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By daylight Artisania is a thriving village of artistic energies. With master artisans as their guides, Woodfordians are invited to try their hand at printing, sketching, costume making, pottery and more. All workshops involve in-depth skill development and result in a unique, hand-made, take-home artwork. Learn ancient traditions, fine tune your art skills, make your own couture item and create precious pretties. As nightfall arrives, be mesmerized as you witness master artisans in a spectacular display of skill. Visit Wardrobia to transform yourself from a regular Woodfordian into a living artwork with body painting, costume creation and mask-making, or share the contents of your heart with a reader at the Lettering House. In Artisania we believe everyone is an artist, joined by a common aspiration to live passionately and creatively. Be inspired. Be reinvigorated. Re-energise and re-connect.

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