Woodford Folk Festival  

This document covers all areas associated with being a Stallholder at the Woodford Folk Festival (WFF) and outlines the responsibilities of both stallholders and the festival organisers. 

When you apply you are agreeing with all the terms and conditions of being a Stallholder outlined in this document. 

Woodfordia Inc representatives work directly with Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) and other relevant bodies, to establish procedures and protocols to support our stallholders and the organisation of the festival. 

Please take note that the atmosphere you intend to create within your stall is important for you to blend into the landscape of the festival, the way you present its design, layout and presentation will support your application. We have included pictures on our website to help you visually perceive what we like to offer our guests. The experience you create and beauty you bring to your stall reflects on the overall landscape of the festival, please keep this in mind when applying for a stall. 

Woodfordia Inc – The 500 Year Plan

We recognize, appreciate and graciously receive gifts from our ancestors.

We understand these are the gifts of lore and the celebration of our existence.

We aim to gift future generations a clean slate; an organization unencumbered with financial, social or environmental debt.

We’ll cultivate a convention of decision-making, strengthening through time, that will resonate in our work and nurture our future.

We’ll plant a forest of goodwill and benefit from its shade.

We will build with the eyes of artists.

We’ll provide space for our descendants to meet the challenges of their generations with vigour, courage and imagination and encourage them to celebrate their journeys with levity and frivolity.

The 500 year plan lives in our minds.

It is our myth.

It is a vision for how we might be and sensed by all who feel our welcome.

Welcome to Woodford Folk Festival 

At the heart of the festival are our Stalls, creating a warm and welcoming space where our guests choose to extend and enhance their festival experience. 


Stalls are ultimately classified into different categories: 


Are licensed to sell drinks and/or a combination or food/desserts, anything that is consumed by the mouth and considered ‘food’ or a ‘beverage’. 


Are stalls that only sell hot/cold beverages only. 

Stalls that supply cakes are considered a food stall. 


Are those stalls selling only Australian handmade products that are not mass-produced by other people outside of Australia and are made by the applicant or their direct family. We support artistic folk who make, create, produce wares and goods with skills and then proudly create a space to display their wares with zest and enthusiasm. The jeweller who makes adornments, the wood turner who creates useable objects (or not), the potter who creates bowls to eat from, vases to decorate with and the candle maker who brightens our lives. 


Are those stalls that import their products or sell products that they do not produce themselves. We support retailers who support others and consider ethical practice, with an emphasis on human rights and providing additional economy to countries less fortunate than ours. Please note, these products must not be mass produced items, plastic toys, weapons, single use products or other products deemed by our team as ‘not appropriate’ 

If your Stall is a combination of craft and merchandise, it is a Retail Stall, and we ask you to apply under that category. Retail Stall fees will apply. 


Are Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation’s that represent the community’s needs or/and provide services for the benefits of others or the environment and wish to promote these services to the community of Woodfordia. 


Are stalls that provide therapeutic and medicinal services by registered practitioners and associations or those with appropriate credentials and insurances. 


At Woodfordia, we have a high expectation for stall presentation. If you create the interior of your stall in a way that is attractive, welcoming and accessible, more patrons will visit your space. 

Below are some strong considerations that we ask you to be mindful of: 

  • Any stall that we consider to be dirty or not up to standards will need to address the concerns immediately by hiring/borrowing plants/décor/appropriate signage (laminated signage is not recommended) 
  • Organisers reserve the right to request that a stallholder undertake any reasonable measure, which in the opinion of the WHS team, Site Management or/and the Stall’s Manager will improve the safety of the stall, or to raise the level of presentation of the stall and its products. 
  • Camping tents, domestic marquees and carports are not considered suitable for use as a stall. All stalls erected at Woodfordia must comply with Australian Standards. 
  • We will not permit the use of marquees, umbrellas or any items with non-owned trademarked logos. 


Stall placement and overall layout is at the discretion of the organisers and the Stall Manager and if possible is undertaken in consultation with the applicant. 

It is not acceptable for stallholders to encroach too far out onto the walkways with their racks or displayed goods for access and safety reasons, but we do encourage use of your stall front to entice guests into your stall. 

When deciding what stall site size you require, include your entire stall footprint in your site map including all ropes and awnings and back of house. If you are a food and beverage stall you need to include cold rooms, storage, and freezers. If you arrive at the festival and you have a 6m×6m marquee but only booked a 3m×6m site, you may be disappointed with the area you told us you need. 

Marquee Contractors may start setting up marquees from 5th December. These hired marquees can only be removed from Friday 6th January between 7am-5pm only. 

Food and/or Beverage stallholders may enter the site to start setting up from the 9th December and must have all infrastructure finalised by the 19th December. 

General stallholders (craft, retail, wellbeing) may enter the site from the 15th December and must be ready by the 22nd December. 

Community Groups may enter from the 18th December and must be ready by the 21st December. 

It is important that we know when you will arrive on site and when you will be ready for our crew to connect your stall into our infrastructure systems, WFF Service personal will connect your stall to power and plumbing and ensure your gas equipment complies with the Queensland Gas Authority once you have set up your equipment. 

We will attempt to book in a time that suits all parties, we ask that stallholders or a representative of theirs must be onsite for this to occur to make it smooth for all parties. 


Stallholders are expected to operate for the duration of the festival from the 26th December – 1st January. Festival precinct closes at 4am on 2nd January 

We ask that all stallholders trade per our minimum required trading hours (see below). However, stallholders are welcome to operate for longer hours during the festival if they choose. 

Festival gates open on the 26th December at 5pm and we expect all stalls to be up and running. This is our first opportunity for our guests to have a look around, to scope out stalls they may want to visit during the festival. 

The festival gates close 4am on the 2nd January. 

Guests will not be able to enter the festival before or after these times. 

On New Year’s Eve and the evening of 1st January, we recommend you trade longer and consider working with your neighbours to create a scene within your precinct. Organise a street party, sparkle up the roads and draw in the crowds. If retailers close earlier than 10pm the whole atmosphere in the area changes, please support the neighbours and create a late-night trade. 


Date Latest Open Earliest Close 
26th December 5pm 10pm 
27th-31st December 9am (Food stalls 8am) 10pm 
1st January 9am (Food stalls 8am) 10pm  


At WFF we endorse an Environmental Lore regarding packaging. We are committed to reducing the amount of waste taken off site and into landfill. We sort all the rubbish, compost and recycle wherever possible. 


Single use plastic bags and water bottles under 750ml are not permitted at the festival. Many patrons carry reusable bags and baskets.  


A general waste levy as per stalls fee schedule is charged on top of your stall fee to help ensure waste targets are met and services can be provided. 


Only compostable food service items or packaging may be used. Plastic coated straws or plastic straws are not to be used on site. Compostable products may be ordered via our Supplies Department or your own suppliers (eg BioPak).  

The Festival will supply bins for general waste, recyclable products and cardboard at the back of each food stall. 
Garbology Crew will attend to your waste disposal when required. Food stalls must put bins on the street before 6am in order to be collected. You are responsible to collect your bin back off the street by 8am. 

It is the responsibility of the stallholder to work with the Garbology Team regarding daily pick up and assist where possible. 

Larger collections can be pre-arranged. Organic Waste containers will be available for those stallholders who are able to separate organic waste in their food preparation. 


A bond of $500 per stall is required for all stalls. 

You must leave your site the way you found it and be mindful of our goal ‘to leave no trace’. 

The bond will be refunded in January if you leave your site in its initial pristine state and returned into the nominated bank account supplied on the online application form once the stall management staff have inspected your site. It is important that your site is checked thoroughly by you before leaving. This includes screws, nails & cable ties. 

Leaving ‘no trace’ requires each stallholder to remove all building materials, bamboo and any other infrastructure off site and place recycling and waste material in skips provided at the end of the festival. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure that the site is clear of this debris and all rubbish sorted appropriately. 

If you hire a marquee you need to convey this request to the supplier – that it is imperative for them to pick up all cable ties, flooring and dunnage on the site before leaving. 


Some stall areas have camping and/or car space known as BOH (back of house). If there is no camping space behind your stall you will be allocated a space in the stallholders camping area.  

You will be asked to provide a camping plan. It is very important for us to know how big your camping needs are for yourself and your crew so we can accommodate as best we can. 

If camping behind your stall, be aware that the size of the camping area is unable to be wider than your actual stall site. Within the festival precinct, depth of camping area generally needs to be less than 3m. 

You also have the option of camping in the Stallholder camping area which will give the organisers much more scope of where your stall is placed. You still need to be mindful of the size of your camp. Many stallholders choose to camp in the stallholders area as it is quieter and often a better place to rest. 

There is no available power in the designated stallholders camping area for you or your crew. If you/they have medical conditions that require access to power for the use of medical equipment, they will need to apply online https://woodfordfolkfestival.com/prepare/accessibility/ 

We will notify you individually of your specific camping arrangements once placement has been decided. 


If you require a companion to support you whilst at the festival, the career must be registered and hold the appropriate card. This must be shown during the process of ticket allocation. Please contact our Front of House team on 5496 1066 for further information on companion ticketing. 


Every stallholder must hold current $20 million public liability and preferably product liability if selling food/beverages. Product liability is not compulsory. 

Stallholders are required to submit a copy of their current insurance policies with their application. 


Included in your stall fee are complimentary tickets which are non-transferrable, the amount of tickets you receive will depend on your stall size. 

  • The tickets cannot be sold, given away or traded. 
  • Tickets will be issued by the name that you nominate. 
  • Staff tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate until 23rd December. More information will be provided on how to purchase additional tickets upon acceptance of your application. 
  • The wristband issued in exchange for your ticket must always be worn from 7am on the 26th December and continue to be worn during the festival until you leave the site for the last time. 
  • Replacing lost wristbands is a chore for our system and adds to our workload, please be super vigilant and look after your wristband. 
  • If your ticket is lost before you get your wristband you may be required to purchase another ticket at gate prices. 
  • Tickets are not refundable. 
  • Stallholders may choose to take up the payment plan to purchase additional tickets 


WFF is a 7-day event and often experiences changeable weather conditions including storms and high winds. Ask your marquee contractor to ensure they close your stall when constructed, if they are left open and high winds occur, it can create challenges that could have been avoided. If you are bumping in, close your tents when you are not at your stall, be prepared for all weather at Woodfordia. 

All tents/marquees must be commercial which means it is of a heavy-duty standard, domestic marquees are not intended to be used for prolonged periods and does not provide the weather protection that is required, draping tarps over your domestic marquee is not the answer. If you are providing your own tent you must supply a photo with your application and details of make and construction. 


If your stall is selected, you will be given details of our preferred suppliers. It is imperative you let us know if you will use another company, as we need to let security know who can enter the grounds. 

If you choose to use another supplier, please supply details so we can ensure they receive a site safety induction before entering the festival precinct. 


Stallholders are encouraged to hire tents and flooring through our preferred suppliers, make it easy on yourself and arrive with it all set up. 


Stalls are required to have adequate weights on the legs to support the structure during storms and high winds, and that the corners are securely pegged. Consult our Stalls team if your pegs are longer than 200mm.  


Stallholders are expected to bring with them all necessary wares to display and support their stall set up. Food stalls who have been accepted will be notified about how many tables and chairs are required at their stall. 


Stallholders and contractors must consult WFF Representatives on site prior to pegging in to the ground to ensure that underground infrastructure is not damaged. If approval is not sought prior, any costs associated with damage to WFF services will be the responsibility of the stallholder.  


It is important to ensure that you have decent flooring, that can be swept and washed easily it also provides a wet weather contingency plan for your stock, be prepared and don’t let yourself down, the festival has limited duck boards for emergency flooring, most of them are already used on site, please come prepared to build your own floor or hire one from one of our preferred suppliers. 

It is necessary for food stalls to have flooring in preparation, cooking and serving areas. You do not need flooring in your eating area although some food stalls offer this. 


Stallholders are expected to bring with them all necessary wares to display and support their stall set up. Food stalls who create dining areas allow people to stop and relax whilst enjoying the foods of the festival, please consider this in your footprint, do you want a dining area? 


All contractors are required to undertake a site induction to enter the site. This will be sent to the company once you have notified us who you have engaged. Please note a preferred suppliers list will be sent to you, with companies who we have current relationships with and work well at Woodfordia. We appreciate you considering these contractors. 

Contractors may enter the site earlier to coincide with your bump in, it is your responsibility to ensure that the contractors have your site plans and the location of your outside equipment, including that of cold rooms, freezers etc., with details regarding the door locations. 

Contractors (hire companies) who are bumping out marquees and bumping out infrastructure have access to the site between the hours of 7am and 5pm from 3rd December through to 17th December only. 

Hire companies can access the site to remove equipment, marquees, etc. from Monday 8th January to Friday 12th January between 7am-5pm only. 

WFF does not take responsibility for the placement of your equipment and recommend that you are on site when your stalls infrastructure is being placed, at times, we may be able to support the placements. 

A nominal fee will be charged to stallholders if they require changes to the positioning of contractor’s equipment due to them not being present during placement or have not been clear in their site maps. 

Hire trucks must vacate the site as soon as delivery or erection of any structure is complete, there is no overnight camping on site prior to the festival for contractors. 

A WFF representative has the right to inspect all vehicles upon entry and exit and request. 

Woodfordia Inc does not take responsibility for any stallholders hire equipment onsite at any time. 


We are serious about your safety and ours!! 

We have all heard that saying “safety, it’s the law”. It really is the law. 

WFF is required by legislation to manage and control risks associated with the conduct of the festival to ensure the safety of employees, stallholders, onsite agencies’ personnel, contractors, volunteers and visitors. We obviously want to make the site safe for you and everyone else. Working together to minimise risk is key. 

Enclosed shoes must always be worn when the site is under construction. WFF is a ‘shoe event’, so whilst we are more relaxed during the festival with the sort of shoe that is worn, we encourage everyone to reduce the risk of injury to feet. Save our nurses, first aid personnel and doctors from unnecessary work and keep your feet covered up.  

High-vis vests and bright clothing are another sound investment, and you will stand out in the crowd of high-vis, we encourage you to look loud and be obvious during bump in and bumping out, high-vis helps with this. Please dress your kids bright, small hi-vis vests are encouraged to be worn during these periods, small kids and white elephants are sometimes hard to see. Dress them up please. 


We ask that stallholders do not bring children (under 12) to the site, during the setup of their stall. WFF is under construction until the festival opens, and restrictions placed on people who have children on site may be challenging for all. 

Large machinery, vehicles and tools are used which may present a hazard. If children must attend, then stallholders must agree: 

Children must be within the nominated stall site during set up. 
Children under 12 must always be accompanied by an adult during setup & pack down. 
Bikes, skateboards and scooters are prohibited at the festival during setup & pack down. 
Children must always wear enclosed shoes during bump in/out. 
Please be mindful of any WH&S issue you encounter and report it to the stall’s management team and/or site management if you cannot fix it yourself. 


Stallholders are required to have in place an on-site Safe Working Procedures and Emergency Plan relating to Work Practices, Health and Safety Act for employers and employees. This is compulsory for all small businesses in Australia. For more information about producing a working document for your stall please visit www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au. 


All stallholders, volunteers, staff and contractors/suppliers must undertake a site induction before arriving on site. This is compulsory to ensure we are safe and stay that way. Stallholders will be guided to the site induction when their application has been successful, fees paid, and complimentary tickets issued. It is your responsibility to ensure your staff have completed site safety induction prior to entering the site to save time when they arrive. 

If you engage a contractor, you are required to let us know who they are so the contractors site induction can be sent to them prior to arriving on site.  


The Festival Medical Centre (near the General Store) is open 24 hours during the festival. 

It officially opens from 2pm on the 25 December to noon on 2 January. 

First Aid Posts will be located within the precinct open 9am to 1am each day from the 27 December to 1 January. 

First aid is available from other locations during bump in and bump out including the stalls office. 


Stallholders are only permitted to have one vehicle on site at peak periods of setup. You will be given a pass for this vehicle and this pass must be displayed in the front windscreen. Please be mindful of where you park and how that may obstruct others and WFF staff and volunteers. 


Dependent on your location, you may be able to park one vehicle behind your stall if it does not move for the duration of the festival. 

All approved vehicles must be in place prior to your marquee being erected or access may not be available. Driving over someone’s’ floor or thru a hired marquee is not an option. Any other Staff vehicles will need to be parked in the designated stallholders parking area (off site). Shuttle buses run during event to transfer you to your vehicle if necessary. 


If you require parking due to mobility issues, please register www.woodfordfolkfestival.com prior to the Festival. 


If you require an assistant animal whilst at the festival, please register your assistant animal at www.woodfordfolkfestival.com prior to the festival and we will contact you as soon as possible. 


Pets and Livestock are not permitted on site, with the above exceptions. 


  • Lighters/matches/flame makers 
  • Cigarettes/cigars/herbs-smoking apparatus 
  • Alcohol 
  • Weapons 
  • Indecent and inappropriate products & material 
  • Animals – livestock or pets 
  • Illegal or copyrighted products 


The use of amplified music is prohibited as WFF is a fully curated live music event. WFF also intentionally creates spaces for guests to be able to rest and find quiet on site. 


If you wish to cancel your stall more than 60 days prior to the festival, the WFF may retain 50% of the total site fee (before the 26th October). Any cancellations after this date will not be refunded. 


Stallholders can share part of their site with consent from the Stalls Manager but stallholders are not allowed to sublet the stall. 


The organisers of the festival retain the right to enter your stall anytime and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter which, in our opinion, is either not eligible for display or is considered offensive. 


“It is difficult to bring people to goodness with lessons, but it is easy to do so by example.” 

The words of Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca ring as true today as they did when he wrote them more than 2000 years ago. 

At Woodfordia we too feel that lessons, such as those laid out so prescriptively in formal codes of conduct, are not the best way to foster “goodness” in our community. 

We place our trust in the moral code that already lives in all our hearts and minds. We believe it’s this code of personal responsibility that best guides the manner in which we conduct ourselves in company, how we relate to others and – perhaps most instructively – how we ourselves would like to be treated.  

We say the answer is with Common Decency.  

But what makes Woodfordia different from other places? 

Our people are united in their desire to contribute to an extraordinarily life-affirming event such as the Woodford Folk Festival – but we are also an eclectic bunch. Our community ranges from elders, the keepers of our traditions, to the young who inject energy, innovation and new ways of thinking about how we relate to each other and the world. 

So whether you are a Woodfordia elder, member, citizen, employee, contractor, artist, presenter, stallholder, volunteer or guest, all we expect is that we always treat each other with Common Decency. 

Common decency thrives on reciprocation – what is given is returned. Common Decency needs nurturing but it is also resilient. In those rare times when it is not immediately returned it may not be lost – just held in the heart and quietly liberated some time later. 

Our identities have many veils. We are born with them, brought up with them – sometimes we are saddled with them. Others we wear to express, discover, or perhaps obscure the person we feel we truly are inside.  In short, we are complicated beings. 

Wherever we come from – how we look, how we sound, who we are, who we think we are, who we seem to be to others, who we want to be seen to be – let us suspend our judgements. Let us allow the veils of identity the chance to loosen and reveal our deep commonality that truly brings us together as one to build our festivals. 


WFF precinct during the festival is a smoke free zone under Queensland Law. 

In consideration of the comfort of all patrons the entire festival except for the designated outdoor smoking areas (DOSA), is a smoke free precinct. This includes all bars, restaurants, venues, streets and performance areas. Food cannot be consumed in the DOSA areas. 

We ask stallholders patrons and team members to smoke within these DOSAs and place their butts in the bins provided. 


Stallholders may not sell, provide or give away alcoholic beverages within their stall. During operation we expect that all stallholders refrain from consuming alcohol during trading times. 


All speed limits are enforceable. Vehicle movement within the site is restricted to 20km/hr and in the precinct further restricted to 10km/hr. Please be very careful when visiting WFF and always drive super slowly. We have a lot of people here and abundant wildlife living on this beautiful site. 


Each problem or idea is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please approach the Stalls Manager first to help you solve your problem. If it is in regards to the stalls team conduct or you want to make a formal complaint/grievance or a suggestion about the festival, please email feedback@woodfordia.com 


The WFF Electrician carries out temporary electrical installation and distribution on site. 

  • All electrical equipment including your camping appliances must be listed on your initial application form. 
  • Any stallholder intending to bring electrical equipment or leads into the festival is required to ensure that all items have been inspected and tagged by a licensed electrical contractor. This is essential for the safety of all stallholders, staff and guests and is a requirement of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002. This act imposes severe penalties in the event of non-compliance with its provisions 
  • Stallholders should check all electrical equipment and leads before coming to the festival to avoid delays or loss of equipment. 
  • Electrical leads that are not tagged may be confiscated. 
  • No double adaptors are to be used (tagged power boards are acceptable). 
  • Any faults or power failures caused due to consumer underestimation shall be charged to the stallholder. 
  • Payment of electrical installation services is required before connection, unless you are a food stall, which will be audited and invoiced during the festival. 
  • Electricians will make random electricity consumption and equipment tag checks, items not tagged are strictly prohibited from being used and will be required to be tagged. 


All food stallholders must obtain a Moreton Bay Regional Council Food License. 

All food stallholders must provide plumbing plans to be lodged with council by 1 September 

All food stallholders must provide a compliant hot water system or alternate acceptable solution for the purpose of sanitisation. 

Hot/Cold Beverage stalls may be exempt from Food License requirements. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to obtain confirmation regarding this from MBRC Public Health Unit. 

All licensable food businesses must have a Food Safety Supervisor to oversee food handling and safety. The Food Safety Supervisor needs to be reasonably available while food is being handled. This means they must be either on-site or able to be contacted by Council or food business employees. 

All food handlers must be able to provide a copy or show proof of formal qualifications in their field or have completed a council Food Safety course or equivalent. 


Stalls must comply with the following gas regulations as set out by the Gas Installation Code (before you arrive onsite). 

  • Gas cylinders must be installed on a firm non-combustible base (concrete paver preferably) and be chained to an independent support (eg star pickets). 
  • All gas equipment must have visible compliance data plates attached and all relevant information included within this application, see gas requirement form. 
  • Your system must have a pressure test point. 
  • For safety reasons we would prefer gas cylinders above 9kg (20 lb) transported on site by OUR Contractor. If you are transporting your own 9kg gas bottles, only one per vehicle is allowed. 
  • All gas appliances are to be an approved appliance under the Queensland legislation and have Australian Gas Association or Queensland Gas Association approval. You will not be able to use appliances certified for outdoor use indoors and visa versa. 
  • The maximum length of any flexible hose for a commercial elevated appliance is 3 metres. 
  • Gas cylinders are to be in a clearly accessible location with no hindrance to the inspector. 
  • Appliances must not be located near flammable materials or vapours – allow 1.5 metres distance. 
  • If your appliance is near the wall of a marquee or a refrigerator you will need to use fireproof material (e.g. Fibro) between the appliance and the wall. 
  • Ring burners must have a fire-resistant material under them at least 6 mm thick. 
  • All mobile catering vans must be compliant for commercial purposes and have a Gas System Compliance Certificate issued no older than 12 months from the date of inspection. 
  • Gas systems fitted up on site must be completed by a licensed person and a new Gas System Compliance Certificate issued for that gas system for the period of the event. Any non-compliant gas systems identified by Inspectors will be shut down until rectified by a licensed person. 
  • The new Gas System Compliance Certificate issued for that gas system for the period of the event will incur a nominal fee. 


All wastewater at Woodfordia is treated on site and remains on site. Woodfordia Inc aims to not disturb the environment. It works hard to develop resources and techniques to safely remove our waste and effectively reuse it. 

With every stallholder being mindful of this and applying systems within their stalls, we can work together to satisfy everyone’s needs and protect our waterways and precious lands. We encourage stallholders to use biodegradable cleaning products that are not hazardous and are safe for our environment. 

Please do not dump your used water on the ground or in the gardens, this is a direct breach to Environmental Laws in place across Australia. 

Please be responsible for your stalls plumbing needs, keeping this is mind. 

All food stalls must be fitted with the following in order to comply with Moreton Bay Regional Council, Australian and New Zealand Food Standards, Food Authority and WFF Standards and Procedures: 

  • Double sink with taps for dishwashing. 
  • Sink with taps for hand washing. 
  • Hot water system (minimum 10 litres) attached to sinks. 
  • Waste line (50 mm PVC) to run 6m from back of stall – waterline able to run 6 metres from food preparation area with a 20 mm female line fitting to join to WFF male line. 

The stallholder will supply and maintain: 

  • Working sinks must be installed by the stallholder and made easily accessible. 
  • A minimum 10 litres of hot water needs to be available at all times via the hot water system, hot water urns are not deemed appropriate. 
  • Sinks must be used solely for the purpose installed. 

The festival will supply: 

  • Connection to drinking water. 
  • Waste water disposal drain. 

Additional works carried out that are not within or/and additional to your stall layout plan will incur an additional fee, invoices will be generated by the contractor. 


  • Expressions of Interest are open from 30 June until 1 August.  
  • Formal invitations to apply and acceptance begins mid-July  
  • Our team will endeavour to be in contact no later than mid-August on the outcome of your application. We understand that those who miss out may want to pursue other opportunities so we will notify of unsuccessful outcomes as soon as possible. 
  • Invoices and agreements will be emailed once stall details are finalised. Stallholders will have 21 days to make payment and agree to terms of agreement (in order to secure their site at the Festival). 
  • Further communication with each stallholder will be required in the lead up to the festival. 
  • Our Stalls Team is here to help and can be contacted any time on 07 5496 1066 

We sincerely thank you for acknowledging our terms and conditions. 

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