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Through Ceremony, we reflect, remember and re-create our connection with the physical and non-physical

On The Streets

The festival streets are alive at any time of day, with the dressed up and dressed down Woodford

Meditation In Motion

Mahatma Ghandi was quoted to say “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”. Across the festival in a number

Arts and Crafts

By daylight Artisania is a thriving village of artistic energies. With master artisans as their guides,

World Folklines

Light the lantern at stages celebrating and exploring traditional music, dance and theatre unique to

Circus & Cabaret

We have our secret places, our sacred spaces, where our imaginings take flight and we delight in the dreams we’ve

Relax at Woodfordia

You are welcome! Our organisation provides equality of services and care to everyone of all age, ability, gender, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation – or even how well you play the fiddle.

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