Kim Yang

Taiwanese-Australian indie-folk songstress Kim Yang sings about love, life, and mental health. Her ethereal sound balances between vulnerability and power. Kim was nominated as MusicACT Artist of the Year in 2022, and has charmed festival audiences across Australia.


Hokkien Language Music Workshop

Singer-songwriter Kim Yang wants to share her Taiwanese roots through song. She will guide participants of all ages through pronunciation of basic Taiwanese Hokkien words, culminating in singing a traditional folk song.

Fri, Dec 29
8:30AM – 9:20AM
Coopers Bar Folk Club


Fri, Dec 29
11:00AM - 11:50AM
Pineapple Lounge
Sat, Dec 30
7:30PM - 8:10PM
Coopers Bar Folk Club
Mon, Jan 01
9:00PM - 9:50PM
Coopers Bar Folk Club
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