Woodford Folk Festival


A new millennium was upon us, and life was never going to be the same again. Because, you see, Y2K was about to wipe out the world as we knew it. All electronic systems were going to fail and massive chaos ensue. Planes were about to fall from the sky, and all Queensland curtains would be permanently faded.

Woodford – Richer for the Experience

I had just finished the first of three performances at the 2017/18 Woodford Folk Festival, and while the question wasn’t put to me quite so prosaically, a number of others made the same enquiry. Although one much younger bloke, who I am sure immediately felt rather apologetic, asked, “Who are you?” I haven’t played Woodford in well over 20 years and coming back after so long would certainly have prompted that question from those who knew nothing of my music and had never seen me perform until they happened upon my sets in the Garland.

The Confessional

Late last November at Woodford I was casually discussing a technique Laura Stocker and I had developed to add depth and colour to our community surveys. It’s a process where interviews are recorded on video but there is no voice over: the interviewees responses create the overall narrative. We call it ‘VideoVoice’.

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