Fri, Dec 27 12:00AM | Gold MemberHalcyon
Fri, Dec 27 12:40AM | Sunny Coast Rude BoysGrande
Fri, Dec 27 1:20AM | Fat PicnicParlour
Fri, Dec 27 10:20AM | Sahara BeckLuna
Fri, Dec 27 10:30AM | Coda ChromaHalcyon
Fri, Dec 27 11:00AM | The DreggsPineapple Lounge
Fri, Dec 27 12:00PM | SONiA disappear fearBob’s Bar
Fri, Dec 27 12:30PM | Charlie CollinsGrande
Fri, Dec 27 12:30PM | Dub ZooPineapple Lounge
Fri, Dec 27 2:00PM | Kyle LionhartGrande
Fri, Dec 27 3:20PM | NgaiireGrande
Fri, Dec 27 4:00PM | Kurilpa ReachPineapple Lounge
Fri, Dec 27 5:30PM | Laura HydePineapple Lounge
Fri, Dec 27 6:20PM | HANDSOMEGrande
Fri, Dec 27 8:50PM | Kate Miller-HeidkeAmphi
Fri, Dec 27 9:00PM | The More Please OrchestraHalcyon
Fri, Dec 27 10:30PM | Demon DaysBob’s Bar
Fri, Dec 27 10:30PM | Electric FieldsAmphi
Fri, Dec 27 11:10PM | KingfishaGrande
Sat, Dec 28 12:00AM | David Flower BandHalcyon
Sat, Dec 28 12:00AM | Fat PicnicPineapple Lounge
Sat, Dec 28 12:30AM | The More Please OrchestraLuna
Sat, Dec 28 1:00AM | Laura HydeGrande
Sat, Dec 28 1:20AM | HANDSOMEParlour
Sat, Dec 28 9:10AM | Úna HeeraLuna
Sat, Dec 28 10:50AM | Sahara BeckGrande
Sat, Dec 28 12:00PM | Matt GrahamBob’s Bar
Sat, Dec 28 12:00PM | Suicide Country HourSmall Hall
Sat, Dec 28 1:30PM | Sunny Coast Rude BoysBluestown
Sat, Dec 28 2:10PM | Harry James AngusGrande
Sat, Dec 28 3:30PM | SONiA disappear fearHalcyon
Sat, Dec 28 3:50PM | Archie RoachGrande
Sat, Dec 28 3:50PM | Oh HarlowPineapple Lounge
Sat, Dec 28 5:00PM | Demon DaysBluestown
Sat, Dec 28 5:20PM | The DreggsPineapple Lounge
Sat, Dec 28 5:30PM | Dyson Stringer CloherGrande
Sat, Dec 28 7:10PM | LiorGrande
Sat, Dec 28 7:45PM | Dangerous SongGREENhouse
Sat, Dec 28 8:00PM | Gold MemberPineapple Lounge
Sat, Dec 28 8:30PM | Charlie CollinsGrande
Sat, Dec 28 9:45PM | Dub ZooBlue Lotus
Sat, Dec 28 10:00PM | Coda ChromaBob’s Bar
Sat, Dec 28 10:10PM | KingfishaGrande
Sat, Dec 28 10:30PM | Kurilpa ReachHalcyon
Sun, Dec 29 12:00AM | Laura HydeHalcyon
Sun, Dec 29 12:20AM | Sunny Coast Rude BoysBluestown
Sun, Dec 29 12:40AM | Kurilpa ReachLuna
Sun, Dec 29 1:20AM | Gold MemberParlour
Sun, Dec 29 9:30AM | YulugiHalcyon
Sun, Dec 29 11:00AM | B-SydePineapple Lounge
Sun, Dec 29 12:00PM | The Kimono BandSmall Hall
Sun, Dec 29 12:20PM | LiorGrande
Sun, Dec 29 1:30PM | Suicide Country HourSmall Hall
Sun, Dec 29 2:00PM | Charlie CollinsGrande
Sun, Dec 29 3:50PM | David Flower BandPineapple Lounge
Sun, Dec 29 5:10PM | Tia GostelowGrande
Sun, Dec 29 5:30PM | Demon DaysPineapple Lounge
Sun, Dec 29 6:00PM | Dyson Stringer CloherLuna
Sun, Dec 29 7:00PM | The More Please OrchestraPineapple Lounge
Sun, Dec 29 7:45PM | Dangerous SongGREENhouse
Sun, Dec 29 8:00PM | Emma LouiseAmphi
Sun, Dec 29 8:20PM | Fat PicnicPineapple Lounge
Sun, Dec 29 9:00PM | SONiA disappear fearBob’s Bar
Sun, Dec 29 9:00PM | Úna HeeraLuna
Sun, Dec 29 9:30PM | Lime CordialeAmphi
Sun, Dec 29 9:40PM | Harry James AngusGrande
Sun, Dec 29 10:20PM | Basia BulatLuna
Mon, Dec 30 12:00AM | David Flower BandPineapple Lounge
Mon, Dec 30 12:10AM | Fat PicnicBluestown
Mon, Dec 30 12:30AM | KingfishaGrande
Mon, Dec 30 12:30AM | The More Please OrchestraLuna
Mon, Dec 30 1:10AM | Demon DaysParlour
Mon, Dec 30 9:30AM | Oh HarlowHalcyon
Mon, Dec 30 12:00PM | Suicide Country HourSmall Hall
Mon, Dec 30 12:20PM | Tia GostelowGrande
Mon, Dec 30 12:30PM | Matt GrahamPineapple Lounge
Mon, Dec 30 12:30PM | YulugiHalcyon
Mon, Dec 30 2:20PM | SONiA disappear fearBob’s Bar
Mon, Dec 30 3:30PM | Kurilpa ReachPineapple Lounge
Mon, Dec 30 5:10PM | B-SydePineapple Lounge
Mon, Dec 30 6:30PM | Gold MemberPineapple Lounge
Mon, Dec 30 7:45PM | Dangerous SongGREENhouse
Mon, Dec 30 8:00PM | Jeremy DutcherGrande
Mon, Dec 30 9:00PM | Coda ChromaHalcyon
Mon, Dec 30 10:10PM | The DreggsBob’s Bar
Mon, Dec 30 11:00PM | Laura HydeGrande
Tue, Dec 31 12:00AM | Dub ZooPineapple Lounge
Tue, Dec 31 1:00AM | KingfishaGrande
Tue, Dec 31 1:00AM | The More Please OrchestraBob’s Bar
Tue, Dec 31 2:00AM | Kurilpa ReachLuna
Tue, Dec 31 10:30AM | The Kimono BandHalcyon
Tue, Dec 31 10:50AM | Basia BulatGrande
Tue, Dec 31 11:00AM | Matt GrahamPineapple Lounge
Tue, Dec 31 12:30PM | B-SydePineapple Lounge
Tue, Dec 31 1:10PM | Demon DaysHalcyon
Tue, Dec 31 1:50PM | Úna HeeraLuna
Tue, Dec 31 5:10PM | OKENYOGrande
Tue, Dec 31 6:50PM | Jeremy DutcherGrande
Tue, Dec 31 7:30PM | SONiA disappear fearBob’s Bar
Tue, Dec 31 10:10PM | David Flower BandBob’s Bar
Tue, Dec 31 11:30PM | Fat PicnicParlour
Tue, Dec 31 11:30PM | L-FRESH The LIONGrande
Wed, Jan 01 12:10AM | David Flower BandBob’s Bar
Wed, Jan 01 11:00AM | Oh HarlowPineapple Lounge
Wed, Jan 01 11:30AM | L-FRESH The LIONGrande
Wed, Jan 01 1:00PM | Basia BulatGrande
Wed, Jan 01 4:00PM | Fat PicnicPineapple Lounge
Wed, Jan 01 5:30PM | Demon DaysPineapple Lounge

Elefant Traks 21st Birthday Bash

‘Proudly Made in Multicultural Australia’ says the slogan on the Elefant Traks merch. Founded as a collective 21 years ago in Sydney, this independent label helped create a pathway for local hip-hop culture and electronic music, and in the process, shared a modern dancefloor account of who we are as people, from artists who rock the boat AND the stage. Woodford has been honoured to host Elefant Traks artists over the year and we’re delighted to celebrate their 21st year with an Amphitheatre blowout.


Mon, Dec 30 8:00PM | Jimblah X Homeward BoundElefant Traks 21st Birthday BashAmphi
Mon, Dec 30 8:00PM | The HerdElefant Traks 21st Birthday BashAmphi
Mon, Dec 30 9:30PM | HorrorshowElefant Traks 21st Birthday BashAmphi
Mon, Dec 30 9:30PM | L-FRESH The LIONElefant Traks 21st Birthday BashAmphi
Mon, Dec 30 9:30PM | OKENYOElefant Traks 21st Birthday BashAmphi

Late Night Piney Prance

So you think you can prance? DNO? Who cares! ‘Cos every night you can bust all your gnarliest moves with our DJ DNO. Come on, let it all hang out one last time before beddy-bye-byes.


Fri, Dec 27 12:50AM | DJ DNOLate Night Piney PrancePineapple Lounge
Sat, Dec 28 12:50AM | DJ DNOLate Night Piney PrancePineapple Lounge
Sun, Dec 29 12:50AM | DJ DNOLate Night Piney PrancePineapple Lounge
Mon, Dec 30 12:50AM | DJ DNOLate Night Piney PrancePineapple Lounge
Tue, Dec 31 12:50AM | DJ DNOLate Night Piney PrancePineapple Lounge
Wed, Jan 01 11:30PM | DJ DNOLate Night Piney PrancePineapple Lounge

New Australian Songbook: Liz Stringer

The heroes of the Australian song canon: we all know who they are, and there’s no doubt they earned their place, but if they continue to dominate the radio and our backyard singalongs, how do we make space for the emerging legends of Australian song? Liz Stringer is a Victorian songwriter who has garnered an enormous amount of peer respect, for the strength and warmth of her voice, the skill and feel of her guitar playing, and the insightfulness and lyricism of her words. Join Tim Levinson (Urthboy), Hat Fitz and Cara, Catherine MacLellan, Jack Carty, Jeff Lang, Jen Cloher, Mia Dyson and the Mission Songs Project to discover, or rediscover, Liz’s unique songwriting voice.


Mon, Dec 30 4:30PM | Catherine MacLellanNew Australian Songbook: Liz StringerLuna
Mon, Dec 30 4:30PM | Dyson Stringer CloherNew Australian Songbook: Liz StringerLuna
Mon, Dec 30 4:30PM | Hat Fitz and CaraNew Australian Songbook: Liz StringerLuna
Mon, Dec 30 4:30PM | Jack CartyNew Australian Songbook: Liz StringerLuna
Mon, Dec 30 4:30PM | Jeff LangNew Australian Songbook: Liz StringerLuna
Mon, Dec 30 4:30PM | Mission Songs ProjectNew Australian Songbook: Liz StringerLuna
Mon, Dec 30 4:30PM | The HerdNew Australian Songbook: Liz StringerLuna

Political Songwriting

SONiA disappear fear (USA) believes that songwriting is a transparent work of art. Great messages can be conveyed in this elusive medium, and with an inner eye it’s possible to move someone, because their heart can hear your heart. These conditions create the perfect political song.


Wed, Jan 01 9:00AM | SONiA disappear fearPolitical SongwritingWorkShop