We have our secret places, our sacred spaces, where our imaginings take flight and we delight in the dreams we’ve dreamed made real. Cabaret beasts, burlesque empresses, gypsy tune traders and obnoxious ranters, word wit and spine-tingling circus variety shows. Junkyard waltzes and rambunctious jazz-punk tinkerings, romantic tomfoolery, international and local circus skillery and a sweet selection of vaudeville, old timey music and decadence from any era trill and trumpet their way in and out of Woodfordia. We roll out the red crash mat for tricks, toys, and tonnes of fun, with moments of breathtaking beauty and derring-do from skillmeisters and showoffs. And if you like what you see, you can try your hand (and feet) at new skills inside a cheerful red and white circus tent, with plenty of room on the grass outback for fire-play by night. From fly-highs to fireflies, circus is alive for the people of the Woodfordia village.

Here is a selection of images from our archives.