Woodford Folk Festival

Journey Through Woodford Folk Festival

We love that everyone has a different experience at Woodford. That is not unexpected with over 1500 programmed events over the six days and nights. If the sheer scale of Woodford’s programme seems overwhelming, and you’re looking for a more manageable entry point, you might like to take a look at a few festival journey suggestions from our team: 

People of Woodfordia: Robin Clayfield

Every year, we make it our mission to fill the land of Woodfordia with beautiful spaces; magical nooks and crannies to explore that ignite the imagination. The Sacred Union Labyrinth is one of said spaces. Robin Clayfield is the creative soul behind this beloved festival feature and sat down with Claire Meraki at last year’s festival to discuss the inception of her wonderful labyrinth and share her Woodfordian journey.

Unspeakables Spoke and Unthinkables Thunk  At Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20 

A feast for your noodle, this year’s Speakers and Ideas programme features 100+ inspiring, witty and downright remarkable people, covering everything from the environment, politics and government, social justice, health, death, business, education, music and matters concerning Indigenous Australia. We hope it challenges, inspires and exhilarates you as much as it does us. Here’s to spending our New Year period in celebration, contemplation and discussion. 

People of Woodfordia: Becky Wandell

Woodford Folk Festival can be any number of things: a wellness retreat, a food safari, a musical tour, a fairground, a theatre, a circus, an art school or a comedy club. There’s something for everyone, even the littlest ones. Lovingly wrapped in the arms of the folk festival, lies the Children’s Festival – a bright, eye-widening wonderland.

Woodford Folk Festival 2019 Line-up Announced

future is looking bright, Woodfordians. The full programme for Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20 is out now and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. As always, this is a programme created by, with and for many, many people. With 1500+ shows across 25 stages, we’re hoping there’s something to satiate all Woodfordians, great and small.

Volunteer Applications Open To All for Woodford Folk Festival

Two thirds of the volunteers each year are returning festival volunteers, testament to the fact that it’s an experience you will never forget. It’s an opportunity to meet new people from all over Australia and the world, be part of a passionate community and it can also be a more affordable way of participating in the festival.

Stallholder Applications Now Open

Imagine a fleeting but mighty township. It’s people – deeply kind, unapologetically themselves and full of a yearning to feed mind, body and soul. For six days and six nights at the end of the year, this very place and these very people exist in a paradise that is known as Woodford Folk Festival.

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