Ben Lee

Ben Lee is fun! Ask him, he’ll tell you. His last album after all, the indie-pop masterpiece that Rolling Stone called ‘the best album of his career’, was called I’m Fun!. Writer of iconic hits like Catch My Disease, We’re All in this Together and Cigarettes Will Kill You, Ben is also a renowned collaborator with friends like Ben Folds, Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, Shamir, Christian Lee Hutson, Zooey Deschanel, Washington, Georgia Maq, Money Mark, Tom Robbins and Josh Radnor.


DJ DadBod

Ben Lee’s alter ego is an avenue for exploring mashups from a songwriter’s perspective, being extremely cheeky, and making people dance. A DJ DadBod set may include oddities such as Ween tracks mixed with Abbie Chatfield sound bites, Bjork vocals over Beatles’ grooves, and niche Vine samples that will only be recognized by the terminally online.

Thu, Dec 28
10:50PM – 11:50PM


Wed, Dec 27
10:20PM - 11:00PM
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