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Imagine a fleeting but mighty township. It’s people – deeply kind, unapologetically themselves and full of a yearning to feed mind, body and soul. For six days and six nights at the end of the year, this very place and these very people exist in a paradise that is known as Woodford Folk Festival.

Chai Tent

One of our most loved spaces at Woodford Folk Festival over the years has been the Chai Tent. It came in many incarnations, many spaces, and with a few different organizers, but the one constant was the delicious, steaming hot chai shared with friends, old and new.

Indulge Your Tastebuds

Woodford Folk Festival 2018/19 does have a super fun music line up, with many of our favourites returning. This news alone may be enough to have you making sure your holiday request is in at work on time, but here’s something else that may have you salivating – the culinary options in our ‘Festival of Food’!

Beat The Heat at Woodford

Organizers are hoping that the new design by German bamboo architect Jorg Straum will be the right fit. Volunteers will construct 70 meters of shading under the supervision of Sydney bamboo/architect collective Cave Urban who worked with Jorg while visiting Woodfordia in October.

BioQuesting Woodfordia 

QuestaGame recently won the prestigious Eureka Science Award for innovation in citizen science, and we invite you to play with us to document Woodfordia’s biodiversity. Already, across one weekend, 300 sightings have been submitted and a new species was found! Become Woodfordia’s citizen scientist by joining the Woodfordia Clan; discover the fascinating creatures that call Woodfordia home and contribute valuable biodiversity data in collaborative fun.

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