Belinda Chellingworth

Growing up on the lands of the Darug people, Belinda developed a love of animals and went on to study science, specialising in biodiversity. She is a compassionate change-maker, experienced circularity expert and is good for a laugh. Her true love really is all things garbage-fighting, and she has implemented waste prevention programs for the NSW State Government, the City of Sydney and Veolia UK.


Ask Anything: Waste, Recycling and the Circular Economy

Do you have a waste myth that needs busting? Is there something garbage related on your mind? Following the talk Demystifying Waste, Recycling and the Circular Economy, join Garbologist Belinda for an informal session to address anything and everything waste related in Australia. The floor will be open to questions from the audience, just show up, no pre work necessary. And no, there will be no trashy give-aways.

Sat, Dec 30
10:00AM – 11:00AM
The Mill
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