Festival Orchestra Rehearsals and Performance

Join Andrew Veivers, Mal Webb, Andrew Clermont, Ric Halstead and Zaia Kendall with a musical instrument of your choosing and create a truly people-powered orchestra. After attending daily rehearsals to learn the simple and stunning arrangements, you will star in the festival’s fiery finale. For the performance, please dress as 1905-era workers – go wild with suspenders, shawls, dresses, peaked hats and other worker garb in muted colours. You are welcome to utilise the musical instrument cloakroom for a small fee.

FRI Grande 9:00AM

SAT Grande 9:00AM

SUN Grande 9:00AM

MON Grande 9:00AM

TUES Grande 9:00AM

WED Amphi Rehearsal Time TBA, Performance 8:00PM

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