People of Woodford Use The Lettering House For Mischief And Magic


Ann Woodruff Becker and her friends didn’t anticipate that a random letter would lead to so much fun and new friendships at Woodford.

We were three friends attending the festival and we’d decided to write letters to our parents in the Lettering House when we came up with a legendary idea.

First, one of us said “I’m going to write a creepy love letter to my brother.”

We all laughed!

Then together we decided that we should write 3 letters to randoms in the festival (all teenage girls with brown hair and blue eyes).

We wrote on the brother’s letter “Let’s meet at Byron Bay Donuts on Tuesday at 1:30pm,” and we wrote the same thing on letters to three random girls.

On Tuesday we totally forgot about the plan until 1:45pm.

We were sad that we’d missed it but decided to go and see anyway.

To our amazement, 15 minutes after the meeting time they were all eating donuts together.

Afterwards, they went and sat on the Village Green.

We hope they became friends.

The Lettering House is the Woodford Folk Festival’s own postal service, where hand-written letters are delivered by bicycle or collected onsite. 

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