This is the first time I have applied for a stall at Woodford, what can I do to get accepted?

It is a difficult job selecting stalls; we receive many more applications than we can accept.

This is our selection criteria:
1. Preference given to stallholders who comply with Woodfordia Inc. policies and regulations and accept the terms and conditions to trade.
2. Stallholders who have new and innovative ideas.
3. Stallholders who offer fresh, nutritious and wholesome foods and beverages.
4. Stallholders who follow the correct procedures with the application process and promptness of payments.
5. Stalls that are bright and festive, with clean presentation and interesting appearance.
6. Quality of stock.
7. Level of professionalism and experience.

When do applications close?

Stall applications close on the 31st August, stallholders will be notified by mid September.

Do we need to provide tables and chairs if we are a foodstall?

Yes, we ask all our food stalls to bring seating and tables; tablecloths are encouraged for both the presentation but also the ease of cleaning and making the place look fresh.

Does Woodford Folk Festival have laundry facilities for stallholders?

Stalls that require laundry services eg: towels, tablecloths and/or kitchen towels, may have access to a laundry on site, this is still being considered. Stallholders are only permitted to bring washing machines or dryers prearranged and approved, they must be noted on your electrical and plumbing forms.

How much does it cost to have a stall at Woodford Folk Festival?

This depends on the size and type of stall, if you start the application process you will find all our fee schedules on the application form.

I am not very good on the Internet and am having trouble filling out the form?

If you are having difficulty or find it challenging to manage the application, see if you can get a friend or family member to help. If you continue to have difficulties email one of our team will contact you and assist.

You list the staff tickets supplied on the application form, does this mean I get the number specified or as the stallholder do I get an extra ticket?

Sorry, no, the total number of complimentary tickets as specified on our web application is the total number you receive.

How much are staff tickets?

Staff tickets are available at the first round ticket prices until 5pm 17th December. For more information about ticket prices have a look here.

If I buy a staff ticket and the staff member changes what do I do?

You can change the names on your tickets without incurring additional charges.

What do I do if my staff member doesn’t arrive at the same time as I do and I have their ticket?

Make arrangements to meet and make sure your staff can contact you. You should email the tickets to your staff beforehand, this will make it easy.

What happens if I arrive at the festival and I have left my tickets at home?

Go to the main gate with photo ID, your tickets can be re-printed. This may take a lot of time, best to remember your tickets.

Can I purchase additional tickets at the gate?

Tickets will only be purchased online, we do not accept cash sales, if you require additional tickets, internet access and computers will be available at the main gate, please remember we do not accept cash.

When do I start and finish trading?

Patrons have access to the festival precinct from 5.00pm December 26th. The festival finishes in the early hours of the 2nd at 4am. General Stallholders must be open for trade from 9am-10pm, Food stalls to open from 8am-10pm, all stallholders can trade earlier or later than these times and we encourage this.

I would like to open only for a few hours a day or want to close up early to go and dance, is this possible?

Unfortunately NO, your stall will be part of a bigger precinct, we have found when stallholders do not open in time or close down earlier it creates a hole in the street, patrons choose not to wander down darkened roads, so keep trading during the times please, to make your area buzz.

I have another market on the 2nd January. Can I leave early on the 1st?

There are still patrons on site and venues operating until 4am (the morning of the 2nd) . You can close at 10pm and start packing but there are no vehicle movements allowed onsite until 4am.

How many people attend the festival?

There are many factors that influence attendance. For the last three years the average attendance has been 126,000 over the whole week.

Can I request a specific spot?

The festival layout changes every year, we cannot guarantee you a specific position. We try to accommodate any special needs.

Is there room to park my vehicle and set up a camp behind my stall?

In most areas on site there is room to either camp or park a vehicle, make sure you show your camping and parking requirements on your stall plan and camping plan. Once your car is parked behind your stall it needs to stay there for the duration of the festival.

My tent is being erected on the 20th but I arrive on the 23rd, can I park behind my stall?

Probably not. You will not have access unless you can drive through your tent.

I am camping behind my stall and it is really noisy can the sound be turned down?

If you choose to sleep behind your stall in the festival precinct, it may take you some time to adjust to the noise. Our Sound Engineers monitor sound at each stage and unless there are exceptional circumstances the sound levels will not be altered. You may want to bring earplugs or camp in the Stallholders camping areas.

What are the vehicle access times for deliveries?

Between 4am and 8am only, vehicle passes must be displayed to access the area.

What do I do if my delivery arrives late?

Contact the Stalls Office and depending on your location we will arrange a drop off spot outside the festival precinct, you will be able to carry or trolley your stock from this point.

What is the weather like?

The weather varies from year to year, some years conditions are ideal, others not. We have experienced cool evenings, heavy rain, storms, strong winds and high temperatures. Most of the festival is held undercover, our walkways and drainage systems continue to be improved, our patrons enjoy all the festival offers, no matter what the weather conditions are and most stallholders report increased trade when it rains.

Do I need a floor?

Make sure your stall structure is strong and sturdy; we encourage everyone to consider hiring a floor or building a floor. Make sure your stock is stored well and off the ground, some stallholders use large plastic tubs with lids to protect excessive stock.

I applied to sell handmade clothing but have just been on holiday to Bali and I want to sell sarongs?

You may only sell items specified in your application unless you have written permission from the stalls coordinator to make changes.

Can I get change for a float and are their banking facilities onsite?

The nearest banking facilities are in the township of Woodford. There is an ANZ Bank and Post Office. You will find other banks in Caboolture or Beerwah, best check with your bank.

We do not supply change for floats, but often it is possible to make arrangements with other stallholders.

Mobile EFTPOS machines are able to be used within stalls.

Do you get much theft, do you supply security for my stall?

We have roaming licensed security guards and Police on site but they are not there to guard specific stalls.

We have occasional instances of theft and we ask stallholders to be vigilant and report any instances of theft to either the stalls manager or patron hotline as they occur.

If you have valuables in your stall it is a good idea to lock them away or have someone sleep in your stall overnight. In most areas you can camp behind or near to your stall.

I have a Food Stall, if I forget to bring my Register of Dangerous and Hazardous Substances/Chemicals, what will happen?

QLD WorkSafe may check random stalls. The Stalls Team will be checking that you have your Register with you, and that all staff are aware of its location and purpose.

Why is electricity so expensive?

The infrastructure and equipment needed to provide you with electricity is one of our major expenses of the festival, our support teams, the plumbers, gas fitters and electricians are on hand 24/7.

I forgot to get my leads tagged and tested can I get this done onsite?

Woodfordia Inc electricians are unable to provide this service at a reasonable cost. It will be a lot easier and less expensive if you get this done before you arrive.

Do all my staff, workers or volunteers need to do the “safety induction” prior to coming on site?

Yes, this is compulsory that everyone who attends the festival to set up, participate or pack down and are associated with a stall, completes this process. This way we all know and understand ‘how to keep safe at WFF’

Do my kids need wristbands?

Yes, everyone on site must wear a wristband or an ankle band with a lanyard.

What are my options for camping?

Some stall site may have enough room behind them for camping, otherwise we offer camping in the stallholder’s camp area.

Is there first aid on site during set up?

Yes, we have first aid on site during the set up and pack down, our medical centre will be fully operational during the festival.

Can I bring my pets to the festival; no one can look after them?

No, the only animals allowed at WFF are our native friends who live here or are companion pets/seeing eye dogs. To register your companion pet please see our Assistant Animal application form on our website.

I have a medical condition that requires me to have electricity available to support my needs at nighttime, is there power available in the stallholders camping area?

There is no available power in the stallholders camping areas. We support everyone at WFF and will ask you to elaborate on what you need, we have areas set aside for folks who require electricity to support equipment, this is away from the stallholders camping area, however still nestled close by.