Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20

Food Stalls

Are licensed to sell drinks and/or a combination or food/desserts, anything that is consumed by the mouth and considered ‘food’ or a ‘beverage’.

Category 4 Food Stalls

Are stalls that only sell one product and are consumed by the mouth and considered as ‘food/treats’

Category 4 Cafes

Are stalls that only sell hot/cold beverages only-stalls that supply cakes are considered a food stall.

Craft Stalls

Stalls that only sell Australian handmade products produced by the applicant, rather than products mass-produced outside of Australia. We support artistic folk who produce wares with their own skills and create a space to display them at the festival. Examples include the jeweler who makes adornments, the wood turner who creates useable (or unusable) objects, the potter who creates bowls to eat from and vases to decorate with or the candle maker who brings us light.

Merchandise Stalls

Stalls that import their products or sell products that the applicant does not produce themselves. We support retailers who support others and consider ethical practice, with an emphasis on human rights and providing additional economy to countries less fortunate than ours. Please note, these products must not be mass-produced items such as plastic toys, weapons, single-use products or other products deemed by our team as ‘not appropriate’.

If your Stall is a combination of craft and merchandise, it is a Merchandise Stall and we ask you to apply under that category. Merchandise stall fees will apply.

Community Group and Information Stalls

Non-Profit Incorporated Organisations that represent the community’s needs and/or provide services for the benefit of others or the environment and wish to promote these services to the community of Woodfordia.

Health and Wellbeing Stalls

Stalls that provide health, wellbeing and therapeutic goods and services and are registered and qualified in their field.