Programme Lucky Dip – Week 4

Programme Lucky Dip – Week 4

Is that close harmony sound made even better when it’s made by identical twins? Laura Cortese dragged us to see The Brother Brothers at an FAI concert a few years ago. We loved their music (and we’ve since heard that they’re quite the funnymen). We look forward to introducing them to Australia (we’re sending them on tour post-festival). 


We first saw Dustyesky at the beautiful Mullum Music Festival (it’s on again – THIS WEEKEND!) which makes sense as this ‘Russian’ choir emerged from that fabulous community. Confusing? A little. Compelling? Definitely. Oddly moving and absolutely entertaining? No doubt. Come see Dustyesky at Woodford this year – but also, do consider heading to Mullum this weekend for the beginning of our shared Festival of Small Halls tour and many more amazing discoveries.  


We love the communication about the Troupe’s work this year:  coordinators are working with Jinibara, Gubbi Gubbi, Butchulla and Burrungum clans to create a performance that will mark the 50th (June 2020) anniversary of Willie Gairabau Mackenzie’s passing. Coordinator Lucy Davis wrote last week that working on this project is sending shivers down her spine – see the outcome in December! 


We’ve had many members of the ET crew here at Woodford over the years, but have we ever had such a massed gathering?  L-Fresh the Lion, Okenyo (also doing their own shows) and Jimblah X Homeward Bound join with our old friends The Herd and first timers Horrorshow to blow up the Amphi in one spectacular party.

Mihirangi has dazzled us in earlier editions of the festival, but this ensemble, driven by her loops and voice, is powerful, inspiring and captivating. Along with traditional and contemporary instruments, deep base and loops, this all female ensemble includes kapa haka dancers, who perform women’s haka, waiata-a-ringa, mau-rakau, taiaha and poi. 

Where might you know Boban Markovic’s name from? The many times awarded film director Emir Kusturica, and the most famous Balkan composer Goran Bregovic, invited Boban to record the music for the soundtrack of the movies “Underground” and “Arizona Dream”. Either that or you’ve been at Guca one of the many times he has won the Trumpet Maestro award…


Pendragon shoes are unmistakable in their design and creative stamp – what will happen when they teach you to make your own sandals? What will your unique mark be? This is a three–hour workshop for ages 16+, where you’ll hand dye and decorate your shoes, as well as sole them, using pre-cut leather. Bookings are online, now. 

Dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and others are rapidly increasing in prevalence and are largely resistant to all known medications – but there’s good news, too. Sam will discuss the impressive evidence for lifestyle medicine therapies including nutrition, movement, sleep, mind-body, connection with others and nature, music therapy, apps and new technology in preventing and reversing dementia and optimizing brain health.  

Hello again Martin. We’re so glad you’re back, with your bardery, wonderful songs, strong voice and humour. This year Martin’s joining forces for Happy Hour with the Upswing Band (there’re more than a few familiar faces in that lot) every afternoon in Bob’s Bar, providing a deeper look into Pratchett’s Macbeth, freestyling in two Potluck sessions and hosting our first annual bath auction: Bathing for Change/The Lord and Lady of Bath.  

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