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Woodford will be using a cashless payment system once again at this year’s festival to help you by reducing the need for carrying cash around site. Bars only accept cashless payments, whereas other festival services (General Store, Festival Shop, Visual Arts and Crafts) and participating stallholders accept cashless payments in addition to other payment methods.

Top-up locations during the festival:

  • Welcome Gate (also open for refunds on the 2nd Jan)
  • Band-Aid (next to First Aid)
  • Folklorica
  • Garland Bar
  • Bill’s Bar
  • La Grande Bar
  • Amphi Bar
  • True North Bar
  • Adj. to the Festival Shop


Cashless Payment FAQs

Do I have to pay to use this system?

There is no fee. Following feedback from last year's festival, we have decided to make this system free for all patrons to access.

How do I top-up money onto my wristband?

Go to a top-up station and pay using credit card (Visa and Mastercard only), debit card, or cash.

Where are the top-up stations?

There are 9 top-up stations located across site. These are listed above.

Is there a top-up limit?

You can only top-up your wristband to $300 at any point of time.

Is there a minimum top-up amount?

No - you can top-up whatever amount you desire (up to $300).

Can I put money on my children's wristband?

Yes, putting money on your children's wristband is a great and secure way to manage your family's budget throughout the festival.

Will my children be able to access drinks at the bar?

No, child and youth wristband chips are programmed to ban purchases from bars.

How do I get my money back?

Go to any top-up station around site, and ask for a refund. Otherwise, go to (from the 2nd January) and enter your chip ID and bank account details (available for up to two weeks after the festival).

What happens if I've left the festival and forgotten to get a refund?

If you are still on site but outside of the festival precinct, there is a top-up station located outside the Welcome Gate (7.30am - 11pm daily; until 12pm on the 2nd January). If you have already left site, please go to (from the 2nd January) and enter your chip ID and bank account details (available for up to two weeks after the festival).

How long do I have to wait to receive my online refund?

Applications for refunds are available for up to two weeks after the festival. Please allow a further two weeks for payments to be processed.

If I don't get a refund, what happens to the money on my wristband?

Any money left unclaimed is donated to Woodfordia Inc, a registered charitable organisation. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please see below.

Can I choose to donate some or all of the left over funds on my wristband?

Yes, you can go online and choose the option to donate part or all of the funds on your wristband to Woodfordia Inc (a registered charitable organisation). A gift recipient (tax deductable) receipt will be issued to you.

What happens if I lose my chip?

We recommend that you take a photo of the unique ID number on the back of your chip as soon as you receive your wristband. If you know your ID number, our Band-Aid team will assist you further.

My chip isn't working, or I'm not sure where all my money went. Where do I get help?

Easy! Head to the Band-Aid solutions tent (opposite the Vinyl Lounge and next to First Aid) to troubleshoot any issues, including accessing a readout of previous transactions.

Where can I pay using my wristband?

All bars are cashless and only accept wristband payments, as does the Ice Station located at the General Store. Festival Shop, General Store, Visual Arts and Crafts, Recharge and the season camping Ice Truck accept wristband payments in addition to other payment methods. Participating stallholders (just ask!) accept wristband payments in addition to other payment methods.

How do I know how much money I have left on my wristband?

Each time you make a purchase, you will be shown your new balance. If you are out and about and have forgotten, just ask any person accepting payments or doing top-ups, and they can check your balance for you.

Are you following me, or storing my personal information?

No, this chip is a payment system only. It is not connected in any way to your name or ticket number, and is only used to accept payments (similar to EFTPOS).

Can I top-up my wristband online?

The system we use is all chip based, rather than cloud based. This means that the only way to top-up your chip is in a manual transaction with a reader.

I still need cash on site.

No worries! We have ATMs located near Bill's Bar, Infology, the Welcome Gate and Overnight Camping.

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