People of Woodford Propose Via The Lettering House

Julie Townsend accepted her husband’s proposal via The Lettering House at the Woodford Folk Festival.

I’ve been attending the Woodford Folk Festival since the Maleny days before it moved to Woodford in 1994. My daughter was three when we first attended and 2017 was my first year without her!

2016 was somewhat of a transition. I was proposed to by my now husband, and accepted, via a letter from the Lettering House.

We married at a farm in Bilambil NSW, after months of preparation building giant dream catchers, a bicycle blender, piano key chandelier, a tunnel of love, a kissing kombucha stand, dreamcatcher tambourines for the bridesmaids instead of bouquets, gay fairies, fabulous entertainers, craft workshops, hula hoop workshops, topped off by being married by our kindy teacher now celebrant, Miss Betty, from Romper Room.

I have now entered a new era of Woodford for myself and my husband!

I wasn’t sure how I could top the memories of last year’s or the year before but Woodford never ceases to amaze!

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