How to get the most out of Season Camping

How to get the most out of Season Camping

If all the acts in this year’s Woodford Folk Festival programme were strung end-to-end, the performances would run for 93 continuous days – that’s 279 business days, or 56 working weeks!

Wondering how anyone fits in all the action on offer?

Needless to say, it’s impossible!

But there is a way to get the most out of the Woodford Folk Festival experience, and that’s to stay onsite for the whole event with a Season Camping ticket – it’s kind of like a Golden Ticket to six days and six nights of unforgettable festival fun.

Long-time Woodfordian Sarah Pye has been coming to the festival for 10 years, and while she has visited in the past on a day/night ticket, she now prefers to stay for the whole thing.

“The best thing about coming for the whole week is that you absorb the Woodford vibe, and don’t need to rush around so much,” she says.

“Most acts perform several times, so coming for a week allows you to see everything you want without the stress.

“When I stay the entire week, I find I wake up leisurely, have breakfast at my tent, wander into the festival for the morning, choose one of the many amazing food options for lunch, head back to my tent mid-afternoon for a rest where I catch up with friends and share notes, cook myself some dinner then head back into the festival for the evening.”

“Much more relaxed!”

With accommodation prices at a premium between Christmas and New Year, the Season Camping festival ticket is at an amazing value, and if you’ve been before you’ll know you can’t put a price on the incredible experiences to be had.


A few suggestions for getting the most out of your week-long experience:

*Probably a no-brainer, but come prepared – check out our tips for camping to ensure you’ve covered all bases to get comfy in the campgrounds.

*Think about where you would most like to camp – do you want to be under some shade? Close to the toilets? Right in the action close to the festival gates? Or perhaps you prefer a little more tranquility with a paddock view of the happy cow neighbours. It helps to have an idea before you get here so you know what you’re going to do.

*Know that there are oases to escape to if needed. If you’re feeling the need to take a little break, cool-off at the water hole at Stony Creek – less than 20 minutes drive away, it’s a not-so-secret secret of Woodford Season Camping veterans. You might even be able to hitch a ride there with your neighbour!

*Having said that, forming a community around you is one of the keys to having the magical Woodford experience everyone talks of.

You’ll be surprised how open people are to having a chat with anyone, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation on your morning walk to the showers. Welcome and be welcomed – random interactions with strangers can sometimes lead to lifelong friendships.

*If you’ve left something behind, the General Store has you covered for all your basic needs, including camping equipment! If there’s anything more specific you require, Woodford town centre (with 2 major supermarkets) is not even 10 minutes drive away.

*With 56 permanent amenities blocks as well as the temporary amenities – that’s 466 toilets and 335 showers – you’re never far from a refreshing shower, or if you need the loo in the middle of the night. Peak shower times are mornings and late afternoons, so get creative with your shower schedule.

*When it comes to packing, are you the bare minimum, necessities-only kind of camper or the full monty, campsite-themed decorations type? Whether you’re the creator or the observer, the natural beauty in the campgrounds is not to be missed.

*Make the pilgrimage with friends and family – the Christmas/New Year holiday period is usually a time to spend with loved ones, so why not grab the whole gang and carpool or convoy here. If you’re travelling solo though, do not fear – your Woodford family is here! Even if you don’t know them yet, you’ll be inseparable by the end.

And finally, the best advice you can probably get on how to fully appreciate the Woodford Folk Festival is to simply surrender.

Take the plunge and immerse yourself completely in the limitless, multifaceted and unique experience of spending six days and nights at the largest gathering of artists and performers in Australia.

To see just how much there is to be experienced at the Woodford Folk Festival (and check out a map of the campsite), you’ll find an online copy of the programme booklet here.

You can also head here for a full list of outlets where you can buy a beautiful printed copy to keep.

If you’re planning on joining us at the Woodford Folk Festival this year, make sure you book your tickets online – this year there’ll be no opportunity to buy them at the gate.

Ticket allocation will be capped this year and all vehicles will require a Vehicle Pass.

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