Black Crest Coffee
The finest coffee, fresh roasted, delicious, from the hinterlands of Byron Bay, quality brewed chai and organic hot chocolates! Top it off with wicked chocolate macadamia brownies, decadent bircher muesli, a wide selection of Byron Gourmet Pies and their world famous hot toaster jaffles and fresh juices. Open 24 Hours! GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Brazzo Boys Brazilian BBQ
Bringing tasty Brazilian BBQ to Woodford, serving a variety of juicy, tender meats, cooked over charcoal on a traditional Brazilian churrasco. Choose your meat, then choose a crusty roll or fresh salad topped with Brazilian tomato salsa and chipotle mayo. GF OPTIONS
Byron Bay
Organic Doughnut An icon to our festival, a destination in its own right, serving up their world famous organic doughnuts, yummy slushies and cold drinks. Search them out and jump on the line.
Catch & Kiss
Offering delicious seafood catches including a vegan ‘fish’ and chips and authentic crepes served with joy from their beautiful French H Van Claudette. The berocca slushy has magical ‘healing’ powers and the food is cooked fresh so drop by for an eating experience that will delight your senses. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Chai ‘n’ Vibes
Co-conspired in synchronistic crosspollinated collaboration to create the social enterprise and community service: Chai ‘n’ Vibes. A vegan and zero-waste space to connect and converse over a tasty treat or cup of top quality chai. A space to sit and contemplate life, the festival, and catch up with your tribe. Its the place to hang, community at its best! GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Chocolate and Coffee Heaven
The name says it all. Organic and fair-trade coffee blend and exclusive organic hot chocolates. Not only original chocolate taste, C&CH offer a choice of flavored hot or iced chockies with drops of organic, 100% pure essential oils, they also make sure its nasty free plus gives you the boost and benefits your body needs. Naked sweet potato fries with house-made aioli and mouth watering vegan, dairy-free and gluten free plant based patties a selection of GF cakes and raw goodies. C&CH love what they do and are happy to share good vibes that they bake on site. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Claude’s Food
Fresh healthy flavour’s from around the world, served by some very special people. Salads, laksa, banh mi, free range bbq meats, tofu or haloumi. Loaded breaky rolls, green breaky bowls, black rice and chia puddings, smoothies and juices. Late night snacks both sweet and savory. Yum is one word describing Claude’s. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Cleaver’s Organic Hotdogs
An organic no preservative beef hotdog sounds crazy right? I know! These have to be tasted to be believed, apparently! Feel good about tucking into one of the hotdogs or try their Philly Steak roll. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Come on Mate!

Come on Mate!

Gourmet Japanese food Healthy gourmet Japanese food. Karaage chicken, teriyaki chicken or tofu, vegetable Japanese curry, agedashi tofu and super fresh sushi. Most dishes are gluten free so the choice is amazing. Come and try.COME ON MATE! GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Chili Sisters
Homemade fresh Mexican, cornchips, corn tortillas, salsas, the taste of Mexico in Woodford cooked by a Mexican, using authentic ingredients. Achiote from Yucatan, dried chills chipotle, guajillo, habanero for a nice spicy flavour. Practice your Spanish and eat like a Mexican. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS

Common Ground

In an exciting new location across from the Labyrinth something new awaits you at Common Ground. An array of fresh and authentic tribal food, everything is wonderfully wholesome and made with love. Check out our new salad bar and a few other surprises. Come and enjoy inspired, affordable, nutritious food in our beautiful two-story structure or in our Alfresco dining area. Of course the old favourites as well: Outlandishly, delicious breakfast items, natural energising green drinks, burgers off the grill, deli rose, coffee and homemade desserts. Yummy Yum! GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS

East Coast Paella Co.

East Coast Paella Co.
East Coast Paella is a family run business and with a passion to cook the finest Paella you’ve tasted. Using authentic ingredients such as saffron threads, paella rice and Australian prawns, they guarantee you’ll love it. Drop in and grab a plate for your ultimate festival food experience. GF OPTIONS

French Gourmet

French Gourmet
Fresh and delicious, all dishes at French Gourmet are made with a touch of love. Fresh pastries cooked on site and mouth watering crepes (bacon, salmon, goat cheese, nutella, vegan options and more), every crepe will tell you a different and tasty story. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Frozen Sunshine
Handcrafted on the Sunshine Coast, these frozen ice blocks are made with top quality ingredients including; organic coconut milk and seasonal fruit. All flavour’s in the range are dairy free, gluten free, egg free, nut free and vegan, and with 12 to choose from there is a flavor for everyone! We all love a good cold treat, deliciously made with intent to provide goodness on a stick. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Gaia Organic
New to the streets of Woodfordia, Gaia Organics is a family business providing organic, wholesome vegetarian food and drinks. Fresh, nutritious and made from scratch every day. Falafels, breakfast, evening meals, raw cakes, chai and other lovely hot and cold drinks. Relax in the carpeted low sitting space. A place to chill and recharge. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Gala Thai Gala
Thai are a popular must visit food stop. With their signature dish – chicken satay with homemade peanut sauce and a delicious array of fine foods from across Asia and beyond, these folks provide delightful meals. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Game Enough?

Game Enough?

Game Enough? is a leading Indigenous owned manufacturer of unique ready to eat game meat and native plant flavoured foods. The menu includes a variety of sweet, savoury and drink items. Drop by to try crocodile, kangaroo, emu and much more! Served with a smile and cooked with passion, it’s a must try! GF OPTIONS
German Sausage Hut
The pioneers in German sausages was established 2002. From Thüringen Bratwurst to Germany’s #1street food, the Currywurst, they serve it all. With a fresh baked roll, their own sauerkraut and special sauces, if you like a sausage, this is the place to eat! GF OPTIONS


Govindas is well-known up and down the East Coast of Australia. Serving up an atmosphere and delightful food that is is healthy, tasty, and nourishing for the soul. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Gyoza House
So you like Gyoza? Then this is the place for you. Freshly steamed and fried Gyoza, a choice of pork, chicken and vegetable, tradionally made, with love and served with passion. VEGAN OPTIONS
Hierba Santa
Organic flower, herbal and fruit infusions. The stall with the big icy drinks that will cool your body and energies you to keep up with your spirits and nourish your taste buds. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
If you’re craving fresh baked soughdough bread Iggy’s bakes daily and serves bread whole or sliced. Delicious condiments are offered. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Kaleidoscope Coffee Bar
At Kaleidoscope Coffee, they believe that your favourite warm beverage should be a full body sensory experience. Skilled barista’s take delight in making yours, just the way you like it. Boutique organic coffee from Ground Control, Gold Coast. Chai, turmeric, sugar free options, specialty milks. GF/ V OPTIONS
Kin Cen

Kin Cen meaning ‘eat noodles’ in Thai, provides, Pad Thai, pads see ew, Thai breakfast, roti peanut sauce, beef massaman curry, cashew nut stir-fry and vegetable spring rolls. Lets Kin Cen together! GF/ V OPTIONS
Knox & Aya
Revellers start your day right with a special super food breakfast bowl from Knox & Aya. Macadamia fudge brownie or maybe a scoop of passionfruit cheesecake coconut milk ice-cream. Perk up with a pineapple express electrolyte slushie, choc or banana frosty. Fresh real food that will make your mouth water and taste buds come to life. GF/ V OPTIONS

Kombucha Cafe

Kombucha Cafe
Stop by and devour the savoury tofu quiche, lentil empanadas, spicy tempeh toasties and taco salad bowls all served with tangy fermented salads. And the desserts! Sweet potato brownies, ginger pecan slice rich chia mousse bups. Their signature herbal enhanced kombucha is a delight on a hot day. GF/ V OPTIONS
la Pizzeria degli Elfi
Enjoy the renowned pizza from the true Pizzeria degli Elfi! They travel the world to bring the message of their Imaginaria Festival. The best experience is in the menu and the crew who serve it up. VEGAN OPTIONS
Little Brazil brings Brazilian culture to Woodford with their joyful atmosphere, delicious authentic foods and drinks.Try their famous beef picanha, tropicana spicy charcoal BBQ chicken, grilled haloumi, salads, acai, fresh Coconuts, special Byron Bay organic lime juice and our unique Jungle Juice. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Langos Hut
Hot, fresh and delicious Hungarian snap fried bread with a variety of savory and sweet toppings to fulfill your taste buds. Try the new Avocado and Salsa Langos or new eggs benedict Langos style. Don’t forget to ask for your loyalty card so you can keep going back for more. VEGAN OPTIONS
Loose Leaf Tea House
Located near the welcome gates next to the bakery, this is a place to relax with a cuppa served in real tea cups. The kettle is always on. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS

Muang Thai

Muang Thai
Generations of traditional Thai cooking Muang Thai brings authentic Thai meals to the festival, using homegrown seasonal vegetables and sauces with spices and herbs. Famous for their Pad Thai, gluten free curries and Thai deserts, relax with a fresh ginger or lemon grass tea. A taste of Thai on the streets of Woodford. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Mrs Bean mobile coffee
Just awesome coffee served with a smile as the slogan.They also offer a great variety of teas and golden chai and velvet lattes. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Mu’ooz Restaurant & Catering
Meaning tasty and healthy in Tigrinya the language of Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia; Mu’ooz restaurant is a Brisbane-based not-for-profit social enterprise and registered charity. The restaurant offers employment, work experience and formal training to women arriving in Brisbane from Africa. Mu’ooz Eritrean food is a combination of rich tomato based stews and currys, ranging from very mild to some hot and spicy flavour’s. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS

Mu’ooz Restaurant & Catering

Mullum Food Company
Scrumptious Food for your Belly! Handmade Vegie Samosas and Curry Bowls, Planet Friendly Food!! Delicious Healthy Salads, all served fast and fresh and often with a good joke or two! When you want to eat well, Mullum Foods have it all. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Pasta Capriccio
Offering the most delicious, home style cooking, fast service including fresh ravioli, lasagna, gnocchi and chips. A great place to stop to grab the meal for the crew. With a wide selection of delicious meals to keep you on the go, it’s worth the stop. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Piano Bar Kombucha
Fresh kombucha ‘On Tap’ ready to go. Your choice of 15 different flavours. Lovingly crafted to give you the best tasting kombucha that is super beneficial for your guts. Refill your bottles daily! GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS

Pink Lotus Food

Pink Lotus Food
Pink Lotus aims to serve fresh, nutritious and delicious healthy, rich in flavour dishes. The menu fits all ages and tastebuds. Dishes such as Vietnamese beef (Pho) soup, rice paper rolls, Vietnamese baguette (banh mi), noodle salads infused with mint and their famous spring rolls. Vietnamese Street Food at its best. Dine in or grab and run, they have it all. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
pipi cucu empanada
Pipi Cucu is traditional Argentine empanadas, hand made Sunshine Coast using locally sourced ingredients. Empanadas represent an argentine culture of family and friends sharing time and food together. Hand made with love. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Pizza Loca
There back! Pizza Loco offer vegetarian Argentinian pizza and pasties empanadas, with home made green and chili sauce. Stop by and sit in the shade and enjoy the festival as it passes by. VEGAN OPTIONS
Japanese infused original creations, healthy, tasteful and delightful; Raijin believe that their food is very similar to music, gathering different ingredients (sounds) in many ways to harmonise as a plate (song). They love what they produce and enjoy the atmosphere that is created when food is made with passion. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Sate House
Your one-stop destination to an amazing wonder of Asian delights including the famous chicken satays, Roti Canai fusion creation, Solomon chili prawns with watermelon and mint garnish, and not to forget the freshly made Vietnamese rice paper roll and sago dessert. A taste of Asia right at your finger tips. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
shed 41 mobile cafe
A delightful niche coffee maker, specialising in smooth easy to drink beverages of your choice with offering a range of non-dairy options. A delight for your taste buds, their famous bulletproof coffee will provide you with a ultimate energy in a cup. VEGAN OPTIONS

Spaghetti Junction

Spaghetti Junction
Serving traditional pizza and pasta at Woodford for over 30 years. All pasta is made onsite, served with your choice of sauce: pesto, chermoula, organic bolognese, carbonara and many more mouth watering options. Spaghetti Junction’s selection also includes lasagna, tortellini, fresh salads, breakfast, gelato and home made cakes, as well as their own blend of fair trade organic coffee. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Spanish Kitchen
Start your day of experiences having their amazing Huevos Rancheros for breakfast! Salad on the base, paella of your choice, chili con carne on top and two fried eggs, cheese, sour cream, tomato parsley and squeeze of lemon. This will be your treat of the day. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Nude Juice The product is quite simple, RAW, no added sugar, dairy and gluten free. We put nothing to our juice and crusher, but fruits and vegetables, intent and love. Drink well and live long! GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Tatty’s Superfoods
At Tatty’s, they’re all about keeping it local and green. They love supporting local community and businesses and most of the produce is locally sourced. Acai Bowls, smoothies, juices and Frappe. A place to refresh yourself and recharge. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
The Bundy Burger Company
The Bundy Burger Company uses fresh local ingredients from farms and growers in the region creating its own unique sauces and products. The menu is created using seasonal fresh produce direct from the paddocks and fields. If it’s a burger you want to devour, they have it all. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
The Fresh Chai co
Rich and exotic, warm, nourishing and invigorating – what’s not to love. 100% Organic Fair-trade whole spices, stone ground to release the aroma and flavour, then preserved in local organic raw honey. Add organic long leaf Assam tea leaves, and either warming ginger, rich cocoa, or whole vanilla bean pieces and the result is a sticky delectable concoction that just gets better and better the longer it sits. The Fresh Chai Co. is teas answer to craft smallbatch beer or locally roasted coffee. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS

The Funguys

The Funguys Mushroom Kitchen
The Funguys specialise in everything Mushrooms. Locally sourcing the finest mix of Swiss Brown, King Oyster, Button and Portobello. Fried in a light crisp gluten free/ vegan batter, try them in a cone, on a stick, roti, brioche burger or bowl. They really are the Funguys! GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
The Gypsy Grind Coffee Van
Serving up cups of goodness, come and grab a coffee, chai, hot chocolate or cold beverage to satisfy all of your festival cravings! Simply divine drinks made with a variety of milk options, we know you will find something to satisfy your thirst. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS

The Mango Shack

The Mango Shack

The Mango Shack
The place to sit and relax. Good food, great value, breakfast is a specialty with coffee, fresh food, coconuts, chia cups, gourmet omelets, super food smoothie bowls, mushrooms on toast, bacon and eggs. Open till the wee hours of the morning, the friendly, relaxed atmosphere, offers amazing vegan sweeties, refreshing juices, frozen fruit licks and real fruit slushees. A menu that will satisfy everyone. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
The Pham Sisters

The Pham Sisters

Vietnamese vegan stall based in Melbourne, serving with a modern twist. Fresh and delicious, mouthwatering vegan golden spring rolls, steamed shitake mushroom dumplings, cheesy beer battered wedges, chicken rice salad and duck vermicelli salad. Vegan food at its best. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
The Rusty Chippery
Delicious and crispy beer battered chips with a variety of sauces, served up by an amazing group of people, gourmet chips at its best! GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
The Veggie Galley
Pirate themed and full of sass and zest, The Veggie Galley will feed you with delicious freshly made healthy food. Try their burgers, salads, baked potatoes, paninis, hot breakfasts, organic coffee and more. They are dedicated to providing customers with healthy food at a fair price in a fun filled atmosphere that is entertaining and refreshing. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS

The Veggie Galley

Voodoo Burgers
Made to order tasty burgers and delicious breakfast rolls!! Vegan and vegetarian options and Good Brew Kombucha on tap! VEGAN OPTIONS

Wild Spark Trike

Wild Spark Trike
Take a ride to Wild Spike Trike and consume an organic, fair trade cold brewed coffee on tap from the custom built tricycle. Try their cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas or nitro affogato, iced turmeric lattes, and warming spiced drinks. Hot or icy cold, they have got you covered! GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Wild Spice Kitchen
Destination flavour! Step through time to an Art Nouveau train station serving up breakfast, cold brew coffee, fresh salad and the best grilled cheese of your life. All aboard. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Yaman Mellawach
Its traditional food from Yemen. The process is made in the traditional Yemenite’s way by using only fresh ingredients, made on the spot, offering a colorful, comfortable and cozy eating area, filled with love and passion. At Yaman, all your senses are catered for. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS
Yum@Heart Children’s Festival Cafe Yum@Heart
serves vegetarian light meals and snacks. Offering simple breakfast, fruit salad, toasted sandwiches, popcorn and other little yummies. Cold and warm beverages, Yum is the place for simple wholesome food, centrally located in The Children’s Festival, the perfect place snack or drink and hanging with your little ones. GF/ VEGAN OPTIONS