Vollies Make Our World Go Round

Vollies Make Our World Go Round

While our wonderful performers get the official ‘star’ billing, we save our very special applause for the quiet stars of our events – the Volunteers.

We have over 2700 folks from all over Australia and the world contributing to the creation and operation of the festival.


Tales of Traders: Munay Designs

Walking into Greta Hartley’s stall, Munay Designs, is a bit like entering a mermaid’s treasure trove. The Sunshine Coast local has been creating jewellery for many moons now. Her handcrafted jewels are made with crystals, sterling silver, hill tribe silver, stones, shells, as well as with purpose and lashings of love. Greta draws her design inspiration from time spent in the sunny parts of the world, flitting between Australia and Thailand throughout the year.

People of Woodfordia: Robin Clayfield

Every year, we make it our mission to fill the land of Woodfordia with beautiful spaces; magical nooks and crannies to explore that ignite the imagination. The Sacred Union Labyrinth is one of said spaces. Robin Clayfield is the creative soul behind this beloved festival feature and sat down with Claire Meraki at last year’s festival to discuss the inception of her wonderful labyrinth and share her Woodfordian journey.


People of Woodfordia: Becky Wandell

Woodford Folk Festival can be any number of things: a wellness retreat, a food safari, a musical tour, a fairground, a theatre, a circus, an art school or a comedy club. There’s something for everyone, even the littlest ones. Lovingly wrapped in the arms of the folk festival, lies the Children’s Festival – a bright, eye-widening wonderland.


Return To Woodfordia!

Cherish Arrowsmith, a loyal Woodfordian
“Coming to Woodford is something I have looked forward to for two years. I have come once before and have wanted to come back ever since, because of the amazing and friendly people and the amazing musicians.”

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