Liz Stringer

One of Australia’s most admired, versatile songwriters and instrumentalists, Liz is a venerated guitarist and vocalist. Her powerful live performances and melodically rich, story-based songs have earned her a unique place among the most important Australian songwriters of the modern era.


Greatest Licks

Every artist seems to have a favourite guitar solo or lick - something that they might have air-played in front of the mirror in their childhood bedroom... but not everyone makes it onto a stage. Join some of our great artists as they share stories and styles of their greatest licks, as well as something that they love from their own catalogue.

Fri, Dec 30
6:00PM – 7:00PM

The Australian Songbook

The heroes of the Australian song canon: we all know who they are and there’s no doubt they earned their place, but if they continue to dominate the radio and our backyard singalongs, how do we make space for the emerging legends of Australian song? The Pigram Brothers are as much a part of the Kimberley as the red cliffs and the boab, the fish and the mud crab. For decades they have conjured their home of Broome and its surrounds with their unique and distinct sound of rich poetic instinct, innate musicality and deep family connection. Heroes to so many, the brothers Alan, Stephen, David, Colin, Philip, Peter and Gavin are an integral part of the storytelling of this continent, singing their country and its people like no-one else.

Thu, Dec 29
2:30PM – 3:30PM


Thu, Dec 29
7:50PM - 8:40PM
Fri, Dec 30
4:30PM - 5:20PM
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