Finding your way

In the lead up to the festival we publish maps on our About the Festival page. These are usually available from late October.

Camping for the Season

Camping on-site for the full six days of the Woodford Folk Festival is by far the best way to immerse yourself in all the festival has to offer.

Shower and toilet facilities are available in all campgrounds and our General Store will be stocked with basic supplies.

General Store opening hours:
7AM to 11PM – 26 DEC to 1 JAN
7AM to 2PM on 2 JAN

The Festival Shop opening hours:
7AM to 11PM – 26 DEC to 1 JAN

The Festival Precinct will open from 5PM on the 26 DEC

Camping Overnight

Overnight Camping is on-site with shower and toilet facilities and a General Store/Cafe for basic supplies. Overnight camping tickets permit entry to the Festival Site from 8am on the day of the ticket only, and entry is not permitted back into the festival precinct the following morning. Overnight campers are required to depart the camping areas by 10am. Tickets for additional days will be available from the Overnight Ticket Office at the Happy Campers tent.

Accessible Camping

For more information about our Accessible Camping Area please see the Accessibility page.

General Store

There is a fully stocked General Store located in the Season Camping area near the entrance to the Festival Village for those items you left behind. The store will be open 7AM to 11PM from 26th Dec to 1st Jan and  7AM to 2PM on 2nd Jan.

Overnight Camping Cafe

There is a Cafe/Basic Store located in the Overnight Camping area. It is open from 7.30am to 11.30pm from the 27th Dec – 1st Jan (opening times TBC).

Festival Village Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle bus service operates for all patrons between the festival precinct, the camp grounds and the Eastern Bloc carpark. There are three routes: one for Season Camping, one for Overnight Camping, and one for Day Visitors. See festival maps for routes and stop information. 


The art of connecting in comfort
The art of connecting in comfort

Pitch Luxury Camping are another excited addition to Woodford Folk Festival this year. Offering glamping tents, suitable for couples and families, in a setting that will allow guests space to relax and enjoy some privacy throughout the week.


Your home away from home at Woodfordia
Your home away from home at Woodfordia

Our beloved long term partner in short term stays (we’ve been together since 1995) When it comes to reliable, comfy, cabin style tents you can’t beat this option. Tent City is the perfect option for the Woodfordian coming for one night, or the entire week.

On-site Tent Motel (Tent City)

Erected tents and beds are available for hire on site at the festival. Purchase your Festival tickets with camping here first and then purchase your tent hire by contacting our various partners directly. You will find their details on our accommodation page here.  These options are operated by a private companies so bookings cannot be made through our office. Please remember that you must purchase a Festival ticket with camping & vehicle pass in addition to booking your accommodation directly.

Off-site Eco Accomodation

Would you like another option of accommodation for the Festival? Why not have a look at what our neighbours at Adventure Alternatives have to offer? Purchase your Festival tickets without camping here first then book one of the Eco Tabins (Tent/Cabin) by filling in your Expression of Interest on their website.

Please note that a camping ticket is not required for this option.

Things to consider when preparing to camp at the festival:


While we continue to improve the facilities please remember that our camping grounds are used only a few times a year. Toilet and shower facilities are adequately basic. Peak times for shower queues are in the mornings and later afternoons so please avoid these times if you don’t want to wait.


Because of limited use it is not possible for us to provide perfectly level camp sites with well manicured lawns. Several thousand trees have been planted in the camping grounds over the last five years but they are mostly too small to provide good shade just yet.


The festival is conducted in the full glory of summer. Our weather can range from very hot and dusty days through to impressive summer thunderstorms, and it gets pretty chilly if you’re still wandering about enjoying the Chai Tent at four in the morning. Campers should prepare for any eventuality.

Your campsite

Remember that you are creating a temporary home at your camp. It may be a day retreat from the festivities as well as a place to crash at the end of the day so please make sure you are comfortable and consider your camping gear carefully.


The festival’s reticulated water supply comes from our own dam via an on-site water treatment plant. The festival site water catchment is a well-protected native vegetation area. Treatment includes flocculation filtration and disinfection. Our potable water exceeds Australian Drinking Water guidelines. Woodfordia staff and Qld Government inspectors monitor a range of indicators to ensure the water supply is safe.  

We have introduced a number of water-saving initiatives, including pressure-reduction valves, spring-loaded taps, low-flow shower heads and dual-flush cisterns. We appreciate your assistance in helping us manage and maintain a self-sufficient water supply.  

The protection and rehabilitation of the waterways on the festival site is a priority. We ask that patrons be aware of signed ‘storm water quality protection zones’ in camping areas – please do not enter these zones. 

There will be information posted around the campground and the camp warden’s office will be open until late for any queries. 

Suggestions for a comfortable campsite:

Consider the water course

When choosing a campsite consider where the water will naturally flow in the event of rain, and pitch your tent accordingly.

Raise your bedding off the ground

A fold-up camp stretcher allows air circulation and protects your bedding from any water that may enter your tent. Keeping your personal belongings off the ground is also a good idea – a fold-up chair makes a great wardrobe or table.

Standing room

Be able to stand inside your tent if possible or have a tarp stretched somewhere for a comfortable covered area.

Bring your own water

All tap water on-site is potable but for conservation and your own convenience please bring all the water you’ll need for the duration.

No electricity available

There is no electricity available on-site for patron’s campsites unless they require it for life-support equipment (disabled camping area).

No generators permitted in the camp grounds

Please note that use of generators in the camp grounds is not permitted due to noise and pollution concerns.

Conserve space where possible

Our campgrounds need to accommodate a large number of people so please keep your campsites small and conserve space wherever possible.

One car per campsite

Please only keep one car per campsite in the campgrounds. Other cars should be parked in the front car park. Please do not drive around the campgrounds once you have set-up your campsite.

Keep your valuables safe

Theft can be a problem as at any large event, so please do not bring anything of value to the festival other than what is absolutely necessary. All valuables remain the responsibility of the camper.

No fires, glass or animals are allowed in the campgrounds or on the festival site.

Expect noise, bring earplugs

Campsites near the festival entrance and in other areas hear music from the festival precinct until the late hours of the night and fellow campers may be up and about all day and night. Please bring your ear plugs if you are a light sleeper.


We look forward to seeing you at Woodford this year for a fantastic festival experience.