Parking at Woodfordia


Please do not park on footpaths or roads, in front of fire hydrants or entrances to service areas, or on neighbouring properties. Offending vehicles will be towed by RACQ at the owner’s expense to the Eastern Bloc car park.   

All vehicles, except overnight campers, and those displaying a valid Season Camp Vehicle Pass, are to park on the Eastern Bloc.  


All vehicles entering Woodfordia will need to purchase a vehicle pass prior to arrival. The can be purchased on our ticketing page (they are towards the bottom of the ticketing table) 

If you have already bought tickets, and need to add parking or add additional parking, you will need to start a new transaction (we can’t currently add additional items to existing orders) 

The prices are: 
Season Camping Grounds Park at Campsite (includes RVs, campervans, buses) $50 
Season Parking Area $10 
Day/Overnight Parking $10 

Vehicle at Campsite Pass (includes vehicles parked at campsite or sleeping in your vehicle. Eg. car, RV, Bus)$50 
Vehicle Pass (only one pass is required per vehicle regardless of how many days you are parked) $10 

Unsure if you need a car pass or not? 
Every car parked on site needs to arrive having pre-booked a car pass. If you are a season camper, and you want your vehicle at your campsite (e.g. to sleep in), you will need a VEHICLE AT YOUR CAMPSITE PASS. All other vehicles on site just need a regular $10 car pass to park in the area designated for their ticket type. 

You only need one car pass per vehicle for the whole time


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