Moreton Bay Region – Things To Do And Places To Visit For Adventure Seekers

Moreton Bay Region – Things To Do And Places To Visit For Adventure Seekers

These are just a handful of the many things you can see and do over at Moreton Bay Region. Visit Moreton Bay Region and their Facebook page for more information.

In the midst of the Moreton Bay region, there is the 500-acre Woodford Folk Festival. It is considered as a hidden treasure of South-East Queensland. The site is conveniently an hour’s drive from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Here you will discover cool swimming holes, pristine beaches that line the many islands found in Moreton Bay.

It has a border of 25km starting from the Brisbane CBD. This region has an expanse from Bribie Islands in the north up to the Southern Bay Islands of north Stradbroke. There’s also Moreton Island which has areas such as Arana Hills, Caboolture, Dayboro, Mt Mee, Woodford, Samford and Redcliffe in between.

You will be sure to find adventure whether you stay for a day or completely immerse yourself in the 6 days that is the Woodford Folk Festival. We have compiled a list of things you can do and places you can visit for those who are new to this type of adventure.

Jump into a deep and cool watering hole

Feeling a bit hot? Cool down when you visit Neurum Creek, Rocky Hole in D’Aguilar National Park and Stony Creek’s swimming hole. These are all nearby Woodford Folk Festival.


Stony Creek

 Sandstone Point Hotel

We have Sandstone Point Hotel for those who love to enjoy their preferred drink in hand while overlooking the Bribie Island. It’s also an ideal location for concerts and weddings. Even children will enjoy here thanks to the lush green grass that extends to the waters’ edge – allowing them to kick a ball, play cricket and run free.

Sandstone Point Hotel


There is a lovely town called Dayboro and it is just over the Mt Mee range. Take a walk along their historical town, and take delight in the stories that their history rich buildings will reveal. The Dayboro Community Art Gallery, the quaint boot maker building, the old butter factory and Crown Hotel all have stories to tell in this little country town.

Dayboro Historical Buildings

Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island

Come over and take a ferry to visit one of the uniqe islands in Moreton Bay. Discovering the remarkably clean white beaches of Moreton and North Stradbroke Island is one of the things that you should definitely tick off from your list of adventures.

If you’re up to it and still have some energy to spare, you might want to head on over to some of the biggest sand dunes in Australia and try out sand tobogganing.

Moreton Island

Bribie Island

Here’s an interesting tidbit – Bribie Island is the only island found in Queensland that is directly connected to the mainland by a bridge. If you would like to drive yourself there, you ought to secure your permits. These are available for 4WD, and will allow you to travel to the island off the beaten tracks. You’d be glad to know that these tracks will lead you to a beach that is perfect for camping. You will also learn how to fish, manoeuvre a canoe, kite surf, jet ski and surf when you move in closer to civilisation.

Kite Surfing

Kids Activities in Woodford

Will the little ones be tagging along with you? Here are some activities that would delight them:

  • Woodford Skate Park – D’Aguilar. Woodford
  • Woodford Swimming Pool– Petersen Road, Woodford, (07) 5496 1918
  • BMX bike Tracks– D’Aguilar Hwy Woodford
  • Woodford Railway– Great family event!
  • Enjoy a train ride in an old steam train.

Woodford Heritage Train Station

Centenary Lakes

Woodfordians of all ages will be able to find something to their liking. There is a tennis and netball courts, a BMX track, gorgeous lakes and gardens and even a kids climbing playground.

Cabooltre Centenary Lakes

Pumicestone Passage

Pumicestone Passage is just full of wildlife. It will surely be a place that any nature lover would love to visit. You will be able to indulge yourselves in water sports, such as jet skiing, kite surfing and fishing. This channel runs 35 km between Bribie Island and the Caboolture coastline.

Moreton Bay Jet Ski Hire and Ride

Wamuran cycle rail trail and Wamuran Trail Loop

With all of the fun that you will experience at the festival, you will be certain that you are going to make up for all the energy you used by gorging on all the delicious food. Don’t worry about gaining unwanted pounds, because you will be able to get rid of them. Just take a 5km bicycle ride that begins in Wamuran. It is just a 10 minute drive away from the Woodford Folk Festival site. If you want to maximise the challenge, why not extend the ride up to the Glass House Mountains? That’s going to be a 20km ride! It’s pretty easy, up until you reach the Fox Mountain. Good luck, and have loads of fun!

Cycle Wamuran Rail Trail

10.Mountain Wine Tours at Ocean View Estates

Nestled between the rolling green hills of Mt Mee is the Ocean View Estates Winery, a place where great wine, stunning views and a relaxing country atmosphere meet.

Wine lovers rejoice! Between the rolling hills of Mt Mee, you will find the Ocean View Estates Winery. You will be sure to enjoy great wine and a combination of the relaxing country atmosphere and stunning views.

Ocean View Estates

These are just a handful of the many things you can see and do over at Moreton Bay Region. Visit Moreton Bay Region and their Facebook page for more information.

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