For those Woodfordians leaving the festival today, here’s some handy information for facilitating your departure.

Season Campers, there’s one bus operating between the Butterfly Walk and Eastern Bloc Car Park until 5pm.

Woodfordia’s New Youth Space

On Thursday 26 December, Youth Season Campers are invited to attend the opening of Dja-Mandji – a shaded hangout area for the festival’s ever-growing tribe of teens. It’s a Jinibara phrase that means “place of friends”. Sunny Coast crooners, The Dreggs, will be playing a special unplugged set, warming up the space for the festival ahead.

A New Generation of Giant Puppets

In a tent in Woodford Folk Festival’s Amphitheatre, a strange child is being born. Some of the world’s leading puppet artists and a team of volunteers are putting the finishing touches on the first of a series of giant puppets, which will be the central characters in the festival’s Closing Ceremony over the next three years.

Pineapple Lounge 10th Anniversary

This year marks a decade of the Pineapple Lounge serving juicy beats and equally as juicy Shampine. Whether you are a newfound Woodfordian or have a collection of memories from this slice of festival paradise, we invite you to join us in the celebrations. The Pineapple Lounge is loved by many, with its billowy, soft and relaxing corners.

Lake Gkula Quiz

A watery haven for Woodfordians two-legged, fishy, leafy and feathered, Lake Gkula is not only a place for fun and frivolity but of important and fragile biodiversity. Test your knowledge and take our quiz below for a chance to win $100 worth of sun-smart goodies from our Emporium of Keepsakes.

Prom Night at Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20

If you weren’t ‘you’ when you had your prom, formal or school dance, 20 years ago or two weeks ago, this is the night to reclaim it. The imperfect nature of this supposed enchanted night has left many of us longing for a do over. Taffeta, tulle, tuxes and tunes – if you’re

Vollies Make Our World Go Round

While our wonderful performers get the official ‘star’ billing, we save our very special applause for the quiet stars of our events – the Volunteers.

We have over 2700 folks from all over Australia and the world contributing to the creation and operation of the festival.

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