall

Bart Stenhouse and Pandit Sukdhev Mishra (AUS/IND)

11:30AM – Dancehall

African Wolayta Dance with Ethiopian Dance and Cultural Group (ETH/AUS)

12:30PM – Folklorica Outdoor Stage

Lunch with Punch at the Seaside (ENG/AUS)


Lunch at Sate House

4:00PM – Coopers Bar

Scottish Tunes Session with Emma Nixon

5:30PM – Hilltop

Hilltop Prayer Wheel Prayers for World Peace with Kopan Tibetan Nuns of Nepal and Tenzin Choegyal (TIB/NEP/AUS)

6:30PM – Bluestown

Mel Parsons (NZ)

7:30PM – Halcyon

Tibet2Timbuk2 (TIB/AUS)


Dinner at Muang Thai

10:00PM – Small Hall

Tim Macmillan and Rachel Snow (AUS/GER)

11:30PM – Grande

Rhythm Hunters (INDO/AUS)

1:00AM – Grande

The Balkanics (AUS/OTHER)


Pipi Cucu Empanada

Mornings are for breakfast and though you’ve already sampled a lot of the cuisine, this is a day for experimentation! You find breakfast at Pipi Cucu Empanada and your taste buds do an appropriate dance of joy.

8:30AM – Folklorica

Yoga and Sounds of Tibet with Yogi Kunga and Tenzin Choegyal (TIBET/AUS)

Should you have eaten all of that? Nevermind, you can take it easy with Hatha yoga informed with a side of Buddhist philosophy. Nomadic troubadour Tenzin is the perfect musical guide for your first journey of the day.

10:15AM – Folklorica

African Ancestral Winds with SAMOKO (KENYA)

It’s the slow train today – taking a short break from the gorgeously draped colours of Folklorica to speak with the Kopan Tibetan Nuns of Nepal in the nearby Mandala House. You’ve always wondered where people purchased those gaily waving prayer flags and now you know – and the story behind them. You’re reminded of why you stayed nearby when the Ohangla drums start up on stage – and you enjoy dance and the music of the Nyatiti harp and drums as they sing the stories and tribal wisdom of Kenya and the Nile Valley.

11:30AM – Dancehall

Khaita Tibetan Joyful Dance (TIBET/AUS)

All that energy has you moving! You take the short stroll to the new home of the Dance Hall and take your place for an easy circle-style dance designed to promote a peaceful mind and positive energy, and enjoy hearing more about the rituals of Tibet. Those prayer flags are making more and more sense.



This is more activity than you’ve had in a while – it’s time to eat! You have a little time before your next show so you settle in at Raijin to enjoy Japanese infused original creations.

1:30PM – Grande

Trad.Attack! (EST)

Ever since you saw the first Woodford promo clip this year you’ve been looking forward to seeing Trad.Attack – you’ve heard that they are rockstars in their native Estonia, headlining the gorgeous Viljandi Festival annually for crowds of adoring fans. Whistles, bagpipe and mouth harps, drum-kit, guitar and snippets of archival voice are combined for an utterly new take on traditional music, and the Woodford dust-storm dance floor is in full effect, with all ages bouncing.

3:30PM – Folklorica

Indian Theatre: In Pursuit of Eternal Bliss with Aikyam and Bindu Rajendren (INDIA/AUS)

Indian theatre is something you can’t say you know a lot about, so it’s back to this beautifully shaded area to see South Indian classical music and dance, enjoying centuries of Indian tradition. The subtlety of the hand gestures, beauty of the costumes and soaring extravagance of the music is breathtaking.

4:00PM – Small Hall

Fru Skagerrak (NOR/DEN/SWED)

Three female fiddlers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden kept running into each other at Scandinavian festivals, and you’re glad they did, because you love their Swedish polskas, Norwegian springleiks, Danish polkas, groovy waltzes and songs. You get a feel for the changing Scandinavian landscapes through this music, and the venue is perfect, intimate enough to hear the chops and changes and beautiful texture of the strings.

5:40PM – Grande

Irish Mythen (IRE/CAN)

You’ve used the extra few moments between shows to drop into the Coopers Bar to collect a Pale Ale (some things would make you homesick to leave!) and hear the last moments of the Scottish fiddle session – fiddles, but entirely different to the Scandi traditions you were enjoying moments before! You wander up to the Grande – no point running because you know that though this concert will be on lots of people’s lists, there’s loads of space. Irish welcomes everyone in with her trademark wit and then blows the roof off the place. She might tell you a few stories about friends in common from her adopted home of Prince Edward Island, too. You leave with the applause ringing in your ears, because you have a date with destiny.

6:30PM – Small Hall

Hold Me Closer: Tiny Dance Experience: African Dance with Yenenesh Nigusse (ETHIOPIA)

Earlier today you received an invitation from one of the festival posties. It said ‘Meet me for a dance tonight’ and is from an unknown ‘new friend’. You keep a lookout for the person wearing a green pin that matches your own, and you laugh uproariously when you see that it’s your partner, looking happy with their ruse. You head in and enjoy 30 minutes of hardcore African dance instruction, followed by a low-light freestyle half hour to finish off. Sweating and laughing, you head out to find somewhere to refresh yourself, it’s time for some food and drink!


Time for a dining experience…

…and yes, you have a new friend to bring with you! Laughing from the exuberance of your shared dance experience, you decide on light Vietnamese from Pink Lotus Food. You run into your family in the street after your meal, and part ways, promising to catch up again later in the week.

8:20PM – Small Hall

Sun Collective (IRE)

And now for something completely different – you knew it wouldn’t be ‘trad’, but these harmonically rich and densely orchestrated pieces for string trio, two pianos, and three male voices, punctuated by double bass and percussion are sonically saturating and an amazing balm to the day of full tilt activity. You rest and relax and let yourselves be overcome.

9:30PM – Amphitheatre

Kimbra (NZ)

You wander in a dream up to see a very different version of what you imagined New Zealand culture to be – Kimbra has become an uberstar who effortlessly traverses genres with a voice that jumps from fragile to fearsome. You dream briefly of moving to New Zealand – Estere, Mel Parsons and Kimbra have won you over this week.

11:00PM – Luna


This wasn’t something you planned, but this is the centre of the festival and frontwoman Pauline Maudy is whipping up a frenzy with her band of international and local artists – songs in English and French and a whirling Balkan influence keeps the dynamic upbeat and so interesting. This is your kind of cabaret! You settle in to see it through with a drink delicious Chai from The Fresh Chai Co in hand.

As you wander the path home, you feel like Woodfordia is another world. Where will tomorrow take you? Who will you meet? The stars wheel overhead and you feel all of the freedom of the year ahead, beckoning you into a deeper experience of the beautiful world beyond – so much to see, discover, do and be.

8:30AM – Dancehall

Indian Hatha Yoga with Yogi Kunga (IND)

9:30AM –

Breakfast at Iggy’s Bakery and Loose Leaf Teahouse

10:00AM – Halcyon

Preston’s Historic Punch and Judy (ENG/AUS)

11:30AM – Coopers Bar

Australian Traditional Dance Tunes Session (AUS)


Lunch from The Pham Sisters

1:50PM – Parlour

La Cossas Nostra (SPA)

2:30PM – Dancehall

Bolivian Carnaval De Ouro Dances with Bolivia Marka (BOL/AUS)

4:40PM – Grande

Trad.Attack! (EST)


Dinner from La Pizzeria Degli Elfi

6:00PM – The Luna


7:30PM – Amphi

Lantern Parade followed by Fire Event

9:30PM – Talking Circle

Corroboree (Film)

11:30PM – Luna

Lindsay Lou