The Woodford Folk Festival is renowned for its ambience and beautiful family friendly atmosphere.

Woodfordia Inc (the organisation behind this event) strives to provide a festival that is enticing, creating a sense of community where organisers work alongside stallholders to build a festival together. We want our guests to be engaged and feel treasured and appreciated and ready to play and discover new experiences in a beautiful, peaceful and safe setting.

At the heart of the festival are our retail stallholders; working together we wish to create a warm and welcoming space where guests have the opportunity to extend their festival experience in many sensory ways.

We believe that our stalls need to be a creative expression that blends in with the infrastructure, the landscape and parkland setting. We share the same dream as our stallholders, the desire to exceed expectations, produce a festival full of character, charm and beauty and create a wonderland, an experience for our guests that is lasting and memorable.

Over the years, we have found there is a direct link between the stalls aesthetic and their turnover. Those that provided feedback where they exceeded their financial expectations are those that have taken a lot of pride in their presentation with every element of their stall. This is one of the key aspects our stalls selection committee consider when assessing the applications.

We believe that every encounter leaves a lasting memory; we welcome you to look through the process and if you believe you can create this experience please apply to join us.


    1. Read the Stallholder Terms & Conditions as well as all general information relevant to your stall type.
    2. Download and complete the relevant Gas, Electrical & Plumbing requirements forms. You must upload digital copies of these forms to complete the online application form. Please don’t rush this part of the process and just upload any image – get it right from the start.
    3. Download and complete your Proposed Stall Layout & Proposed Camping Layout plans. These sketches must include your complete site and camping layouts. Your Stall Layout must include all back of house requirements.
    4. Select at least 4 digital photographs that best represent your products and/or stall. You must upload these to complete the online application form.
    5. Ensure you have digital copies of all relevant insurance certificates and licenses. You must upload these to complete the online application form.
    6. Complete the relevant online application form by the due date (see application form for dates).
    7. Post any relevant sample material (if applicable) to be received by the due date (see application form for dates).
    8. Apply using either the application for Food and/or Beverage Stalls or the application for All other stalls

If your stall is selected, full payment is required within 21 days of the invoice date to confirm your booking.