The Rift
When the earth was newly created, it was inhabited by peculiar twin-folk who resembled two humans bound back-to-back in a triumph of teamwork and togetherness. Their hearts beat to the same song, and together they finished making the trees and sculpting the stones. They knew nothing yet of anger, nor hurt, nor love. But as the mountains grew around them, so too did the cracks in the human condition – until, maddened by selfish desire, they tore themselves in two and cast a fiery rift between themselves. As the ash settled, their lives found a new normality, but loneliness hung in the air… along with an unfamiliar feeling deep in their souls. They longed to find their lost half and reunite, but to do so would mean bridging the deepest rift of all. Inspired by Aristophanes’s Speech, Plato’s ‘Symposium’ (385 BC)

The Broken Bridge
Bridges span rivers and canyons, soaring above divisions and obstacles and connecting two separate places. For millennia, they have played a vital role in the development of human civilisation and symbolically represent overcoming the impossible. The Broken Bridge is a call to strengthen an mend our connections, to cease fuelling the fires of division and intolerance, and instead repair our damaged relationships, reunite and reconnect with each other in celebration as we dance into the New Year. ‘It takes both sides to build a bridge’ – Fredrik Nael

Fire Event Team
The Fire Event is created by a dedicated team of over 160 volunteer artists, makers, puppeteers, performers, painters and pyrotechnicians.
Director: Alex Podger
Performance Director: Sam Foster
Lighting Designer: Chris Donnelly
Bonfire Designer: Robin Gibbons
Set Design: Aaron Barton
Core Visual Artists: Lily Podger, Rozina Suliman, Bryan Woltjen, Ella Lincoln, Valkyrie Blacksmith
Musical Director: Nick Lavers
Orchestra Director: Andrew Veivers
Choir Director: Beat Lehman
Welcome Ceremony Director: Elly Bird
Aboriginal Fire Lighting Ceremony: Rick Roser and Bob Robinson

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