How do International Artists / Presenters apply?

International artists and presenters will need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) here by the due date.

What can we provide to international artists / presenters?

Woodfordia Inc. depends largely on the efforts of a minimal staff and thousands of wonderful volunteers to produce Woodford Folk Festival. As such, we cannot cover the costs associated with bringing an international touring act to Australia specifically for the festival.

We recommend that artists/presenters wanting to perform at Woodford Folk Festival propose our festival as one date of a self-organised and funded tour. We recommend that you seek an agent to represent you to achieve this outcome. The assistance of an experienced agent can be extremely helpful when completing the complicated and timely application processes required by the Australian Government for visas and tax exemptions or registration.

Woodford Folk Festival offers moderate fees. As is the norm for Australian folk festivals, we do not provide hospitality for performers. All performers are expected to cover the costs of getting to the festival, food, drink and accommodation whilst at the event. At-cost tent hire is available to all artists/presenters and transfers to and from Brisbane Airport can be arranged if required.

For more information see our General Information for Artists and Presenters page.


In addition to travel insurance, the festival requires that artists and presenters must provide proof of current Public Liability Insurance (PLI), covering Australian practice, at the time of contracting.

Performing in Australia as a Foreign Resident?

In preparation for entering Australia to perform, your main points of government contact are:

  • The Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection (IMMI)


  • All highlighted links to the forms and document links below are direct to the necessary sources.
  • We recommend you download the forms and documents in their entirety, as instructions are included and are very necessary for preparing the application forms.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO)

If you are being paid a fee for your performances, you may be required to have an ABN (Australian Business Number).


Instructions and information can be found on the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website. The reason for applying for a TFN is “to obtain an ABN”.

Download and complete the Non resident Tax File application Form (there are full instructions on the form). It is a good idea to have a lead time of 60 days as you cannot apply for an ABN until you have your Tax file number.

Note: Allow approx. 28 days to receive your TFN. This is also the same for the ABN.


Visit the Australian Business Register website for all the details. Click the “Apply for an ABN” link.


  • You are applying as a foreign resident and this will need to be addressed during the application process.
  • The Australian Tax Office will contact you if there is a problem with your application. This shouldn’t be done until you’ve received your Tax File Number.

Outside of the above information, the festival cannot advise on taxation information. Please contact the ATO if you have any further questions.

Applying for a Foreign Resident Withholding Variation (FRWV)

This application form should be used by a foreign resident payee (a foreign resident entity who receives a payment) to reduce their ‘pay as you go’ (PAYG) withholding rate for the year ending 30th June. This will also provide links to a full instruction booklet (online) plus phone number and email address. Download the FRWV Form here.

Note: This is helpful if it’s in place before your tour starts as you might be able to secure a zero exemption through this application process.

Australian Department of Immigration Application Forms to be completed by Performers

The IMMI website is a very informative site that should be read by all applicants. It provides a comprehensive overview of expectations of the Australian Government and IMMI.

Please note: Woodfordia Inc. will not act as your sponsor or assist with the application process. Please make alternate arrangements.

1. To complete a visa application you will need to create an ImmiAccount.

Once this has been completed you will be able to complete a visa application. You will likely complete a 408 temporary activity visa, however please review the types of visas available to ensure you pick the correct application for you.

These forms need to be read thoroughly. The forms are individualised, however they can be duplicated for ease of completion.

Check with IMMI or your sponsor in regards to support documents needed. There are also phone numbers to be used for assistance and input during the completion of the form. If you have a sponsor, they will assist you. Generally support documentation may include such items as:

  • Copies of some performance contracts
  • An estimate of booked income
  • Musicians Union (MUA or MEAA) written support.
  • Copy of I.D. pages of passport

Note: Written union support may not be required if your sponsor is exempt.

2. Form 956a – Appointment of an Authorised Recipient

Performers complete this form to inform IMMI that you have appointed an authorised recipient, migration agent or exempt agent. It is usual for performers to have an ‘authorised recipient’. This is usually someone who works for and is appointed by your sponsor or it may be your agent or manager. By completing this form you are giving the sponsor permission to act on your behalf. The sponsor submits to the Australian Department of Immigration, all your forms and documentation. Form 956a

Note: The Sponsor could be your Australian tour manager or an arts organisation. They must be Australian citizens.

The IMMI website is a very informative site that should be read by all applicants. It provides a comprehensive overview of expectations of the Australian Government and IMMI.