Lake Gkula Quiz

Lake Gkula Quiz

A watery haven for Woodfordians two-legged, fishy, leafy and feathered, Lake Gkula is not only a place for fun and frivolity but of important and fragile biodiversity. Test your knowledge and take our quiz below for a chance to win $100 worth of sun-smart goodies from our Emporium of Keepsakes.

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Competition closes Wednesday 18 December 2019.

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1) Fill in the blank:
In order to maintain the lake’s delicate ecological balance, we have asked swimmers to remove any ________ before entering the water. (Hint: NOT your swimwear).

2) The wetlands are key to maintaining a healthy, thriving ecosystem in Lake Gkula. How many are there?

3) Some of Lake Gkula’s many invertebrates feed on other invertebrates, as well as fish and frog larvae, while others are an important food source for fish, waterbirds, frogs and lizards. What is their other key role in Lake Gkula?

4) Powerful pumps are one important technology used to maintain high water flow and oxygen levels. What is the second innovative technology used to sustain these levels?

5) There are many fish that enjoy the beautiful waters of Lake Gkula. What are three species that have made the lake their home?

6) Frogs are crucial to a healthy, happy lake. Some species include common tree frogs, spotted and stripped marsh frogs, Easton Dwarf frogs and Peron’s tree frog. Even the tadpoles are important, as they help to keep the water clear by feeding on what?

7) Water birds are welcome friends of Lake Gkula and feed on many organisms, which helps to keep the ecosystem in balance. Water birds also travel across several locations – what does this help to achieve?

8) What are five different species of the many natural aquatic plants abundant in Lake Gkula?

9) What does the Jinibara word ‘Gkula’ translate to in English?

10) True or false? To best protect Lake Gkula it must be free of floatation devices, water inflatables, toys and all other plastics and you must only enter and exist via the beaches.

Photo courtesy of Jody Gilchrist

Best of luck and enjoy learning all about Lake Gkula.

Please send your submissions to: – with the subject ‘Lake Quiz’.

Competition closes Wednesday 18 December 2019.

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