Q: How much are tickets?

A: The ticket prices for this year’s festival can be found on the Tickets page.

Please note that there is a $2.50 booking fee per ticket, and a 1.5% credit card fee charged on the transaction total.

Q: How do I buy tickets?

A: All tickets are to be purchased online using your Mastercard or Visa Card or Visa/Master Card Debit Card from the Tickets page.

If you do not have access to an online computer you can call our office on 07 5496 1066 between 9am and 5pm AEST Monday to Thursday (and on Fridays between OCT – first week of December) and we will try to help you buy tickets. Please Note: Your credit card will still be used in our secure online website.

Q: What is a Day & Evening ticket?

A: A Day & Evening ticket is valid just for one day of the festival. It allows you entry from 8.30am on the day of your ticket, until the end of the programme that night. If you’d like to participate in any of the early morning activities, such as 6am yoga, you’ll need a Season ticket.

Q: What is a Season ticket?

A: A Season ticket is valid for the 6 day duration of the festival.

Q: Can I share my Season ticket with someone else?

A: No. One ticket can only be exchanged for one wristband. The festival wristband must be worn at all times.

Q: Are there 2 or 3 day tickets?

A: No. Only Season tickets and single Day & Evening tickets are available. If you would like to come for more than one day you will need to purchase multiple single Day & Evening tickets. Tickets need to be purchased online and will not be available at the Gate.

Q: Can I buy an Evening only or 24 hours ticket?

A: No.

Q: How do I receive my tickets?

A: Upon successful completion of your purchase a confirmation email is sent to your email address with your tickets and receipt attached. You will receive the email from our friends at iwannaticket.com.au  Please be sure to check your junk/spam folders.

Q: Do I need to know the day I am coming before I buy a ticket?

A: You will need to purchase a ticket for a specific day however you can change the day of your ticket by contacting the office on 07 5496 1066.

Q: How do I purchase an additional Youth Ticket?

A: Please contact us on 07 5496 1066 to add a Youth Ticket to an existing order.  

Q: Can I purchase a Youth Ticket online without a Guardian Ticket?

A: No. Please ask your Guardian to contact us on 07 5496 1066 to purchase the ticket.

Q: I have purchased a Guardian Ticket rather than an Adult ticket. Will this be an issue?

A: No. A Guardian ticket is a valid adult ticket.

Q: What are the Early Bird ticket rounds?

A: Early Bird tickets are available in 4 discounted rounds with the largest discount available in the first round. A limited number of tickets are available in each round. All tickets need to be purchased online.  You will not be able to purchase tickets at the Gate.

Q: What dates do the Early Bird ticket rounds change?

A: Early Bird ticket rounds do not end on a specific date. When all the tickets available for each round are sold the next round begins.

Q: Are there student/pensioner discounts?

A: No. We aim to keep our festival tickets prices as low as possible for everyone and provide discounts through the ticket rounds. We also have an extensive volunteering program where people can volunteer for 5 hours per day at the festival in exchange for a festival ticket.  Apply for a volunteer position

Q: What if my name is not on my ticket?

A: The purchaser of the ticket must ensure that the name on each ticket is correct and photo ID will be required at the Festival Entry Gate.

Q: Do my children require ID?

A: Generally no. We would encourage youth who have ID to bring as they may be required to show proof of age.

Q: Can I change the day, add camping, or sell my tickets?

A: Yes. At this stage we are unable to offer the facility to amend or sell your tickets online. Please contact us on 07 5496 1066 to amend your tickets.

Q: I'm on a payment plan. Can I make extra one-off payments?

A: Yes, of course you can! Call us at the office between 9-5, Monday-Thursday and we’ll be happy to put an extra payment for you.

Q: Can I come to the early activities (before 8am) if I do not have a season ticket?

A: No. Programmed activities or workshops prior to 8am are for Season Ticket holders only.

Q: Can I give my ticket away?

A: Yes. The name on each ticket can be changed by the purchaser. You can do this by clicking the link at the bottom of your ticket email from help@iwannaticket.com.au or by phoning us on 07 5496 1066.

Q: Do I need to pay for parking?

A: Yes. You will need to purchase a Vehicle Pass. For details on the types of Vehicle Passes, please refer to the  Parking at Woodfordia page

Q: If I am sleeping in my car, do I need to buy a parking pass

A: If you’re a season camper, you need to buy the $50 pass

Q: Which carpass do I buy if I am staying in Tentcity or Pitch Luxury or Gypsy Coast?

A: You will need to purchase the ‘SEASON CAMPER’S PARKING AREA PASS – For Season Campers only’ pass or ‘DAY PARKING/OVERNIGHT CAMPING PASS – Single vehicle pass for the duration of your stay’ if you don’t have a season ticket.

Q: Which parking pass do I buy if I am a season camper but staying in tent city for the duration of the festival?

A: You need to buy the $10 pass and you will be parking in the car park.

Q: Do I need a camping ticket?

A: The answer for most people is yes. If you are planning on staying overnight on site in any form (car, tent, motor home, caravan and Tent City etc) then you will need to purchase a camping ticket.

Q: Can I camp in Season Camping if I have an Overnight Ticket?

A: We don’t generally allow Overnight Campers to camp in Season Camping. If you would like to camp together with Season Campers, you can all camp together in the Overnight Campgrounds.

Q: Can I bring my campervan, motor home, caravan or camper trailer to the festival?

A: Yes. We ask that all patrons keep their campsite as small as possible to make it fair for everyone. Please note there are no powered sites or separate areas for these options

Q: Do I need to purchase a camping ticket if I have a campervan, motor home, caravan or camper trailer?

A: Yes, you will need to purchase camping tickets.

Q: Are campsites allocated in the campgrounds?

A: No, campsites are not allocated. We operate on a first in first served basis. We have plenty of room for everyone.

Q: Can I bring my car into the camp grounds?

A: Yes. You will need to purchase a Vehicle Pass. For details on the types of Vehicle Passes, please refer to the  Parking at Woodfordia page.

You can get a 2 hr vehicle pass to drive into the camping grounds to set up your campsite. 

If anyone in the group is not a season camping ticket holder they need to leave Photo ID and a $50 deposit at the gate and will get a 2 hr pass to go in and set up. This deposit is forfeited if not collected within the 2 hours.

Temporary access:

You can get a 2 hr vehicle pass to drive into the camping grounds to set up your campsite.

If the driver is not a season camping ticket holder they need to leave some ID and a $50 deposit at the gate and will get a 2 hr pass to go in and set up. If they don’t return to collect their ID within 2 hr they will lose their deposit.

Q: What time must I vacate my site if I am camping overnight?

A: 10am the following day. Your ticket does not allow access to the Festival precinct the morning of your departure.

Q: If I book into Tent City do I need a camping ticket?

A: Yes. Your camping ticket gives you access to book Tent City. Festival tickets should be purchased prior to arranging accommodation in Tent City. Please contact Tent City on 07 5482 6788 to book.

Q: Can my friends with day passes visit me in season camping?

A: Unfortunately no, only season campers have access to the season campground. However, season campers can visit their friends in overnight camping and The Tent City Motel on Eastern Bloc.

Q: Can I purchase a camping ticket for the night before I want to go to the festival?

A: No, we do not offer single night camping tickets.

Q: Can I purchase a camping ticket for the 25th or 26th of December if I do not have a season ticket?

A: No, camping on the 25th and 26th of December is only available to season ticket holders. Season ticket holders will need to purchase Christmas Day Camping tickets prior to arriving on site as they will not be able to be purchased at the Gate.

Q: Christmas Day Camping

A: Season campers can arrive on Christmas Day for an extra cost. Go to https://woodfordfolkfestival.com/tickets/ and choose CHRISTMAS DAY ACCESS.  

Q: What are the gate opening times?

A: 25th Dec – open 2pm (open 24 hours) Season campers only (Fees Applicable) 

26th Dec – open from previous day – Season campers only. 

27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st Dec – open 8am – close 10pm 

1st Jan – open 8am – close 8pm.

Q: How do I book for Workshops?

A: Workshop bookings open online when the Programme is launched in mid-October. See the  Workshops page  for more information.

Q: Workshops - Age limit and bookings

A: Childrens Festival Workshops no not require booking and are generally suitable for all ages up to the age of 12. Children must be accompanied by a guardian/parent. If your children are alone you will be contacted by security to come and get them.

General Workshops listed under 2018 Workshops are generally suitable for age 16+ and need to be pre-booked. Some may be suitable for young adults and it will be dependant on the person running the workshop as to whether they accept under 16s. Please email workshops@woodfordia.com to confirm before booking.

Q: How do I purchase a programme or poster?

A: Posters and programmes can be purchased online the same way as purchasing a ticket. Select any day and the top option will be programmes or posters.

Q: How do I pay for stuff at the festival?

You spoke, we listened. Thanks to our amazing Networks Crew, we’re now able to accept EFTPOS cards (credit/debit).

Payment wristbands will not be provided at this year’s festival.

All of Woodfordia’s outlets and most stallholders accept cards. The General Store, Beerwah Watershed, Festival Shop and some stallholders also accept cash. Please note, our bars accept cards only.

ATMs are conveniently located throughout the festival precinct.


Q: Do all food outlets use the cashless system?

A: Most of the food outlets use the cashless system but will accept cash and EFTPOS as well.

Q: Where can I find ATM'S?

A: ATM’s, which accept most foreign cards and AMEX, are located throughout the precinct-see map for locations. EFTPOS with cashout (Maximum cashout amount = $50) is also available at the General Store with any $10 purchase. There are no travellers cheque facilities available on site.

Q: Where and how often do the shuttle buses run?

A: Shuttle buses will be running continuously throughout the festival transporting people to/from the Festival Site and Camping/ Parking areas.

Q: Can I bring my kids trolley on the shuttle bus?

A: Yes you can bring your trolley on the shuttle buses.

Q: How would the festival deal with an event like a bush fire?

Our event management plan includes a detailed safety, emergency and incident management plan that meets the strict requirements outlined in by Workplace Health and Safety Act, Safety Regulation Act and Risk Management Standard AUS/NZ. 

During the festival we have 24/7 personnel in Fire First Response, Qld Police, Paramedics, Qld Fire and Emergency Services, and security along with festival organisers and staff. An Emergency Communication Centre (ECC) operates 24/7 during the festival to facilitate communications between these services.  The patron hotline number (printed on the festival wristband) is the first point of call for any emergency onsite and is responded to by ECC. ECC will co-ordinate timely and appropriate responses to all incidents reported. Incidents will be escalated according to their severity.


If an evacuation is required, this will be coordinated in conjunction with Qld Police, Qld Fire and Emergency Services and festival organisers. Information will be communicated to our patrons in person, via text alerts, social media and through our PA systems.


Current bushfire information viawww.ruralfire.qld.gov.au

Moreton Alert for free SMS, email and voice alerting system – www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au


Q: What is Woodfordia Citizenship?

A: Woodfordia Citizenship is an annual membership to access all things Woodfordia. It entitles a member to access the Woodfordia Citizen’s Portal, invitations to Citizen’s Day gatherings and Programme Launch party, and quarterly editions of the Lore Society journal. To find out more, visit woodfordia.org. 

Q: I used to have an account with Woodford, why can't I login with my old account?

A: We recently rolled over to a brand new system, we have retained the historical data from the old accounts but for the best experience we are getting all users to begin new accounts.

Q: How do Artists / Presenters apply?


The Woodford Folk Festival 2021/22 has been canceled, and we are instead hosting our very small event, Bushtime.

It’s not the way we usually do things, but we will not be taking any expressions of interest for the upcoming December Bushtime. The programme is by nature, a tiny little jewel, and with risk assessment around presenting interstate artists, alongside the swag of artists we have had to cancel in the last 12 months or so, our greatly reduced team will be putting things together in a much more curatorial fashion. We are so sorry to disappoint anyone who had been hoping to throw their hat in the ring, but we think that this is a better approach than making an open invitation, and raising the hopes of many artists we won’t be able to include. Thank you so much for your understanding.