When it comes to reliable, comfy, cabin-style tents, you can’t beat this option. Tent City is our beloved long-term partner in short-term stays. We’ve been together since 1995 and while we’re still very much in love, Woodfordia’s site layout has majorly changed this year, and our faithful Tent City graciously changes with us.

The Tent City facility for season campers will remain where it was in previous years, however, the shorter term (overnight) camp has been relocated to the Eastern Bloc and dubbed, Tent City Short Term Camping. The turnoff  for this new overnight camp is on Woodrow Road.

A four minute shuttle bus ride will take you and your tribe from Tent City Short Term Camping, straight into the heart of the festival precinct, significantly reducing the time taken to get you from tent to entertainment.

There will be a café beside this new overnight camp and customs (bag check and bracelet check) will happen prior to hopping on the shuttle. Disability Camp will be placed adjacent to Tent City Short Term Camping.

Please note, it will not be possible to book your tent next to Season Campers as has been possible in the past. Day ticket holders will not be able to access the Season Camping areas at any time. Season Campers though may choose to book their tent in Tent City Short Term Camping.

Some things don’t change though. Tent City camping options remain the perfect option for Woodfordians coming for one night, or the entire week. Simply rock up and find your tent ready to go, complete with carpet, 12V light, beds and roll-up windows.   Tent City Short Term campers can park their cars at their tents. 

There are plenty of hot showers and toilets within the facilities’ grounds that are exclusive to Tent City patrons, as well as a hospitality marquee, BBQs, cold rooms, gas rings and microwave ovens. Here you’ll also find complimentary tea and coffee 24-hours daily. Tent City is a great option for anyone who’d rather not have to worry about setting up camp – singles, couples, families and groups.

1. If you decide to cancel your booking, we will refund your tickets in full. Please contact us at tents@woodfordia.com with your phone number and we will phone you directly to arrange.

2. You may decide to upgrade to full season camping status. Please contact us at tents@woodfordia.com with your phone number and we will phone you directly to arrange.

3. For any questions on this please email us at tents@woodfordia.com.

Click below for more info and do a virtual walk-through of the Tent City campground.   Prices start from $115 per night.

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