Woodford Folk Festival 2018/19

What type of stall are you?

Food Stalls
Are licensed to sell drinks/food/desserts/preserves, anything that is consumed by the mouth and considered ‘food’ or a ‘beverage’.

Craft Stalls
Are those stalls selling only Australian handmade products that are not mass-produced by other people outside of Australia.

Merchandise Stalls
Are those stalls that import their products or sell products that they do not produce themselves -however must not be mass produced items.

If your Stall is a combination of craft and merchandise, it is considered to be a Merchandise Stall.

Community Group Stalls
Are Non-Profit Incorporated Organisations that represent the community’s needs and services.

Information Stalls
Are organisations/businesses that are registered and wish to promote their services organisation to the community.

Health and Wellbeing Stalls
Are stalls that provide therapeutic and medicinal services by Registered Practitioners and Associations.