2018/19 Woodford Folk Festival

Information for Community and Information Stalls

Thank you for expressing interest in joining us as one of our valued Stallholders.

This information pack details the information required for applying to run a Community Stall or Information Booth at the 2018/19 Woodford Folk Festival (WFF).

In its 33-year history, Woodfordia Inc has supported many organisations and non-profit community groups by providing an affordable way into the festival. WFF is the ideal place to hold information stalls where you provide valuable resources and share your aims and objectives with a captive audience.

Each year the WFF is inundated with requests from a wide variety of worthy organisations and community groups wishing to represent themselves at the festival. With applications continuing to grow each year and the commitment by WFF to continue to offer this opportunity, the information you submit is important and will determine the success of your application.

This document includes the following information:

Welcome to Woodford Folk Festival
At the heart of the festival are our Stalls, creating a warm and welcoming space where our guests choose to extend their festival experience. Stalls are a creative expression in their own right and we love partnering with stall holders that share the same desire to exceed expectations, produce products or information of divine quality, and share an understanding that every interaction counts.

Over the years, we have found there is a direct link between the stalls aesthetic and their turnover. Stalls that provided feedback where they exceeded their financial expectations were those that took a lot of pride in their stalls presentation. This is one of the key aspects our stalls selection committee considers when assessing your application so please join us in our pursuit of unlimited creativity.

Festival Dates and Trading Hours
Stallholders are expected to operate for the duration of the festival from the 26th December – 2nd January.

We ask that all stallholders trade per our minimum required trading hours (see below). However, stallholders are welcome to operate for longer hours during the festival if they choose.

Festival gates open on the 26th December at 5pm and we expect all stalls to be up and running. This is our first opportunity for our guests to have a look around, to scope out stalls they may want to visit during the festival.

The festival gates close 4am on the 2nd January 2019.

Guests will not be able to enter the festival before or after these times.

On New Years Eve and the 1st January we recommend you trade longer and consider working with your neighbours to create a scene within your precinct. Organise a street party, sparkle up the roads and draw in the crowds. If retailers close earlier than 10pm the whole atmosphere in the area changes, please support the neighbours and create a late night trade.

Minimum required trading hours:

26th December5pm10pm
27th-31st December9am10pm
1st January9am10pm ...4am gates closed

Bumping-in and out
Community groups are to be on site bumping in from the 21st December and must be fully set-up by the 23rd December 2018. All stalls must be set-up with lights in place and a 20-25mtr tagged electrical lead rolled up in the corner ready to go. Stock is not to be left if leaving the site after the 23rd, as we cannot take any responsibility for stall safety. WFF Electricians will connect your stall to power during this set-up time or between the 23rd and 26th.

Bumping out of your stall is permissible from 4am onwards on the 2nd January.

Stallholder Requirements & Selection Criteria

  • Community groups who are non-profit and are incorporated.
  • Community groups/organisations who have $20 million Public Liability Insurance.
  • Community groups/organisations who can maintain their sites, stalls and volunteers for a 7-day festival.
  • Community groups/organisations who can bump in on time and leave their site as they found it, clean and devoid of all waste.
  • Representatives of community groups/organisations who are fun, ethical and aware of how personalities make an event.
  • Community groups/organisations who are willing to create a striking and visually beautiful stall.
  • Representatives of community groups/organisations who are honest, reliable and believe in the festivals ethos.
  • Community groups/organisations who are able to adapt to change and challenges.
  • Community groups/organisations who show initiative and are able to follow the application process.

Generally, people who care and love what they do!

Stalls That Are Not Appropriate for WFF

  • Community groups/organisations who show bias and discriminate against others.
  • Community groups/organisations who do not agree with Woodfordia Inc’s objectives and aims.
  • Community groups/organisations who do not want to put creative energy into the presentation of their stalls.
  • Stall decorations/tents/marquees that have trade logos/corporate sponsorships advertised or stalls that are made from camping tents/carports.

$20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance is compulsory for all stallholders.
All stallholders must cover their workers with a policy from WorkCover Queensland, Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003.

Cancelling your Stall at WFF
If you wish to cancel your stall more than 60 days prior to the festival, the WFF may retain 50% of the total site fee (before the 26th October). Any cancellations after this date will not be refunded.

Stallholders can share part of their site with consent from the Stalls Manager but stallholders are not allowed to sublet the stall.

Right of Veto
The organisers of the festival retain the right to enter your stall anytime and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter which, in our opinion, is either not eligible for display or is considered offensive.

Community Group Stall Fees (inc GST)

Stall Dimension
Frontage / Depth
Tickets Provided
Waste LevyStall Fee
3m x 3m=9m22$90$575
3m x 6m=18m22$90$690
6m x 3m=18m22$90$745
6m x 6m=36m23$90$850

Electrical Fees

Electrical needsFee inc GST
Lights only$160
10 amp outlet$430
15 amp outlet$565

Payment of fees
Upon being accepted to WFF, an invoice will be generated and emailed to successful applicants via the email address provided on your application form.

Successful applicants will be provided payment instructions and procedure via email.
Stallholders have 21 days to pay the amount in full in order to secure the site.

Your application will not be secured if payment has not been received within the 21 days.

Stalls Bond
Each Stall is required to pay a $300 bond. The bond will be included in the invoice.

Refund of Bond
You must leave your site the way you found it and be mindful of our goal ‘to leave no trace’. If you hire a marquee you need to ensure the contractors are aware you have a bond on the site and that they are to leave it the way they found it or may jeopardise this for you if they do not pick up rubbish including electrical tape and cable ties.

This bond will be refunded in January if you leave your site in its initial pristine state.
The bond will be refunded into the nominated bank account supplied on the online application form once stall management staff have inspected your site.

The Stalls Management Team will inspect your site once you leave the festival. It is important that your site is checked thoroughly; this includes screws, nails & cable ties.

Leaving ‘no trace’ requires each stallholder to remove all building materials, bamboo and any other infrastructure off site and place recycling and waste material in skips provided at the end of the festival. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure that the site is clear of this debris and all rubbish sorted appropriately.

Included in your stall fee are complimentary Season Tickets with stallholder camping, which are non-transferrable. You and your entire crew must camp in the designated camping areas for stallholders to provide as much room for guests to camp in seasoned or overnight camping. This is strictly non negotiable. We want our guests to have the pick of the campsites and also provide comfortable quiet camping for our stallholders and their staff.

The amount of ‘included complimentary tickets’ you receive will depend on your stall size.

Season Tickets for stallholders (complimentary and extra)
Additional stallholder staff Season Tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate once stall fee is paid in full. Discounted tickets are available up until 17th December 2018. After this date stallholders can purchase tickets at the nominal gate rate.

It may be more convenient for you to purchase Day Tickets for your staff if they are only attending a day or certain days. Please go to our website and check out what is the most affordable way you can buy tickets for staff. Please note there is no discount on day tickets. They are available until the 24th December 2018.

Ticket purchases are in accordance with the terms and agreements.

This year we have introduced a payment plan for stallholders to purchase additional tickets.

RFID wristbands
Each person on site will receive a bespoke wristband, designed exclusively for the Woodford Folk Festival, which incorporates an electronic chip. This is your ticket in.

Guests will be able to load monetary credit onto the wristband via the electronic chip. There will be numerous “top up” locations scattered throughout the festival site, making this an easy method for our guests to top up their credit.

Stallholders can be supplied with and trained in this easy to operate payment system. This is not compulsory to participate in, however it allows another point of sales for your retail stall, alongside your regular payment methods. We have received positive feedback from those who chose to use it last year.

The wristband stores vital information for our guests including monetary credit, purchasing history and current balance and replaces the need for cash and drink tickets.

Guests will be able to enter any bar, water refill station or festival retail outlet to use their wristband to pay for any items on site.

Patrons can also access refunds for any unspent money (no more drink tickets in their wallets at the end of the festival!).

Stallholders will be transferred the point of sales return twice, once during the festival and the 2nd and final payment prior to the 11th January 2019.

There will be an additional cost to you for this service.

Environmental Lore
At WFF we endorse an Environmental Lore regarding packaging. We are committed to reducing the amount of waste taken off site and into landfill. We sort all the rubbish, compost and recycle wherever possible.

Garbage & Recycling – NO PLASTIC BAGS
Over the last three years we have been working towards making this a plastic bag free festival and are encouraging everyone to use reusable bags and baskets. Let’s make this year the first year we never see a plastic bag on site!

A general waste fee is charged on top of your stall fee to help ensure we meet our waste targets.

Stall Allocation
Stall placement and overall layout of the site is at the discretion of the organisers and Stalls Manager. Fitting everyone in to a tight area is tricky and sometimes we have to consider factors outside of your control. The Stalls Manager is approachable and willing to discuss your needs and accommodate them if a stall change is possible.

Once you have been allocated your stall, stallholders must be mindful of not encroaching too far out onto the walkways with their racks, information boards or displayed goods for access and safety reasons. The stall management team will work closely with you to ensure there are no trip or potential head hazards.

When deciding what stall site size you require, include all ropes and awnings. If you arrive at the festival and your stall is bigger than you have indicated this has a flow on effect for those around you and will disrupt our carefully laid out site plans.

Amplified music in stalls
The festival programmes 35 venues across the site. The use of amplified music and loudspeakers is prohibited, as WFF is a live music event.

WFF is a fully curated event featuring a diverse range of live music and does not want to compete with private sound systems playing music that has not been selected as part of the carefully prepared programme. WWF also wants guests to be able to find places of rest and quiet on site. In addition, WFF does not have a license to play pre-recorded music on site apart from a very few performances in two of the venues.

The license to play pre-recorded music at a festival like WFF is hugely expensive. Over the last five years, WWF has actually reduced the number of times that pre-recorded music is used on site in order to reduce the license fee. Please help us with compliance. We do have staff monitoring the site so if you choose to ignore this you will be asked to turn it off. As you can imagine this is a boring task for us to undertake. Please don’t add to our workload.

Application Checklist

  1. Read the terms and conditions and other necessary information pertaining to being a community group/organisation at WFF 2018-19.
  2. Decide whether you can comply with the T&C and can afford to come?
  3. Compile all the required attachments ready to upload
    • The Stall Site Layout Plan and Camping Layout Plan is available for download on website. Please provide a scaled diagram of your stall as clear as possible.
    • Please also submit your proposed camping and vehicle parking requirements on the separate camping layout form. Camping will be allocated once we know what site you are given.
    • Digital images of your products or information boards.
    • A photo or artist’s impression of your proposed stall, colour is preferable.
    • Completed Electrical Requirement Form.
    • Copy of current Public Liability Insurance Certificate for festival period.
    • Community groups Mission Statement or Aims and Objectives.
  4. Now fill in the application form online.
  5. Upload all relative information.
  6. Press submit.
  7. Be patient whilst we go through all the applications.

The Application Process
Now it’s over to us.

    1. Applications open on the 1st August 2018 until the 31st August 2018; under certain circumstances the organisers hold the right to accept stallholders after this date.
    2. If you believe you can meet the criteria, please make application during this time. It is important that you include photos of your stall, keeping in mind the aesthetic expectations that Woodford Folk Festival wish to create.
    3. Our team will endeavour to be in contact after the 3rd September on the outcome of your application by email. Even if unsuccessful you will hear from us.
    4. Invoices will be emailed within a nominated period and stallholders will have 21 days to finalise their payment to secure their site at the Festival.
    5. Contracts for Woodford Folk Festival will be emailed with your invoice.
      Stallholders are required to return their signed contract within the specified period to secure their site at this year’s festival.
    6. Further correspondence will be sent to each stallholder leading up to the festival regarding information and hot gossip relating to our stalls including your camping requirements for you and your staff, once you have secured your place.

We sincerely thank you for looking through our terms and conditions and showing interest in joining us. We receive many 100’s of applications and inquiries; however, we are unable to support all applications each year for many reasons. If we are unable to provide you with a site this year we wish you well with your endeavours and thank you for the time you took to apply.