Volunteering at Woodford Folk Festival

Woodford Folk Festival is a not-for-profit community run organisation. Each year, thousands of volunteers from all around the globe join us in volunteering their time, energy, expertise, joy and passion to help us create a magical festival experience – a place for us all to imagine a beautiful future. In return for their contribution, all volunteers receive a Season Ticket with camping. Read more

Returning volunteers were sent an invitation to volunteer with their returning volunteer codes when the application site was opened on 15 September. 

If you are a returning volunteer but did not receive your volunteer codes, please check your junk mail folder and if the invitation is not there, please email volunteers@woodfordfolkfestival.com.

Click here to find out more about leadership roles.

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If you’d like to stay connected to the Woodford Folk Festival volunteer community, please join our Facebook group.

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What kinds of volunteering positions are available at Woodford Folk Festival?

BUILD Volunteers

The festival site comes to life during a two week period in December that we call the ‘Build.’ Roughly two weeks before Christmas, over 400 volunteers arrive at the Woodford Folk Festival site and help to layout, build, beautify and prepare the festival parkland for the upcoming event. Build volunteers then take the 6 days of the festival off to enjoy the fruits of their labour. On the 2nd of January, they join us again, this time as pack-down crew, staying for a few days or up to a week (it is much quicker to pull it all down!) before returning to the real world, ready for the new year. Build roles are project orientated and require a bigger time commitment than Festival volunteer roles – most build volunteers will find themselves working for at least 14 days across the two-week build and pack down period.

During the Build period there is an evening programme of entertainment put together by the people, for the people. There are often performances in the evening, music jams around the fire and friends to make over a drink at the Workers Bar. Build volunteers are fed three healthy meals a day during the build and pack up periods (while working).

FESTIVAL Volunteers

Roughly 2000 volunteers arrive around Christmas (between the 24th & 27th of December) to help to create the magic of the festival itself. Festival volunteers work to keep us all comfortable, happy and well-fed during the 6-day festival; from our Intergalactic S-Bend Warriors who keep our amenities clean, to our Department of First Impressions who welcome the patrons with a smile and the Baristas, Bartenders and Bakers who keep us well fed there are hundreds of different volunteer roles during the Woodford Folk Festival.

Festival Volunteers are required to work 30-35 hours across the festival days (between 24th December and 2nd January, depending on the role requirements).

We are often asked for a list of roles available. The best way to find this is by clicking on ‘Apply Now’ and looking at the different positions listed – you can sort the page to show you every role available at the same time (this is best if you have time to sit and read through it all). We would love to help you find the volunteering role that makes your heart happy – which is why we have a detailed application process. We want to match your skills to the right position. Check out our FAQs for more info.

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Please keep us up to date with your best email address and if your details have changed, email volunteers@woodfordfolkfestival.com.

If you’d like to stay connected to the Woodford Folk Festival volunteer community, please join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram @woodfordfolkfestivalvolunteers 

FAQs about Volunteering at Woodford Folk Festival


To volunteer throughout the year, email your CV and expression of interest to volunteers@woodfordia.com.

There are monthly working bees taking place to help care for the land and lake at Woodfordia, as well as the infrastructure.

To find out more about land/lake care, you are invited to join the Treehuggers mailing list by emailing treehuggers@woodfordia.com. And if you’re more interested in lake care, email lakegkulavols@woodfordia.com.

If you’re keen to assist in various site repair projects, carpentry, odd jobs fixing infrastructure or more, email woodfordwarriors@woodfordia.com to join their mailing list.

At these working bees, there is also a Folk Club that takes place on the last Saturday night of the month. If you’d like to help at the Folk Club, email woodfordfolkclub@woodfordia.com.

We also have some year-round office volunteer opportunities, that involve admin and various other duties. Email your CV to reception@woodfordia.com if you are interested.

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We are accepting expressions of interest from people who are keen to take on a leadership role within the festival organising group.


You might also consider becoming a citizen of Woodfordia and getting involved in shaping the future of our organisation. Stay connected in a meaningful way throughout the year. Be part of a movement that aims to make a beautiful and positive cultural contribution to all who feel our welcome.

Woodfordian Citizens, among other things, will be emailed Woodfordia’s quarterly journal Lore Society, invitations to regular gatherings and have access to a comprehensive and ever growing online Woodfordian Citizens Portal.

To become a Woodfordian Citizen, click here.


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