All Media representatives wishing to attend the festival in a professional capacity must apply for Media Accreditation. Media applications are open here from mid-October each year.

There are three types of Media application (details of which can be found on the website):

Media Accreditation: For members of the press – print media, photo, radio, TV, online, film and news agencies. Applications need to include contact details of the editor, general manager or chief of staff of the media organization they represent.

Freelance Accreditation: Independent journalists, photographers, website managers, filmmakers etc. who are intending to publish material from the festival. Please note that Freelance Accreditation does not include any complimentary tickets.

Student Accreditation: Students of Universities and TAFEs who wish to cover the festival as part of their communications studies. Student Accreditation does not include complimentary tickets and students are required to attend a media protocol induction at the Media Centre on the festival site before the pass can be issued.

Accreditation will be assessed upon the following:

    1. Completed online accreditation application (one application per person).
    2. Supplied contact details of Chief of Staff, Editor or General Manager.
    3. Copies of 2 x previously published materials, no less than 4 months old.
    4. Outline of commitment to any available pre-festival coverage in the lead up to the Woodford Folk Festival between 17th October (programme launched) through to 27 December (Festival Begins).

Please note:

Media representatives will require photo ID to collect tickets and media passes. All media must register with the Media Centre upon arrival onsite. In addition to giving you your media pass so that you will be recognised by staff, security and patrons as a media representative, the Media Centre provides valuable facilities such as interview arrangements with performers, access to communications technology and power, not to mention a nice cup of tea.

The chiefs of staff of major newspapers and television channels covering the festival on a day by day and changing staff basis are asked to make contact with the festival Media Contact pre-festival and the Media Centre during the festival, so that appropriate arrangements can be made for news crews (i.e. access onto site whether by company vehicle or helicopter). The Media Centre phone contacts will be made known in the week before the festival.

Material for WFF consumption and archives

The Woodford Folk Festival will utilise current published articles to re-share on social media channels when available. Please tag the WFF to notify of publication via @woodfordff or #woodfordff

The Woodford Folk Festival greatly appreciates receiving copies of material from broadcast and publication. Please send any published material to