Sarah Steel

An award-winning podcaster on Let's Talk About Sects and author of Do As I Say, Sarah has produced for ABC Radio National's Earshot and featured in the media as an expert on the high-demand organisations often referred to as 'cults'. She has interviewed former members of NXIVM, the Children of God, the Twelve Tribes, and The Family, and has spoken to packed-out audiences at Vivid Sydney and Woodfordia.


Let's Talk About Sects Live: Twelve Tribes (Live Podcast Recording)

Take a deep dive into the human stories behind the Twelve Tribes – and maybe some ethical consumption to boot – with Sarah Steel. Enjoy live accompaniment by Joe Gould (The Crooked Fiddle Band) for the award-winning podcast Let’s Talk About Sects.

Mon, Jan 01
2:10PM – 3:25PM

Let's Talk About Sects: Extended Q&A

Let's talk about the hallmarks of a healthy group, where there's scope to reform an unhealthy one from within, and what we can do when there's little hope of transformation. An open discussion about advocacy and education where you can discuss your own cult experiences with author and podcaster Sarah Steel.

Mon, Jan 01
3:45PM – 4:15PM

Polarisation, Radicalisation and Cult-Like Behaviour

Author and podcaster Sarah Steel (Do As I Say, Let's Talk About Sects) hosts a panel discussion with researchers from QUT's Digital Media Research Centre around the dynamics of polarisation – when it's harmless, and when it can contribute to radicalisation and threaten our democracy.

Sun, Dec 31
7:30PM – 8:30PM
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