Woodford Folk Festival Stall Holder Applications

The Woodford Folk Festival is renowned for its ambience and beautiful family-friendly atmosphere. We are proud to work alongside stallholders to build a festival together.

We wish for everyone to be engaged and feel treasured and that the experience be enriching and empowering within the beautiful setting.

At the heart of the festival are our retail stallholders; working together we wish to create a warm and welcoming space where guests can extend their festival experience in many sensory ways. 

Wstrive to provide a festival that is enticing, creating a sense of community where organisers, volunteers and retailers work together to create the event.

We share the same dream as our stallholders: the desire to exceed expectations for the people who step foot on the land of Woodfordia, to produce a festival full of character, charm and beauty and create a wonderland which will foster an experience for our guests that is lasting and memorable.

We believe that our stalls need to be a creative expression that blends in with the infrastructure, landscape and parkland setting.

We understand that at Woodfordia, every encounter leaves a lasting memory. We welcome you to look through the process and if you believe you can create this experience, please apply to join us.

Woodford Folk Festival