Welcome to Access Support Services at Woodford Folk Festival! 

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the following information in relation to Access Support Services.



The Woodford Folk Festival welcomes people with access needs and we’re constantly working on ways to improve the site and the experience for all. Here are some things that might be useful for you to know, before you arrive:  

  • The event is held on a rural property (an old dairy farm) and the terrain is often uneven and/or sloping.  
  • The pathways are either dirt or gravelled and during peak periods of the festival the pathways can become very crowded and difficult to negotiate.  
  • The festival site is large, and the entertainment precinct area alone is on 50 acres. 
  • The accessible amenity blocks provided are clean and sturdy, but basic. 
  • During the day, the weather conditions can be extremely hot, and on some evenings, quite cool.


We have a designated accessible parking area in the main day car park for day visitors. This day parking area is automatically available for any vehicle bearing a standard Disability Parking Permit – just follow the Accessible Parking signs once you enter the festival day car park.

We are aware that some disabilities are of a more temporary nature and if you don’t have an official permit and need to use the Accessible Day Parking   area, we invite you to let us know when you arrive. Just go to the SOLUTIONS lane in the ticketing admissions tent and advise that you need an Accessible Parking Permit   to display in your vehicle.

*check back closer to the event for a map of our accessibility parking areas*



The festival has a designated accessible camping area situated close to the entertainment precinct entrance available for season campers with disabilities, and a dedicated accessible overnight camping area close to overnight Tent City camping. A small number of camping sites in each of these locations have access to power (for life support equipment only) and all have access to accessible shower and toilet facilities. These camping sites are limited and must be pre-booked using the following forms.

Applications for Accessible Camping and Parking have now closed. Those arriving to the festival with Accessibility needs will be accommodated subject to availability.

Pre-erected tents are now available in the accessibility camping area. Please email accessibility@woodfordia.com for pricing and booking.

Your home away from home at Woodfordia



We understand that equal access can sometimes mean being accompanied by a carer. Thus, we offer complimentary carer/companion tickets on an individual-needs basis. If you’d like to chat to us about this, just send an email toaccessibility@woodfordia.comso we can begin the conversation. 



We also welcome Assistance Animals and encourage you to register your Assistance Animal prior to attending the festival. To help us support you and your Assistance Animal on site, we have an application and registration process for Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and trained Assistance Animals to be allowed onto the festival site


Accessible toilets can be found in a central location within the festival village and in the Accessible Camping area in Season Camping. 



On the evening of the Fire Event (1st Jan), a shuttle bus will transport patrons with access needs and one carer to the  Amphitheatre. Once you are on site, [lease book with the Access Support Manager at the Happy Campers Office (office located in Accessible Camping area, opposite amenity block 38). Please note that this vehicle is a standard small bus and numbers are limited. 



Auslan interpreters will interpret selected events at the festival. Look for the ‘interpreted’ symbol  in the Day Programme Guide.  

For each event/performance:  

  • Arrive 10 minutes before the start time.  
  • Look for the Interpreter. 
  • Ask them to show you the best place to sit, so you can see the Interpreter clearly  
  • ForThe Welcome Ceremony, ask Infology  for the best place to sit so you can see the Interpreter.


Phone: 0408 384 286
From 27 Dec – 1 Jan inclusive 

The Festival is offering an interpreting service, where you can book an Auslan interpreter. If you want to book an Interpreter throughout the festival please SMS 0408 384 286 and tell us: 

  • Your name 
  • Event name 
  • Venue 
  • Time of the event 

An SMS will be sent each morning of the festival detailing interpreted events for the day to those who wish it and have registered.



We are happy to assist people with disabilities in making plans for a pleasant and safe festival experience. Please complete these forms online or download and email back to us to ensure that your Accessible Parking and/or Accessible Camping space is secured. If you need further assistance or information about accessible camping, parking or access at the Woodford Folk Festival, please email accessibility@woodfordia.com.