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At Woodfordia, we believe there is more than driving alone to the festival. We encourage those of you who prefer to come by car, to do it as a group.

To help you, we decided to team up with - a free website that will help you find the perfect riding match for your journey. You'll also be able to access it through our app.

Through coseats, you'll be able to offer a ride if you're driving, or a request a ride if you're a passenger. There are several reasons to choose to carpool:

  • Financial - by sharing the cost of the ride.
  • Environmental - by reducing the number of cars on the road and the number of cars on site, and therefore reducing carbon emissions and congestion.
  • Societal - by developing new friendships.

There is no limit to carpooling. You can choose to travel with your friends and family, but also with fellow Woodfordians. Whether you travel locally or from interstate, there will always be someone making the same journey. So why not share it?

Enjoy your travels and please do not hesitate to share them with us through our Facebook page or by email:

Travel safe!

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